Owner Surrender

These are blind and visually impaired dogs that are living in homes, but their owners can no longer keep them. These dogs are with their owners, and are not in Blind Dog Rescue Alliance foster homes. We do our best to screen these dogs, but make no guarantees regarding their temperament.

PLEASE NOTE: We are posting these dogs in hopes to find them new homes, not to humiliate or “bash” the current owners of these dogs. Please do not try to get in touch with the person listed under a dog’s “Contact Information” if you are going to say hurtful or judgmental things. Please respect our rescue and the work we are trying to do in order to give these dogs a second chance at life.

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If you are the owner of a blind or visually impaired dog that you need to rehome, please fill out our Owner Information Form. If you have any questions about these dogs, email os@blinddogrescue.org.