Courtesy Listings

The blind and visually impaired dogs listed below are in shelters and rescue groups throughout the United States and Canada. They are listed as a courtesy and are not affiliated with Blind Dog Rescue Alliance. BDRA has not evaluated these dogs, and makes no guarantees to their temperament.

If you are interested in adopting any of these dogs, please contact the shelter or rescue directly.


Amisia is deaf and blind. She will require a special home with a family that understands her special needs. She will need to be an inside dog. She does get along with other dogs. She is currently working on crate training. She does not mind staying in a crate. She is very smart and her sense of smell is amazing. A fenced in back yard. She has lots of energy and is not afraid to take off and follow her nose. There will be a transition for her with potential adopter working with her current foster mom.

All dogs adopted through Troy Animal Rescue Project are up to date on vaccinations, spayed/neutered (age appropriate), and heartworm negative. All dogs are given monthly flea/tick preventative, monthly heartworm preventative, and are dewormed regularly. Dogs adopted through Troy Animal Rescue Project are microchipped. Adoption fee is $50. Home visit and vet reference required. Applications can be put in online at or in person at our rescue center.

The address for our rescue center is 34 County Road 2266, Brundidge, AL 36010. We are one turn off Hwy 167. If you use Google maps, type in Troy Animal Rescue Project and it will take you right to us. Hours of operation are from 10-3 daily. We are open Saturdays and Sundays. No appointment necessary for pets that are located at the rescue center. Appointments must be made to visit pets in foster homes. Location information will be listed beside the pets name if they are at a location other than our rescue center.

Questions can be emailed to or call 334-508-2367.



My name is Sissy, and I was abandoned.  I’m looking for a home where I can lounge around!  I am approx between 7-9 yrs old, Hw Nrabies shot, and microchipped.  My current foster took me to get pampered at a local pet groomers! Please call Brownsville Animal Defense, Brownsville, TX, at 956 551 0119 if you are interested in Sissy. 


Lenie Lemon

Size: Medium
Age: Young
Gender: Female
Breeds: Pit Bull Terrier, Crossbreed

No Cats
Special Needs

Foster or Adopt? We’d love to hear from you!

Lenie Lemon – a very special girl to our rescue who needs someone that either has experience with blind dogs or has the desire to learn more about them.

We learned a lot about Lemon recently as she was with a family for two months – while she was not a great match for them (she absolutely despised their cat and made it known), they were able to help us understand her a bit more so we can find her next spot. Prior to her adoption, she had been living in a boarding situation and as such it was nearly impossible to know what she’d be like in a home situation.

Lemon is fast learner who loves snuggling, easily shows her belly when it’s time for rubs. She’s quiet in her crate and will go in to settle. She is great in the car and loves trail walks and does great on them. She loves to play with toys and loves her bones. She’s super affectionate with her person.

Some of her challenges are puppy mouthiness and learning to not use her mouth to get what she wants. She can become overstimulated easily so teaching her to settle is a work in progress and will need to continue. She seems to think that most things are hers and may react when you try to take them away from her – we’ve asked her current fosters (she’s in boarding at a trainer) to work on this with her. Her former foster did say however she was showing progress with this and seemed to be gaining ground – for this reason, no children for this girl for now.

Obviously, her blindness can lead her to be easily started when approached quickly without warning.
We want this to be Lemon’s last home so will be sure to be careful choosing where she lands. She’s so affectionate that anyone will be lucky to have her!

Breed: Bully Breed mix
Sex: Female
Age:1 ½ – 2 years
Weight: 45 lbs
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Vaccinations: Up to date
Heartworm: Negative
Microchipped: Yes

Good with Children: Over 12
Good with Dogs: Has done well with dogs in the past – would need slow intros
Good with Cats: Absolutely no


Meet Gidget.  When poor Gidget was rescued, she had a double eye infection, which she is being treated for.  However the vet believes she will not regain her site.  The vet said she has corneal scaring.   Gidget is now in foster care and is reported to be doing very well.  Gidget is said to be to be house broken, good with adults, kids and cats.  Gidget is with Heartland Rescue Ranch, in Southport Florida.  For more information on this sweetheart or to adopt her, visit:


Han Solo – (I am almost completely Blind)

4 years – Male

Northern California Weimaraner Rescue

We are still needing a foster for this wonderful boy! Our foster coordinators have experience with blind dogs and can help you navigate the situation. He’s seeing a specialist and meeting with our trainer to get a better idea about his play style with other dogs (though he’s been living with a couple already). Please fill out the form below and PM us if can help! Thank you from Han Solo!

Welcome Han Solo to Nor Cal Weim Rescue! We are looking for a foster for this handsome and sweet four-year-old boy, who is almost totally blind. We will be getting him to a specialist to see if there is anything that can be done to restore any part of his vision. An initial vet visit indicates that he might have cataracts, so next step is to meet with an ophthalmologist. We need a home that has no young kids and no pool unless fenced. He is working on learning stairs and knows some basic commands. Most importantly, we would like to find a home that has a calm, patient, friendly pup who can help be a companion to Hans. He doesn’t exhibit any shyness, fear, or timidity, rather he is an enthusiastic guy who likes to be active with you by going for a walk or hike, and then hang out ever so close to you the rest of the time. Up until now, Han has been kept as an outdoor dog; so, he will need some practice with house breaking. Blind dogs create a mental map of their world to help them navigate it. Once learned they are quite capable and often fool people into thinking they are sighted.

If you have some time to spend with this fun boy and show him the ropes on how to be a member of a family, please fill out an application.


Marco – male

Young – 7 months

I am blind and deaf


Marco is being fostered by Don’t Bully Us Rescue –
He’s been patiently waiting for 4 months now. Marco is 7 months old 60lbs, deaf and blind, updated on vetting and neutered. He’s amazing with dogs big and small, it foster with both Marco walks well for short walks on a leash and is house trained if kept on a schedule. He knows a few touch commands like 2 butt taps( Sit ), chest tap is (down ), chin tap is walk forward (follow ).

He’s a smart boy and is egger to learn new things. He has an amazing sense of smell, learns a mental map of the household in a few days. He’s looking for someone who is home most of the day. Has an understanding dog who will put up with him, he loves to play, can’t read cues ( lack of hearing & sight ) when another dog does not. His human needs to be his eyes and ears thought life and keep him safe.He loves kids but feels with his mouth and doesn’t realize his size , so 10 and up would be best . He may accidentally knock a little one over and slobber them with kisses. Fenced yard is a must , to keep him safe.His adoption fee is sponsored and he comes with training to help his new owner understand a deaf and blind dog. If you meet our requirements and want to adopt this handsome fellow please put an application in

Miss Molly – female

Young – 6 months

I am blind in one eye

Double J Dog Ranch is seeking an experienced adopter for Miss Molly. She is a 6 month old, pit mix that is blind in her left eye. She is dog selective, does not do well with cats but a true lover and snuggle bunny with her person.
There are other pups here at the ranch that she is picking on and it is urgent that we get her placed in a great home or facilitate a rescue transfer as soon as possible! Please visit the adoptions page on our website to complete our adoption application if you would like her to join your family or send us a message with your questions. Thanks and please share so we can get Molly to a place where she will be successful.

Pumpernickel – (I am fully blind)

Puppy – female

Rags 2 Riches Animal Rescue in PA,, (610) 364-4087.

Pumpernickel is a 4-month old, fully blind pitty mix. Pumpernickel and her brother were brought to a vet to be euthanized because they were blind (they were only 6 weeks then ). Luckily the vet didn’t feel comfortable to put them down as they were super healthy pups and reached out to us. We gladly took them in. Pumpernickel’s right eye was removed as it was enlarged and she wasn’t able to shut her eyelid at all.

This sweet girl has nothing but live to give. She is the most resilient dog you will ever meet. She loves all people and dogs, gives the best hugs and loves to play. Because she is blind she runs into things every now and then especially if she is not familiar with the area. She has learned to follow voices and use her nose to not bump into things. Pumpernickel would do best in a home with another dog that can guide her through the big wide world. She loves kids but we think a home with older kids, that understand that she can’t see and needs more guidance than a seeing dog would be best for her. She may be blind but this isn’t keeping her from being the happiest pup. Apply today to meet her PLEASE SHARE

Aston (I am completely blind)


To see more pictures or to adopt me click on link:

Requirements: Adult only home, calm environment, home with yard. (Note: Aston is fine with other dogs as long as they aren’t high energy. So a low energy dog that is happy just co-existing is fine.)

Aston has come such a long way throughout his two and a half years with us and he is SO ready for his forever home! Due to some horrible past abuse, and despite the valiant efforts of vets, Aston had to have both of his eyes removed a while ago but has adjusted really well to life as a blind guy. Understandably, this adorable guy does still have some issues with trusting new people and it may take him a few weeks until he becomes comfortable with someone. He just needs someone willing to give him that time. We are sure these issues are a combination of the trauma that he experienced in his past and the fact that he’s blind.

The key to Aston’s trust is to allow him some time to get to know your voice and smell, he must always know when you are going to touch him and this can easily be done by using your voice in a soft matter and allowing him to smell you first. Once he trusts you he has no issues with getting love and giving love, he will follow his person around like a little shadow but at the same time can be independent and is content just knowing you are in the room. He does not let his vision slow him down on walks and moves confidently with no issues when on leash. Because of Aston’s bite history and the fact that he can be overwhelmed in busy situations, he cannot be around children and needs a calm environment in an adult only home. He also needs to have someone around often. A yard for Aston would be amazing too as he loves to trot around and sunbathe.

Can you believe in Aston and make his dreams of a forever home come true?



Daisy (I am blind)

Puppy – female 12 weeks

Puppies and More Rescue Adoption in NJ –

Hi. My name is Daisy and I am a 12 wk old lab mix girl. I was found with my mom and siblings abandoned on the streets of GA when I was only 1 week old. Mom was sick and in very bad shape from spending most of her life living on the streets. Some nice people found us and sent us to New Jersey to live with my foster family until we all found our forever homes. My mom and siblings have all gone to their forever homes but I’m still waiting for my special match to come along. You see I was born blind so my foster mom is waiting for just the right home to come along that will know how to raise a special little girl like me. Don’t let my blindness fool you! I am full of spunk and love to play with my fur foster siblings. Big and small! I am just the happiest pup ever! I am still working on pottying outside but I’m starting to get the hang of it. Tonight I actually went on my first walk on the leash and it was so much fun! If you think you have what it takes to raise a special little love like me, reach out to my foster mom at for an application and more information.


Freddy (I am blind and deaf)
Adult (2 years)-Male-Large (61 pounds)
Please contact Perfectly Imperfect Pups in Raleigh, NC

Yo-Yo-Yo – it’s Freddy in the house! The chicks tell me i am a hunk, and I know it…but I won’t let that get to my head. I have SO many fine qualities but here are the 2 best…1) I won’t judge your singing voice 2) I don’t care what you wear or if your hair or makeup is done. See, I can’t hear or see…so I am pretty much perfect! Let’s talk about ME – i know sit, down, walk on a leash, gets along with dogs,  crate and house trained…remember I already told you I am perfect…just proving my point here! My foster mom is like SUPER protective of me, I would just come home with you today if you asked but she says no, everyone needs to fill out an app to meet me…I call bull on that…but she is the one with the opposable thumbs and she feeds me…so I guess fill out the app to meet me…    Freddy is located in the Raleigh, NC area. 

Sammy (I am vision/hearing impaired)
Adult (2 years)-Male-Large (53 pounds)
Please contact Perfectly Imperfect Pups in Raleigh, NC


HI I am Sammy. Just so you know, I am not drunk…I am pretty much blind and only hear a little bit ….so I use the wall and furniture to “guide” me! Now, I won’t judge you if you have a few too many, I will even show you the lean method! Cuddling is a must, if you don’t like to cuddle, we just can’t be friends. I am pretty easy going…want to take a ride? Walk? Watch movies? I am so down for any of that. I know we just met, but can I move in with you and will you please feed me two meals a day? I know that’s pretty forward…but i know what I want! I do know sit, I know down, I walk well on a leash, I am house trained, I mean I am pretty much perfect! If you want to meet me, there is a silly application you must fill out, my fo-ma wants to be sure I land on the right couch!   Sammy is located in the Raleigh, NC area.

Lulu (I am visually impaired)

Lost Paws Animal Rescue 973-568-8783

On Petfinder:

Lulu is still in need of a FOSTER or ADOPTIVE home as of June 3, 2021.

Lulu is 2 years old and only 28lbs. She is crate trained, housebroken and is a very very affectionate young girl. She is also visually impaired from a trauma but adapted and survived living on the streets of Mexico. Truthfully you may not recognize her impairment by the way she easily navigates her world.

Lulu needs a loving, stable home with no small children. Lulu may do ok with another friendly dog but is sometimes uneasy when first meeting a new dog. Although she does not have separation anxiety, she bonds strongly to her person and loves companionship so someone who works from home would be ideal. Lulu is a very easy dog and doesn’t require much but a warm lap and a loving hand.

Lulu is losing her current foster home where she is doing so well due to a technicality with building management. We have until June 4th to place her. PLEASE HELP LULU. She is one of the sweetest and most affectionate dogs I have ever met. If you cannot adopt then please be the bridge to her forever home.  Please visit Lost Paws Animal Rescue and submit an application.

Milo’s Dog Rescue
Jaylo is an 8 year old, blind, Neopolitan Mastiff. Jaylo’s story is a doozie and we only know about 9 months of it.
Jaylo was surrendered to Miami Dade last August; her owner surrendered her after breeding her and keeping her outside with zero medical care. She was heart worm positive, had severe glycoma in both eyes, and massive tumors hanging off of her chest. We like to refer to these as the “trash people” of the race.
She was last call and a volunteer had been watching her for days, hoping and praying someone would save her. No one came. So this volunteer asked to foster her and Milo’s Dog Rescue of South Florida agreed to pull her.
On her freedom ride she was just exhausted and defeated and she just reeked of feces. (I later find out it is due to it being caked into her inverted nipples and pads of her feet.)
At her foster home, it is quickly learned that she is “blind blind” and does not like most dogs, especially high energy females. At her first vet visit she is deemed too sick and too old to do any surgical procedures. So she is sent home with slow kill medicine for heart worms and several drops for her eyes. They got her glycoma under control and the volunteer is connected to another large rescue, unaffiliated with Milo’s, that says they know of a sanctuary for Mastiffs just like Jaylo. We were overjoyed, thinking that we were actually going to be able to help this dog.
The sanctuary is located in Mississippi. The volunteer and her dad volunteered to drive the almost 20 hour trip, sponsored by Milo’s, to get her where she needs to be. She was dropped off on the volunteer’s 30th birthday and she feel so accomplished.
Fast forward to a month ago, a text from the “sanctuary” said they are closing down and Jaylo has to be picked up within 4 days. The volunteer lived over 1,000 miles away. She was quickly introduced to a group of people who volunteer their time and money and vehicles to help transport dogs all over the country. Jaylo makes it back to her foster home and her eyes look terrible. One is basically bulging out of her head. Obviously the sanctuary didn’t notice. (insert eye roll)
She goes to the regular vet. She is cleared of heart worm which was great. But now she needs to go to the specialist. They say the eyes need to come out. So now we are going to sedate a 120lbs, 8 year old Mastiff to remove both of her eyes and two masses on her chest. There was very little hope she was going to pull through. Jaylo is a warrior if nothing else. She made it through and is healing up faster than expected.
Now it’s Jaylo’s real time. She needs her forever. A real forever where she isn’t going to be disposed of again or treated like an object.
Everyone who helped transport Jaylo can tell you how sweet she is. She just wants to sit at your feet all day and be loved.
Ideally, we’d like to see Jaylo in a quiet home for her to live out her remaining years. She is good with all people, big and small, especially if you rub her butt. Some dogs she likes and some dogs she loathes. Cats are cool with her though. No pool or any water source in the back yard. (Trust me. She sinks and sinks fast. Thanks for making me be a lifeguard as a kid mom.) She is great on a leash and loves a good walk. She is 100% potty trained. She is pretty depressed here with me and I want to get her to a happy place that wants and appreciates her. If it’s you please message me directly. If it isn’t you please share this post and help me find this beautiful soul that’s been through hell for her forever love.
Jaylo’s surgery was over 2 hours long and she spent several days in the hospital to control pain. It has created a burden on the rescue that I never meant to cause. They would never see it that way, but we all know it is.



Wesley (I am vision/hearing impaired)
Please contact Dirt Road Doggies Rescue or Gillsville, GA

Wesley is a young Catahoula mix with some sensitivity to light and hearing impairment. He gets along with other dogs, loves his humans, and is fine around cats. With his special needs, he would do best in a calm home without kids where he won’t be easily startled. Wesley does have a bite history due to being startled, but has had some professional training and would benefit from continued training and a routine. He bonds deeply with his family so an experienced home is ideal. Wesley is approximately 50-55lbs, up to date on vaccinations, microchipped, and neutered.

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Polo (I am blind)
Please contact Happy Go Lucky Mastiff Rescue or call 727-403-7296 Loudon County, VA

Polo is a loving, funny and sweet 10 year old, blind American Bulldog. He was pulled by Happy Go Lucky Mastiff Rescue when his foster mama found him on the shelter’s website. With no interest for a while month, and little options for a rescue to pull him due to his (now treated) kennel cough, Polo needed to get out. Since he’s been with his foster family, they have learned the following:

1) He’s as sweet as they come. He loves so hard and is so appreciative. No resource guarding whatsoever either.
2) He gets excited for his humans, and due to his 95 lbs size and blindness, we’d recommend a home with kids 10+. He likes his 4 year old human foster sister but just doesn’t know he can’t be as excited around her lol
3) He does great on walks. Loves to say hi to the neighbors. He does not like nightly walks when it’s dark.
4) He looks intimidating but he’s an absolute sweetheart.
5) He loves to play with toys by himself and to play tug of war. He’s quite strong
6) He sits and waits for his food when you tell him “sit, stay”….even though he is SUPER wiggly for it lol
7) He is house trained but he has marked his territory since he is not fixed.
8) 😎 He allows me to bathe him, clip his nails, clean his ears, take stuff out of his mouth, pretty much anything required to care for him
9) He likes to be around his humans. Currently, the foster family lives in a townhouse where the main living quarters are on the second floor. He does miss them when they’re not by him. He doesn’t have separation anxiety but he does want to be part of the pack. But because of his arthritis, stairs are out of the question for him so a home with the kitchen and common areas on the first floor is a must. He sleeps through the night perfectly and passes out around 8 PM. He’s exhausted past 8 PM so don’t expect him to do anything except maybe take a potty break lol. Foster dad works next to him, from home, Monday-Friday 8-6 most days so he’s not alone for more than 1 hour on weekdays.
10) He seems to love car rides! He may just need a little help up into the car if it’s a higher up car.
11) We haven’t tested him with other animals but he doesn’t seem to react to other dogs on walks when he hears them. He’s more curious about kid sounds like the bike and toy cars.
12) Overall, this pup deserves the best. From the vet exam, the foster family’s vet explained he has signs of living in a crate full time. He deserves a family who will love him, care for him and be there with him to live out his life in the best way possible.

If you think you’d be the perfect fit for this Netflix and chill buddy, please apply at

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Brad (I am blind)
Please contact My Next Pet Charlotte, NC metro area

Brad was found hungry, weak and injured by rescuers with the Beagle Freedom Project. They mercifully took him in to save his life and cared for him until a foster home with Animal Adoption League was able to commit. After rescue, it was sadly discovered that Brad had not only been neglected, but was also heartworm positive and completely blind.

It has been a long journey of recovery for Brad, but he is now thriving in his foster home. He is completely heartworm free and healthy now! Brad is doing remarkably well living the indoor life and loves living with other friendly pets. He not only adores playing with other dogs, but also relies on them for many cues due to his blindness. He definitely needs a kind dog friend in his forever home! Brad is also great with cats and does not react to them at all. He also has been around children as young as 7 and is wonderful with them too.

Brad has been working with a professional trainer to learn how to navigate life as a blind gentleman too. This has helped his confidence soar as he has learned basic obedience, navigation commands and now loves going on long walks with ease. *His adoption includes a session with his trainer to help him and his new family adjust.

Brad is a very special pup who will make a wonderful addition to a home that is dedicated to his well-being and comfort. He is not high maintenance and likes to spend a lot of time cuddling on the couch in a pile of blankets.

To meet this handsome guy, please fill out an application:







Diego (I am blind)
Please contact Almost Home Ohio, Ohio

Diego is believed to be between 6 and 8 years old. He is sweet, affectionate and curious. He has cataracts and they have progressed beyond the ability for surgery to fix them so we are looking for a forever home for him with someone who has had experience with blind dogs or someone who is willing access trained in dealing with a non-sighted dog as well as willing to maintain continuity with furniture placement. After being in his foster home for two weeks Diego has mapped well (how blind dogs know where things are) and he can go in and out of the house into the fenced yard unassisted and moves around the house with ease. He is house trained and lets people know when he has to go out by pacing between the door and his human. In spite of his lack of sight, he enjoys exploring when outside on a leash. We think he might be more confident with another dog that is older or laid back. When traveling recently, he was anxious when taken out of the car by himself, but when the other dogs were with him at the rest area he did great and was much more confident. Diego had mats that needed to be removed so his coat is looking a little bedraggled, but it will grow back beautifully. He is a little shy at first, but quickly engages with new people, moving to them to be petted. He loves to be with people, is always in the same room with them and when you are petting him he will often lift up his paw to you. He ignores cats and has done well with children. He understands come and his name and is learning to sit. His crate is his “safe” space but he is only crated at night. Loud noises do startle him, but he was not used to being in a home before he was rescued so that may disappear. He is an outstanding companion who is willing to give his heart to anyone who will give their heart to him.
Please contact the adoption team if interested at or complete an application at, be sure to mention Diego in comments.


Molly (I am blind)
Please contact Healdsburg, California

Molly is a beautiful and brave St. Bernard looking for her forever home. Molly was left by a previous owner to spend her days in the back yard with her brother, where they were confined, neglected and ignored. Molly was never allowed indoors, suffering through the seasons with little if any protection from the elements. She was brought to the shelter severely malnourished, with a case of glaucoma so advanced that it was determined her eyes could not be saved, and they were removed. She is now in foster care.
Molly is an incredibly sweet and loving dog. She is submissive and has exhibited no alpha/dominating behavior. She is not food defensive or aggressive… other dogs can approach her bowl and she pays them no mind, and a hand can be reached in front of her mouth or into her bowl and she ignores the interference, or stops eating until the hand is removed.
Molly ignores cats, up until the point that she wants to play with them. Once she has decided she needs to interact, she will stand in front of them and bark incessantly until she is acknowledged. Unfortunately, being blind, she has no way of knowing whether they are responding, or if, in fact, they have left the room entirely. Should she sense that maybe playtime is in the works, she will bow down in an invitation, and bounce and jump, bob, weave and lurch about in an attempt to engage. It is because of this that Molly cannot be homed with cats. She is so large, and so ungainly in her movements that she can easily trample or fall upon an animal and do them harm, or be harmed by them. For this same reason she cannot be homed with children, because she simply cannot see who she may be running into at full bore ramming speed. It is not her intent to do harm, but the gentlest bull in a china shop will still rack up quite a bit of damage.
Molly so loves to play that her enthusiasm can be a bit much. While she plays very well with dogs her own size, even this cannot prevent occasional scuffles and mishaps. Because of her blindness, Molly cannot tell when a dog is interacting with her, and so will continually bark to engage, which can be very disturbing to some dogs as it can come off as aggressive. Additionally, if a dog does decide to interact with her, the romping and playing can at times lead to hard core collisions that take Molly by surprise and cause her to act defensively because she cannot see what is happening. Again, Molly is not aggressive, but wounds caused by defensive behavior are just as damaging as wounds caused by aggressive behavior. To be very clear, Molly’s blindness, and the unfortunate situations that arise due to her disability, are what may cause injury. They are not due to an aggressive disposition. However, the end result is that Molly absolutely must not be homed with small children. She may do well with other very mellow animals, but an introduction will be needed before adoption.
If you walk into a room where Molly is standing and she is spooked, she will immediately drop to the floor and roll over onto her back. She has never snapped at, growled at or been at all defensive or aggressive towards her foster caregivers. She is a total cuddle bug and will snuggle on the couch contentedly while you watch tv and pet her pretty head.
Molly is relatively low energy and easy going, spending her days at her foster mother’s side, sleeping next to her desk. Although previously having only been housed outdoors, Molly took to house-training very quickly, and has had very few accidents in the house. If she needs to go out she will get up and sit next to you, and at some point, should the hint not be picked up, she will put her paw into your lap, and after that begin to pace. If by then the hint is not picked up, Molly asks that she not be blamed as she tried her hardest.
Molly sleeps next to her fosters’ bed, and unless she needs to go potty she will sleep through the night. If she needs to go she will start to pace, and will put her ginormous head on the bed next to you, trying to wake you. Molly does not bark unless she is trying to play. She does not bark at strangers, or out of nervousness, or at the wind or door creaks, or other stimuli that often sets other dogs off. She is very calm, and will lay down for belly rubs at the slightest invitation… if you come up to her she will lay right down and roll over for pets.
Despite being St. Bernard, Molly does not drool. Her fur is silky soft, and the most beautiful auburn color. She is very underweight, but has a healthy appetite and is steadily gaining back her weight and health. She is an absolutely gorgeous dog, and has so much love to offer the right home.
We ask that Molly’s new home:
Be quiet, with few visitors or new people coming and going.
Have no children.
Any other pets will need to meet Molly first before adoption.
Keep her as an indoor dog with outside privileges. She has spent enough of her life outdoors and now deserves ongoing comfort and companionship.
Have stay at home parents. Either work from home (even after quarantine), or be retired. Molly loves her people, and is lost without her seeing eye person by her side.
Understand the needs of a blind dog, and be informed of the challenges this disability presents. She is blind because of the tragic neglect of humans, and should not suffer more because of the resulting challenges she will be facing… she needs an advocate and protector who will love and support her for the rest of her life.
Please forward this to anyone who might be able to give this wonderful, sweet and gentle dog a loving home. For further questions or information, please contact
Molly is in Healdsburg, California, about an hour and a half north of San Francisco. I will bring her wherever her perfect home might be.

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Stevie (I am blind)
Please contact Pixies and Paws Animal Rescue New York

UPDATE: Stevie is all love! He is blind but he loves nothing more than to be a running buddy or even a cuddle buddy! Stevie gets used to his surrounding insanely quickly and mastered stairs at his foster home in no time! Since Stevie has no eyesight his other senses are extremely heightened and that can make him super excitable, his foster has practiced calming techniques and they work great! Stevie is dog friendly and has been doing great with other dogs however he is highly excitable so will need a similar match in a pup as well as continued structured days so he can thrive!

Stevie takes time to control his excitement, but does well after exercise/long walk and with training he has gotten with his foster. Stevie enjoys going to the dog park and plays well with other dogs and socializing.

Gorgeous Stevie is amazing! This 10-month old puppy, blind from birth, loves everyone and everything. Stevie was rescued from a shelter in the South and arrived in New Jersey on Saturday, December 5th. Blind dogs are truly special and adapt easily to any situation…give this boy a chance and you’ll be greatly rewarded.

Stevie is up to date on all vaccinations and neutered too.

Stevie is available for adoption through Pixies and Paws Animal Rescue, if interested in meeting him please fill out an adoption application.

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Chrissy (I am blind)
Please contact Wagging Tails Dog Rescue NY

Update: February 2021 – Chrissy is still looking for her forever home

Meet Chrissy, everyone! She is a super sweet, approximately 9 year old, 14 pound terrier mix who was surrendered by her owner to the NYC kill shelter. Chrissy unfortunately lost her sight about a week later and while initially she was very scared and confused, she has settled down and with the encouragement and support of her foster parents, is adjusting to life without her vision. She LOVES going for brisk walks but also enjoys quiet snuggling at home. Chrissy is a total foodie and just loves enjoys a frozen peanut butter stuffed kong, her snuffle mat and other treat-stuffed toys. Chrissy is quiet and friendly with other dogs but gets nervous if another dog barks or acts up so she would need a home with either another quiet pup or to be a solo pup. She needs to have quiet and calm humans as well. Chrissy requires daily eye drops so potential adopters need to be committed to a consistent schedule to keep her eyes comfortable. They also need to be committed to continuing to work with her to adjust to her vision loss. She is a sweet and happy girl looking for her forever home and a family to help her live her best life. If you or someone you know may be interested in adopting Chrissy, please visit the Wagging Tails Dog Rescue NY website at

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Ashton (I am blind & deaf)
Please contact Greta’s Animal Ark Animal Rescue New Orleans, LA or

Ashton is a blind & deaf male Poodle looking for a home!!! NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA
Ashton is about 8-10 years old and is dog friendly and people friendly. He is playful when hes not sleeping. He is in good health despite the rough shape he came to us in! He had a severe infection and needed a dental bad. Now hes all healed up and ready to find a good home. Blind dogs get around very well!!
He will need frequent grooming! He has a few teeth left but he’s currently eating wet food.
Ashton is neutered, vaccinated, and heartworm negative. His bloodwork came back great- so no underlying health issues. If you’re interested in adopting Ashton please complete an adoption form here.

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Chase (I am blind)
Please contact Greta’s Animal Ark Animal Rescue New Orleans, LA or

Chase is a 16 yr old Pomeranian looking for a home! He is blind, but he gets around very well! NEW ORLEANS, LA ❤
Chase was found as a stray and was brought to the shelter. He was never claimed by his owners. He needed a dental BAD – he had his dental last week and is recovering well. He still has a few teeth left but hes on a soft food diet now. He is dog friendly. Needs a home without kids. Pretty much sleeps all day. He really just needs a nice retirement home! He’s very sweet and gives kisses. We are hoping for a Pomeranian experienced home.
Chase is neutered, heartworm negative and his senior bloodwork came back clear so he is healthy. If you’re interested in adopting Chase please complete an adoption form here.

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Beastie (I am vision impaired)
Please contact Seer Farms Carney’s Point, NJ or

Beastie is still looking for his forever home as of March/2021
Thank you for coming by and saying HI! My name is Beastie, but I’m really a big softy. I am visually impaired, I can see different levels of light, but no detail so I’ll walk into things which are new to me. After I get my surroundings memorized, you wouldn’t know I was impaired at all! I love going out for walks, or running around in the backyard, or really just being outside. I snuggle down into blankets and am really good at keeping my room clean (housebroken). My short fur is silky soft, and I love being pet, and I eat up attention! I’d like to be a part of your home (especially if it’s a single level with few steps if any).

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Ray (I am Blind)
Please contact Rescue Rep Dave at 415-686-4248 or Estates, IL Lab Rescue

Ray is still looking for his forever home as of March 2021.
Ray has settled into our home and is doing very well. He is such a sweet dog. He has recently been house-broken and has been accident free for weeks now. Ray gets along great with people and other dogs (when properly introduced). Would probably do great with another calm/adult dog in the home – he does great with our own Lab. Ray loves his walks around the neighborhood; we walk him very nicely on a Gentle Leader. Our frequent walks have slimmed him down nicely as was initially pretty chunky. He is doing amazing with the few steps in our home and is now even managing the full flight of stairs between our main floor and our downstairs living area.
Besides being blind, Ray appears to be in superb health. Current on vaccinations, heartworm negative, microchipped. Recently neutered. We recently took Ray to a doggie eye specialist who determined Ray is suffering from progressive retinal atrophy and is completely blind in both eyes; this condition is inoperable; he was probably sighted when he was young but progressively lost his vision due to some hereditary issue. His lack of vision does not diminish his spirit and zest for life. Ray can be seen here.

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Adeline (I am vision impaired)
Please contact Hoffman Estates, IL

Adeline has had a ruff start to life. She was an owner surrender with her litter mates. Her soul has not suffered, For a blind pup I am very smart, outgoing and so sweet and gentle. I have a very goofy personality and love pretty much every one once I warm up. I am very submissive and love to play with other pups. My foster mom says I’m perfect in almost every way. I can do the stairs lickity split. I learn very quick. I know how to sit and wait for my food. I am really chill and calm for an 8 mo old pup. I’m great in my crate and very quiet both outside and inside. I am in the Chicago land area and would love a forever family with and another pup and a fenced yard. Like with all puppies I will need continued training.

At 8 months old Addi is about 45 lbs she will probably be about 50-55 lbs full grown. We are not sure of her breed. What we do know that this is a great pup and will make some lucky family a great family member.

For a meet & greet please fill out an app on our website.

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Biscuit (I am vision impaired)
Please contact Texoma Dog Rescue Denison, TX

Sweet Biscuit is still looking for his forever home as of February 9th, 2021!

Biscuit is a 2 yr old yellow lab mix. He is transitioning from a sighted dog to blindness. He can still see some shadows and reacts to certain colors (orange). He is more comfortable in the presence of people. Biscuit like to play with people and with toys, but he since he is still in transition he startles easily and needs a home that can help to transition him into a dog with blindness.

Diva (I am blind)
Dog • Adult • Female • Medium
Please contact: One Love Animal Rescue or view her Adopt A Pet page Mount Laurel, NJ

Diva is still in need of a home as of February 09, 2021

Diva is my very special blind foster girl. She entered my life in August of last year and has left a lasting “paw print” on my heart. I was so nervous and scared at the idea bringing a blind dog into my home. I purchased the best-rated raising a blind dog books and did my best to prepare…. but you know what?…my instructor, teacher and friend was able to teach me everything I needed to know and that was Diva herself. She has been blind her entire 7 years of life, her attitude is “I got this and I will show you” and show me she did. Diva showed me she was very adaptable to a predictable environment, Diva showed me just a few carefully chosen words would keep her out of trouble, Diva showed me that all dogs can be off-leash and MOST IMPORTANTLY Diva has taught me to slow down and listen, there is so much to be experienced through the pleasure of sound.
Diva has her own FB page…/
Many wonderful folks follow and comment on Diva’s page and her life as my foster dog. They say “you should just keep her” “she looks so happy”. I love Diva. Her perfect forever home is out there. She NEEDS TO BE THE ONLY DOG. I run an animal rescue, there are so many dogs (besides my 4 personal dogs) in and out of my home. She is not comfortable with all the dogs around and just WANTS to be with her “person”. I KNOW her PERSON is out there. Her person will snuggle and love her all day long. Her person will embrace the %100 devotion Diva is ready to give. Her person will be open to learning and loving life even more through the gifts Diva has to offer.
When Diva’s PERSON arrives, I will cry tears of joy and sadness. I will cry because I will be so overcome with joy that she will get the life she so rightly deserves and sad because selfishly I will miss my dog friend, my early morning cranberry bogs buddy and my end of the day snuggle partner.

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