Courtesy Listings

The blind and visually impaired dogs listed below are in shelters and rescue groups throughout the United States and Canada. They are listed as a courtesy and are not affiliated with Blind Dog Rescue Alliance. BDRA has not evaluated these dogs, and makes no guarantees to their temperament.

If you are interested in adopting any of these dogs, please contact the shelter or rescue directly.


This sweet girl is a puppy mill survivor.   Freya is with the Newfoundland Club of America and is looking for a forever home.

Inquiries can be directed to :

If you are interested in Freya please fill out an application below…/personal-information…


Breed Name: Newfoundland

Color: Brown

Sex: Female (not spayed)

Age: 11 months. (90#)

Vet Info: Freya is microchipped.  UTD On vaccinations and HW negative.

Meet Freya! 

Freya is good with people but not with other dogs or cats.  She does not do well with some dogs as she is unable to read their body language and she is not safe around old or small dogs.  I also feel a home without cats is best. She really likes to hunt and chase them but not to do harm. She is pretty obsessed with cats.  Freya was moved to a foster home without any other animals and has done amazing. She does great on her daily walks and car rides.

Freya’s start in life was very rough. As a puppy mill survivor, Freya was going to be destroyed due to having a seizure by the mill owner. A worker on the farm saved her from that fate, he took her in and got her on seizure medication. That person reached out to the Newfoundland Club of America Rescue (NCA) for assistance. When Freya came into rescue she was covered in scars, scabs, and old wounds. We are unsure how she lived before she came to us, but from the condition of her body… it didn’t appear to be that great. Her foster quickly realized her behavior was off and got her into the vet, where it was determined she was blind. Her optic nerve in her right eye is basically non-existent and the optic nerve in her left eye is underdeveloped, leaving her all but completely blind. There are signs she has some small level of vision in the left eye but it is not understood how much or what that might be. This vision impairment has not slowed her down!

At the direction of her vet, Freya was weaned off the seizure medications and has been seizure free while in our care. The vet advised us the seizure, if it was a seizure at all, was likely situational. Outside of her vision impairment, Freya has been given a clean bill of health! She is up-to-date on all her vetting and when Freya is of the right age, she will be/should be spayed.

We have learned a lot about Freya since she has been with us:

  • Freya loves people. She is still in a puppy stage so ongoing training on learning how to behave is a necessity. Freya should not be in a home with small children. While she has shown no aggression toward people she can be boisterous and at 90lbs and growing, she could easily knock over a small child.
  • Behavior with dogs:  She is not great with most dogs, she does not understand their communication with her and she does not take no for an answer very well.  She MIGHT do well with 1 large breed easy going higher energy playful young dog.  She does not do well with older dogs or smaller dogs. We will not adopt into a home with small or senior pets.
  • Cats or other animals: She has been around cats in foster care. She wants to hunt them and chase them at every sound they make.  She does not seem to want to hurt them but she is pretty obsessed with finding them.
  • Freya is still a puppy and she will chew. A home that is willing to help her through the puppy stage, with patience is going to be key. 
  • She shows zero signs of resource guarding. When in a home with another dog, her foster crated her for feeding time, along with all her other fur siblings.
  • She needs a lot of play and exercise and lots of mental stimulation, as she is a HIGH energy dog. She will need a fenced yard, where she can run and play without potential for getting loose.
  • Accepts grooming-loves baths and grooming. She has a relatively dry mouth for a Newfie. 
  • She is crate trained, house trained, and leash trained (although she still continues to perfect her leash walking). Freya walks pretty well on a leash, only sometimes pulling when she decides it’s time to go home. She currently wears a harness as she can sometimes wiggle out of a collar.
  • She knows her basic obedience commands (sit, no, crate, outside).
  • She spends most of her time indoors in the living area and is created at night. 
  • Freya is not a big barker. She will sometimes bark a couple times if she hears someone come into the house, and occasionally during play when she gets really excited. Again, she is a puppy learning what is like to live in a home, she will need a strong and patient leader. 
  • She loves going for walks and sniffing around the neighborhood, meeting new people, playing fetch & tug in the yard, and enjoying chew toys in the house (eg. bully sticks).

If you are interested in Freya please fill out an application below:…/personal-information…

This girl is located in Michigan. If approved YOU MUST travel to pick her up. We adopt anywhere in the United States but we will NOT ship dogs.  As always please share so we can find this girl in her forever home.



Please email if you are interested in August!

Name: August

Age:    4-5 years

Breed: Shepherd mix, 30#, medium Sex:  Male, neutered

Location:  Montgomery County, Texas

August is with Paws R’ Th’ Caws Rescue:

VET INFORMATION: August is neutered but will need to be brought up to date on his vaccinations.  He is not microchipped.  His rescue is not sure why he is blind, but he may be able to see shadows in bright, outdoor light.  His hearing is good, and August is otherwise healthy.

RESCUE INFORMATION: August has been with Paws R’ Th’ Caws for about a year. He came from a local dog pound. August is an indoor dog who is kenneled in an area of the house. He lives with several other dogs inside the house. He is housebroken and, when he’s let out in the fenced yard, will sit quietly waiting to be let back in. August will answer to his name. He’s attentive and cooperative. He’s a quiet dog who listens well. August is good with men, women, and teenagers, but he’s never been around young children. There are cats on the property where he lives. He’s never really noticed them and never interacted with them. August is not possessive with treats, toys, or food. He is not aggressive toward other animals or people and has no bite history. If a dog runs up to August and gets in his face startling him since he didn’t see the dog coming, August will growl to brace himself and let the other dog know that he is uncomfortable, but that’s it. His rescue feels that he adapts well to new situations and surroundings despite his blindness.

If you are interested in Pete, please email

Name: Pete

Age:    7-8 years

Breed: Plott Hound, large, 50#

Sex:  Male, not neutered

Location:  Cocke County, Tennessee

Vet Information:  Pete is not neutered nor microchipped. His rescue tells us that his previous owner has maintained all yearly vaccinations and deworming, but he has not had a heartworm test. They believe that Pete can see shadows but no more than that. The previous owner thought that Pete’s blindness is a genetic issue. Otherwise, Pete’s overall health is good. Rescue Information:   Pete is with Hearts of Steele Rescue.

They were contacted by Pete’s owner who surrendered Pete to them. Pete is currently still living with his owner because they are short on foster homes. Meanwhile, they are trying to find Pete a rescue or adoptive home so he doesn’t have to live life on a chain any longer.

From Pete’s Rescue: Pete is a hunting dog who lost his sight and was relegated to living life on a chain outdoors. He’s not housebroken nor leash trained, but he knows cues for No, Sit, and Stay. Pete’s an outgoing boy who is good with men, women, and teenagers. He gets along with other dogs, both male and female. His previous owner has many other hunting dogs. Pete is not possessive with treats, toys, or food. He’s never shown aggression to a person or another animal, and he has no bite history.

His rescue tells us that he is a bit unsure of new situations at first because he’s spent his life on a chain, but he does well when introduced to new dogs or people.

His Rescue Would Like You To Know:  Pete is very worthy of rescue, he is smart and handsome and I just hate the thought of him spending the rest of his life on a chain.”


Christmas, ID: A376592
Neutered Male, Chow Chow Mix, 9 Years Old, 47 lbs
Intake: 12/8/22
This sweet fellow is in a foster home through the Montgomery County Animal Shelter in Conroe, TX.  Thank you.
Regular adoption fee is $40. Adoption fee covers spay/neuter, vaccinations, and microchip.

Copied from a comment on his Facebook page:
This poor old dude needs an Angel. He’s completely blind and so scared. But he loves pets and brushing his fur. Please share his plight.
Montgomery County Animal Services
8535 Hwy 242, Conroe, Texas 77385

Lily & Mira – bonded pair

Contact info for both:


Breed:  Anatolian Shepherd/Great Pyrenees
Color: Tan/Yellow/Fawn – With Black
Age: 1 Year Old, Young
Size: (When Grown) Large 61-100 Lbs (28-45 Kg)
Weight: (Current) 98 Lbs
Sex: Female
Location: Pauls Valley, OK
Good with dogs
Needs experienced adopter
Shots current
Has special needs


Breed: Anatolian Shepherd/Great Pyrenees
Color: Tan/Yellow/Fawn
Age: 1 Year Old, Young
Size: (When Grown) Large 61-100 Lbs (28-45 Kg)
Weight: (Current) 95 Lbs
Sex: Female
Good with dogs
Shots current



Paradise Rescue is able to fly Max anywhere in the US for a rescue willing to help or for an approved adopter! 

Please email if you are interested in Max!

Name: Max

Age:    5 years

Breed: Mixed breed, perhaps Rottweiler, medium, 50# Sex:  Male, Neutered

Location:  Mameyes II of Río Grande barrio, Puerto Rico

VET INFORMATION: Max is neutered but not microchipped. Per his rescue, he is current with vaccinations. Max tested heartworm positive but has done thirty days of Doxycycline and had injections already. Max can be retested at any time. He is completely blind. Since was blind when found by his rescue, they do not know what happened to him. Other than testing to be fully cleared of heartworm, Max is healthy.


In July of 2022, Max was rescued from the streets of Puerto Rico, where there are 500,000 plus stray dogs. Paradise Rescue is a rescue working there. Max was blind when they found him. They brought him to the shelter, but this was very hard on him, so he is currently in an on-island foster home, but they cannot keep him much longer.

RESCUE INFORMATION: Max is an indoor dog confined to one area of the house. He is housebroken and leash trained. He walks well on a leash and knows the cue for Sit. He’s worked with one of the rescue’s board members who is a trainer.

Max is an outgoing boy who is good with men and women. He’s good with male and female dogs and cats. Max has been around them at the shelter and in his foster home. He’s not been tested with children, but his rescue doesn’t feel that it would be an issue. Max isn’t possessive with treats, toys, or food. He’s never shown aggression to a person or other animal. He has no bite history. Paradise Rescue feels that Max adapts well to new situations and surroundings despite being blind because he is a sweetheart!

MAX’S RESCUE BIO:  “Max, oh Max! What a special one. This 5-year-old boy may be blind, but he lives life to the fullest! Despite being abandoned in a neighborhood, Max still trusts, he still plays, and he still loves! What more can you ask for? We’re smitten with his handshakes and playful howls. With a Rottweiler face, but a more compact build, he’s the perfect package!

Does anyone have room for sweet Max?

For a video of Apollo from chain to freedom, please visit:

Please email or message if you are interested in Apollo!

Name: Apollo

Age:    between 2 and 3 years old

Breed: Mastiff mix/unknown, large, approx. 90# Sex:  Male, neutered

Location:  Hawkins County, Tennessee

Vet Information:  Apollo is neutered and microchipped. He has tested negative for heartworm. Apollo has been to a veterinary ophthalmologist and was diagnosed with ‘suspected corneal dystrophy, both eyes’. This is likely genetic. He is partially blind but worsening. He has some vision but his eyes seem to be getting more cloudy. He can jump on/off the deck and run up/down the steps now. However if a new obstacle is added he often runs into it but then learns to go around. Otherwise, Apollo is healthy. He does well when he visits the vet.

Rescue Information:

Last summer, Apollo was found abandoned and on a chain with another dog and puppies who have since been adopted through A Voice For Pets, which is Apollo’s rescue. Due to his size and special needs, A Voice For Pets is still seeking the right family for Apollo.

From Apollo’s Rescue: Apollo is an outdoor dog with a fenced yard.  He’s not housebroken, but, if let out regularly, he keeps a clean kennel. Apollo will have ‘accidents’ if outside time gets delayed. His rescue is working on teaching him the cue for Sit, but he definitely needs basic training.  Apollo isn’t leash trained, but with use of an EasyWalk harness, he does well on a leash.

Apollo is an outgoing pup who is good with men, women, and teenagers.  His rescue uses a kennel set up to allow each dog their own space. Apollo plays with the female Lab next to him through the kennel fence. He and the Lab share toys back and forth under the kennel rail. Apollo socializes with the others through the kennels when out. If they bark at him, he moves on. When new dogs have been put next to him he is often defensive initially through the kennel fence.  He may be food protective, but his rescue isn’t certain about that. The rescue believes with slow introductions he would be dog friendly, especially with calm females. Since so many of the dogs in the rescue have issues of their own, they have not had the opportunity to directly test Apollo. His rescue would not recommend he be with small animals at this time.  Apollo barks at delivery persons but not aggressively.

Apollo’s rescue says that he adapted great when he got there, so they believe that he adapts well to new situations and surroundings despite being visually impaired.

His Rescue Would Like You To Know:  We can continue fostering but feel he could benefit in a home environment and more 1:1 teaching/training. He is very sweet. He is gentle when calm but a bit of a ‘bull in a china shop’ when excited. He has had limited experiences in his life and gets so excited when given attention and playtime. He’s like a puppy in a giant body. We love him but he deserves so much more than a 10×10 kennel for a home. He is happy to be chain free though.”

Australian Shepherd, Crossville, TN
Adult – Male – Medium
Vaccinations up to date, spayed / neutered, special needs.
Double Merle vision and hearing deficit.
Dodger needs a calm, patient experienced handler for a special needs, fearful dog. He is scared at our busy rescue with lots of dogs barking and lots of activity. Does better away from the activity. Walks good on a leash.LOCATED IN CROSSVILLE, CUMBERLAND COUNTY, TN. WE CAN TRANSPORT OUT OF STATE


MidAtlantic Bulldog Rescue, Belmar, NJ,

English Bulldog – Young,  Male, Medium

Friendly, Affectionate, Smart, Loves kisses
Vaccinations up to date, spayed / neutered.
Other dogs, cats.
Say hello to sweet Finn. He’s a little over 1 year old, he is a bulldog mix. Finn is a special needs boy as he has no sight in one eye and limited vision in the other. Finn was surrendered to a PA rescue because his owner found herself without a home & was unable to treat his medical issues. Finn’s vision issue was caused by either trauma or an infection, we don’t know.
Finn needs to be an only – no exceptions. He is very food motivated and an extremely quick learner. He would do best in a quiet home where there are few or no stairs and a fenced in yard is a huge plus! No small children as due to his vision, he may frighten easily. Finn is housetrained and loves car rides. He also loves to sleep on a nice, comfortable couch next to you. He has no other health issues. Finn is not a barker and he’s a small guy, weighing under 50 lbs.
Finn has had a rough start in life, he deserves a home where he is spoiled and loved. Can you be the home for him – let’s make this upcoming holiday season the best for sweet Finn!
Finn is being fostered in Camp Hill, PA. Please be sure you have an application on file before you contact us and include a phone number in any correspondence.

Meet Stevie

Can you see Stevie? Can you see how happy, full of life, and well-adjusted he is? He can play fetch, run 3 miles alongside you, ride politely in the car and go shopping, enjoy a break at your favorite café, explore new places, and snuggle with you on the couch for a nap. He is curious and intelligent. Stevie was born blind and his sense of smell and hearing are amazing. His heart is big, and he lives life without fear. His human companion must be equally courageous, energetic, and empathetic.
Stevie is 2 years old and is house trained and walks well on a leash.
Call or text his foster mom at 786-314-0039 for a meet and greet or email  Stevie is located in Palmetto Bay, FL.Check out Stevie’s video on our YouTube Channel:
This little fellow is with A Paw and A Prayer Dog Rescue in Chattanooga TN and he’s ready for his forever home!  Please call or text Judy at 423-728-0939 for more information.
From his FB post:
He’s super healthy and happy now. He’s a 10 year old shitzu. 16 pounds. Super sweet but also independent. He’s fully vetted and has had the one year heart worm shot. House trained.
I think he would be happy with someone who could pick him up a lot. He’s no problem and I won’t just get rid of him but thought maybe an older lady would enjoy this little heartbeat
Please contact/text Judy if you can help- 423-728-0939

Please email if you are interested in Polly!

To view a sweet video of Polly, please visit:

Name: Polly

Age:    approx. 8 months

Breed: Australian Cattle Dog/Pit Bull Terrier mix, medium, 50# Sex:  Female, not spayed

Location:  Hopkins County, TX


VET INFORMATION: Currently, Polly is not spayed or up to date on vaccines, but her rescue plans to do both for her. Polly is most likely completely blind. Her rescue tells us that her vet said that she may have been kicked in the mouth by something as she had a huge hole in her upper gum. She was on meds for a while for it, and the vet (a surgeon) said that the hole may close on its own. Her rescue believes that it did. Polly has not visited the vet since that visit. Her rescue reports that her overall health is good.

RESCUE INFORMATION: Polly has been with her rescue for several months, since she was a young puppy. She was found in a cow pasture with her sister dog, and a Good Samaritan brought her to Pet Lives Matter 2. They took her knowing that she was blind but don’t have the time or resources to work with her, so they are looking for a great home for her that will be able to give her what she needs to succeed!

Polly is an indoor dog confined to one area of the house. She is not housebroken or leash trained. Polly does know that when you tell her no, she needs to stop whatever she is doing. Her rescue confirms that she is good with men and women, and male and female dogs. Polly is a very inquisitive girl, and she loves people and other dogs. She currently lives with other dogs about her size as well as smaller dogs. She is kenneled when no one is there. Polly is not possessive with treats, toys, or food. She’s never shown aggression to a person or another animal. Polly does not have a bite history. Her rescue feels that she should be able to adapt well to new situations and surroundings despite her blindness.


Her rescue would like you to know: “I know since she is blind that it will take a special person to adopt her and be able to work with her. She is great with other dogs her size and wonderful with people.”

Sweetie sees with her heart ❤️ She is 1 year and 4 months old and completely blind. Don’t let that stop you from considering her as an addition to your home. She will learn the layout of your home and yard quickly and she is good with cats and dogs. Stairs are no problem for Sweetie to navigate. To help Sweetie be the best she can be, BAARK has invested in a 2 week training program where Sweetie will work on meeting new people, leash skills and manners like jumping up. She loves to play and would love a fenced yard with another young dog to play with. Sweetie has even tried swimming in a lake and loved it! She could be an excellent dog for someone wanting an active companion or running partner. An adopter will be invited to attend Sweetie’s end of training session workshop at Dog Training Now in Hoffman Estates and her trainer will offer assistance in setting Sweetie up for success in her new home. Typically BAARK has an adoption radius of 100 miles of Chicago but for an experienced blind dog adopter, her foster mom is willing to work with adopters outside of this radius including travel within reason to have adopters meet Sweetie and a home visit.
Please contact: or (847) 852-0895



7/24/22 UPDATE AND THREE NEW PHOTOS:  Keenan is a very loving boy and just wants attention!  His rescue has found that he is not compatible with cats.  Keenan is still very much in need of a foster or adoptive home, so please continue to share him!!  Thank you!

6/24/22 UPDATE:  Handsome Keenan is still in need of a foster or adoptive home!  Please continue sharing him – thank you!!

Name: Keenan

Age:    10 years

Breed: Husky mix, 50#, large Sex:  Male, neutered

Location:  Hardin County, Texas

Vet Information:  Keenan is neutered, up to date on vaccines, and has had a negative heartworm test. He is vision impaired due to age, and his vision is continuing to deteriorate. Keenan’s rescue believes that his vision is very blurred and that he doesn’t see much clearly but that he sees movement.

Dog Information:   Keenan had been adopted from a shelter in Houston as a pup in 2013 and was surrendered back to them in March 2022. He was pulled from the shelter and taken in by a local rescue, BFF Pet Adoption. He has been with them for about two months.

Keenan is an indoor dog with the run of the house. He is housebroken and leash trained. He knows the cue for sit. Keenan is an outgoing boy who is good with people of all ages and other dogs. He is not possessive with treats, toys, or food, and he has never shown aggression to people or other animals. He has no bite history.

From Keenan’s Rescue:

My name is Keenan and I was adopted from the Houston Humane Society in 2013 as a puppy and in March of 2022, my family decided they could “no longer walk me”.(health reasons, perhaps, theirs not mine). So I found myself at 10yrs old back in the care of the Houston Humane Society.
A representative from BFF Pet Adoptions was over in there for an event and she saw me and knew my fate, being 10 yrs young. So she asked if she could pull me into BFF and she was allowed to do that…so now I am ready for my “true forever home”.
I am a sweet boy, no accidents in my kennel. I walk well on a leash and I just want to live out the rest of my days in the lap of luxury. I have many good years left, so please consider adding me to your family.

Seniors are the best..NONE of those crazy puppy antics.
I do seem to have some sight issues and that is no big deal. I do need a home with a tall, secure fence, as huskies are known for being escape artists. Here at BFF I walk around looking up at the top of a 10 ft fence.
I am up to date on vaccines, am neutered and heartworm negative. Does anyone have room for sweet Keenan?

Please contact:


Please click here if you are interested in adopting Nala or for more information:

For a sweet video of Nala playing, please visit:

For a video of Nala interacting with another dog, please visit:


To see Nala’s Facebook posts, please see:


Name: Nala

Age:    about 2 years old

Breed: Mixed Breed, 27#, small Sex:  Female, spayed

Location:  Tarrant County, TX

Vet Information:  Nala is currently in foster with a rescue group, Bull Luv Able Paws Rescue.

She has been with the rescue since she was a tiny pup, having been taken in from a kill shelter. Nala is up to date on vaccinations, spayed, heartworm negative, and microchipped. Nala was born with limited sight and can possibly see shadows and movement. Nala eats well and loves to play!

Nala has been diagnosed with cerebral ataxia, in which the dog is unable to control the rate and range of their gait. This often looks like the dog is taking really exaggerated steps, even as if climbing stairs, only with no stairs present. Cerebellar ataxia is caused by lesions in the cerebellum of the brain. For additional information, one source is:

Rescue Foster Information:  Nala is an indoor dog who is crate trained. She is housebroken and leash trained. Nala is an outgoing girl who is good with women, men, teenagers, and other female dogs. In her foster homes, Nala has lived with other dogs. Her fosters feel that Nala adapts well to new situations and surroundings despite being blind because it only took her a few days to become familiar with their house, but, once Nala was in a routine, she is fine. Nala is all tail wags and loves to follow the other dogs around. She loves to play with the other dogs in her home. Nala’s favorite toys are the soft plush ones. Her foster thinks that she’d be great with another dog to guide her! Nala must be fed in her crate because she has shown some food guarding in the home towards other dogs, growling and barking if they come near her food bowl. This has not been towards people, and Nala has no bite history. has shown some food aggression towards other dogs. Nala’s current foster reports, “Nala still has neuro symptoms – high-stepping and balance with some tics. She doesn’t need any aid to get around, and her movements improve dramatically when she becomes comfortable with a space. It also helps tremendously when she has a confident dog friend to give her a little guidance. Nala follows my Doberman girl around constantly. Honestly, Nala’s number one “special need” is patience. Things take longer for her, and any change in her environment tends to scare her. For example, the interior of my house is constant, so she happily runs around inside, but when the light or weather changes outside, it can really weird her out and make her freeze. It took her several days in my house for her to relax and wag her tail, but she loves playing with my dogs and following me around now.”


Nala is eager to learn! She will boop her nose to your hand for a treat! Nala’s fosters say that she’s a sweet girl that is smart and could really benefit from training with someone who is familiar with blind or partially blind dogs. Her fosters believe that one-on-one training with a trainer who uses only positive methods would really benefit Nala.

Her foster would like you to know: “She’s so sweet and seems happy. She’s a happy dog that just needs a loving home and someone that could train her. Thank you!!”


Please email if you are interested in Kita!

To view a video of Kita’s journey back to health with before and after photos, please visit:

Name: Kita

Age:    2-3 years

Breed: Akita/Husky mix or all Akita, large, 79# Sex:  Female, spayed

Location:  Bucks County, PA

Kita is still available as of August 2022

Vet Information:  Kita is spayed and microchipped. Per her rescue, she is up to date on vaccines. Kita tested heartworm negative. She was found neglected on the streets. Her blindness is due to Uveodermatological Syndrome (UDS) which is an immune-mediated canine disease characterized by inflammation of the eye, depigmentation of skin and whitening of hair. Please see the link in the rescue information below for more information. Kita has had both eyes removed.

Foster Information:   Kita is currently in a foster home affiliated with Big East Akita Rescue. She has been there since her enucleation surgery in early 2022. When she arrived, she was in poor physical condition. She needed love and healing which received in her foster home, and she is now ready to go to a loving home of her own. Kita is in foster because they feel that she was fearful in the kennel, and she is reactive to other dogs. She would do best in a home without other pets or small children. Kita is currently living with four other Akitas, but it is not the best situation for her, according to her foster parent. Kita is not possessive with treats, toys, or food. However, she has snapped at a child twice, but she did not make contact. Kita is an indoor dog confined to one area of the home. She is housebroken. Kita knows cues for up (to go up the steps), down (to go down the steps), sit, stay, and caution. She has learned all of these helpful cues at her foster home. Kita is an outgoing girl who is good with men, women, and teenagers.

For more info and pictures From Kita’s Rescue:

Kita is a 2-3 year old blind female Akita that was found abandoned on the city streets of Philadelphia, PA. This lovely gal was found to have VKH.
This disease is easily managed by using steroids. Kita has since had both eyes removed to alleviate pain. She appears to have been blind for some time and navigates well. Kita is a confident loving gal who loves toys and responds well to voices. Kita never meets a stranger, loves all people, and is always up for a new adventure. Our girl Kita sees with her heart and not her eyes. Interested in Kita? Please go to our website and fill out an online adoption application.

Name: Vegas

Age:    4-5 years

Breed: Shepherd/Husky mix, large, 55# Sex:  Female, Spayed

Location:  Jackson County, Kentucky

Vegas is still available as of August 2022

VET INFORMATION: Vegas is spayed and microchipped. She is up to date on vaccinations. Vegas is heartworm positive, but her rescue is going to be treating her for it. She is partially blind but sees shadows. Vegas bumps into things in dim lighting. She has a salve that is to be put in her eyes for glaucoma, but Vegas is resistant to having salve or drops put in to the point that her rescue is debating whether it is worth the daily struggle to administer it. Vegas may develop cataracts and eventually be totally blind.

RESCUE PROFILE: Please see the link below for Vegas’ online profile with her rescue:

RESCUE INFORMATION: Vegas is currently with Dragon Dream Team Rescue after having been rescued from the streets.  They’re seeking help with placing her because she is a nice dog who gets along with most other dogs, but they feel she’d do better in a calmer home situation.  Vegas is housebroken and leash trained.  She is working on learning sit and come!  Vegas is an outgoing girl who is good with men, women, and teenagers.  She’s around many different dogs in her foster home, male and female, young and old, and gets along well providing that the other dogs don’t jump in her face.  Vegas has never shown aggression to any person or other animal, and she has no bite history.  However, Vegas can be nervous around food and possessive with her food dish. Her rescue says that her food can be left out, but if she is eating, she will bark and jump at any dog who approaches.

Vegas has typical husky behavior and listens when she wants to!  She has energy like a husky. Her rescue is recommending a home without children because she can be pushy and jump on you at times.  A fenced-in yard is a must.  She’s been on an outing to Tractor Supply with her rescue, and she wagged her tail and greeted all the people she met there.  They tell us that, in her foster home, Vegas seemed to attach herself to one person in the family. The other person has to put a leash on her to make her go outside.  Vegas is very much a house dog!

Please email if you are interested in Vegas!

Name: Lady Bug

Age:    3-4 years

Breed: Catahoula Leopard Dog/Boxer mix, large, 40# Sex:  Female, spayed

Location:  Kitsap/King County, WA

Lady Bug is still available as of September 2022

Please visit Lady Bug’s online profile that includes a video, photos, and more information:

Vet Information:  After Lady Bug was brought into Three Little Pitties Rescue program, she underwent complete vetting including spaying, vaccinations, rabies injections, heartworm preventatives and any additional medical care needed including a behavioral assessment. She tested heartworm negative, and she is microchipped. Lady Bug was born with congenital damage to her retinas. As a consequence, her vision began to deteriorate over time. Currently, Lady Bug appears to have diminished depth perception. She is not completely blind.

Rescue/Foster Information:   Lady Bug is currently in a warm and loving foster home affiliated with Three Little Pitties Rescue. Sadly, she was found abandoned on a rural road in Texas and brought by the Rescue to the Pacific Northwest. They are looking to find a loving adoptive home for this very special girl who has limited vision. Lady Bug’s new family should have some experience with special needs dogs, lots of love and hugs, and patience as she ‘maps’ her way into your home and heart. Lady Bug is primarily housebroken and leash trained, but there are some aspects of both that she will need further work on. Because she often uses her mouth to feel her way, she would do best in a home without young children or small dogs.

Lady Bug is an indoor dog with the run of the house. Although it is unknown if she’s ever had formal obedience training, Lady Bug knows cues for sit, down, walk at heel, and stay (which she’ll do briefly!). Lady Bug is an outgoing girl who is good with men, women, and teenagers. She’s good with both male and female dogs, and she is currently in foster with a small dog and a large dog. Lady Bug is not possessive with treats, toys, or food. She has never shown aggression to any person or other animal, and Lady Bug has no bite history. Lady Bug responds well to caregivers who have some experience with visually impaired dogs and are loving, warm, and can help her feel safe in a new environment.

Lady Bug’s Rescue Profile: LadyBug started her life in rural Texas. Before long, it became apparent to her owners that she had problems with her vision. Their solution to this problem was to neglect her and then abandon her. Lady Bug was found wandering the back roads of Waller County, Texas, emaciated and terribly frightened. Due to poor breeding, Lady Bug suffers from a genetic eye condition that affects her vision. We know Lady is able to see some things, however, we are unsure precisely what and how much. Lady Bug’s ability to navigate the life around her demonstrates that her spatial understanding is affected: she will step on you and bump into you –  unable to understand where she is in space. Her depth perception is affected, coming down stairs like a freight train with no breaks and then turns into a pinball. Going up stairs is much the same.

Lady also explores the world with her mouth the same way a blind person might use their hands. There is not a single mean or aggressive bone in her body however, Lady needs to find a family that understands her mouthing behavior for what it is – processing and navigating an  environment that she is unable to see. Prior to being in her foster home at the end of February, Lady had not been exposed to a home environment. She has just recently learned how comfy a dog bed can be, that grass can be used for peeing, and that toys are fun.

Lady has a very excited vocal response to food preparation and at times can act a bit like a fish flopping out of water! However, this behavior is not a big surprise knowing that she has had episodes of being without food. A uniform feeding schedule and firm boundaries will help with this. Lady is crate trained, will happily lay on the back seat during a car ride and walks fairly well on a leash, however she does pull some and would benefit from further training. There are some aspects of house training that Lady still needs support with.

Lady is 70% old soul – happy to lie in the sun or stretch out calmly in the house; and, 30% playful young dog. She will benefit from a home that helps her learn how to play and understands her play style.

Lady is a medium to large size dog who loves to sunbathe, stretch out on her back for tummy scratches and loves ear rubs. She is such a loving dog  and just wants someone who will love her in return – quirks and special needs included, as much as she can love them. Lady will do best as the only dog in a home with older children.

LadyBug started off with nothing and deserves only the best: nothing less than a happily-ever-after life with a loving, warm and understanding family.

Please email if you are interested in Ladybug!

Please contact: IM DINGO dog rescue,
Lilly is still available as of August 2022
Sweet Lilly is looking for her FOREVER HOME!!!
Lilly, an Anatolian Shepherd/Great Pyrenees mix, is about 5-6 months young and visually impaired.
What does Lilly need:
A family:
– who can provide a calm environment.
– without children.
– with 1 or 2 other dogs max.
– with a backyard that is fenced in.
– where she won’t be home alone for more than 4 hours per day.
– who understands she has special needs.
– who understands that she will need eye drops for the rest of her life, with a slight chance of needing eye-removing surgery in the future.
What the family will get in return:
A sweet girl who is UTD, housebroken and gives lots of LOVE and can’t stop smiling!!!
Lilly is in Oklahoma, but transportation is available!!!
Let’s find her a home!!!


10 years

Trouble is still available as of August 2022

Trouble is with Lycoming County SPCA in Williamsport, PA. Contact info is (570) 322-4646 or

To see additional information about Trouble click here.

Trouble is an independent boy who is happy just doing his own thing. He is very sweet and loves going for walks. He is visually impaired so he really enjoys exploring the world through scent and touch. He does hyper-focus on toys to the point where it is difficult to get them back, he may even ignore everything else to try and find the toy.

Purple – 16+ Kids, Only Pet



Lenie Lemon

Lenie Lemon is still in available as of August 2022

Size: Medium
Age: Young
Gender: Female
Breeds: Pit Bull Terrier, Crossbreed

No Cats
Special Needs

Foster or Adopt? We’d love to hear from you!

Lenie Lemon – a very special girl to our rescue who needs someone that either has experience with blind dogs or has the desire to learn more about them.

We learned a lot about Lemon recently as she was with a family for two months – while she was not a great match for them (she absolutely despised their cat and made it known), they were able to help us understand her a bit more so we can find her next spot. Prior to her adoption, she had been living in a boarding situation and as such it was nearly impossible to know what she’d be like in a home situation.

Lemon is fast learner who loves snuggling, easily shows her belly when it’s time for rubs. She’s quiet in her crate and will go in to settle. She is great in the car and loves trail walks and does great on them. She loves to play with toys and loves her bones. She’s super affectionate with her person.

Some of her challenges are puppy mouthiness and learning to not use her mouth to get what she wants. She can become overstimulated easily so teaching her to settle is a work in progress and will need to continue. She seems to think that most things are hers and may react when you try to take them away from her – we’ve asked her current fosters (she’s in boarding at a trainer) to work on this with her. Her former foster did say however she was showing progress with this and seemed to be gaining ground – for this reason, no children for this girl for now.

Obviously, her blindness can lead her to be easily started when approached quickly without warning.
We want this to be Lemon’s last home so will be sure to be careful choosing where she lands. She’s so affectionate that anyone will be lucky to have her!

12/20 update:

Lenie Lemon is still looking for her forever home. Lenie has become comfortable with one of our dogs that we have done slow introductions with. We are working on the other one. She has the full family room as her living area. Each day she is in the full house while we put the cats in a safe room.

Lenie crates extremely well. She loves bananas and any treat. Taking a large treat or cookie gently is much improved. Lenie knows many commands and used them all flawlessly at the vet the other day. She walks well on a leash as long as she has a harness rather than a collar. She doesn’t try to play tug of war with it when she is in a harness.

When we both have to work longer days, we hire a friend’s teen to come sit with her, let the dogs in and out and play with her. Lenie loves hide and go seek! She is doing well with clicker training now that we can give her treats more easily. She really just wants to be with you and loves everyone she meets once she can figure out who they are and have a slow meeting to smell them enough. Then she is best friends.

Breed: Bully Breed mix
Sex: Female
Age:1 ½ – 2 years
Weight: 45 lbs
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Vaccinations: Up to date
Heartworm: Negative
Microchipped: Yes

Good with Children: Over 12
Good with Dogs: Has done well with dogs in the past – would need slow intros
Good with Cats: Absolutely no


Meet Gidget.  When poor Gidget was rescued, she had a double eye infection, which she is being treated for.  However the vet believes she will not regain her site.  The vet said she has corneal scaring.   Gidget is now in foster care and is reported to be doing very well.  Gidget is said to be to be house broken, good with adults, kids and cats.  Gidget is with Heartland Rescue Ranch, in Southport Florida.  For more information on this sweetheart or to adopt her, visit:

Gidget is still  looking for her forever home as of August 2022.

Some additional updated information on Gidget:

  • We would love for her to be adopted with her ‘service dog’. They are both great dogs!
  • She has been fostered with dogs and cats. Great with children. Both spayed and vaccinated. Transport can be available”


Chase (I am blind)
Please contact Greta’s Animal Ark Animal Rescue New Orleans, LA or

Chase is a 16 yr old Pomeranian looking for a home! He is blind, but he gets around very well! NEW ORLEANS, LA ❤
Chase was found as a stray and was brought to the shelter. He was never claimed by his owners. He needed a dental BAD – he had his dental last week and is recovering well. He still has a few teeth left but he’s on a soft food diet now. He is dog friendly. Needs a home without kids. Pretty much sleeps all day. He really just needs a nice retirement home! He’s very sweet and gives kisses. We are hoping for a Pomeranian experienced home.
Chase is neutered, heartworm negative and his senior bloodwork came back clear so he is healthy. If you’re interested in adopting Chase please complete an adoption form here.’

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I am blind
Dog • Adult • Female • Medium
Please contact: One Love Animal Rescue or view her Adopt A Pet page Mount Laurel, NJ

Diva is still in need of a home as of August 2022

Diva is my very special blind foster girl. She entered my life in August of last year and has left a lasting “paw print” on my heart. I was so nervous and scared at the idea bringing a blind dog into my home. I purchased the best-rated raising a blind dog books and did my best to prepare…. but you know what?…my instructor, teacher and friend was able to teach me everything I needed to know and that was Diva herself. She has been blind her entire 7 years of life, her attitude is “I got this and I will show you” and show me she did. Diva showed me she was very adaptable to a predictable environment, Diva showed me just a few carefully chosen words would keep her out of trouble, Diva showed me that all dogs can be off-leash and MOST IMPORTANTLY Diva has taught me to slow down and listen, there is so much to be experienced through the pleasure of sound.
Diva has her own FB page…/
Many wonderful folks follow and comment on Diva’s page and her life as my foster dog. They say “you should just keep her” “she looks so happy”. I love Diva. Her perfect forever home is out there. She NEEDS TO BE THE ONLY DOG. I run an animal rescue, there are so many dogs (besides my 4 personal dogs) in and out of my home. She is not comfortable with all the dogs around and just WANTS to be with her “person”. I KNOW her PERSON is out there. Her person will snuggle and love her all day long. Her person will embrace the %100 devotion Diva is ready to give. Her person will be open to learning and loving life even more through the gifts Diva has to offer.
When Diva’s PERSON arrives, I will cry tears of joy and sadness. I will cry because I will be so overcome with joy that she will get the life she so rightly deserves and sad because selfishly I will miss my dog friend, my early morning cranberry bogs buddy and my end of the day snuggle partner.