Courtesy Listings

The blind and visually impaired dogs listed below are in shelters and rescue groups throughout the United States and Canada. They are listed as a courtesy and are not affiliated with Blind Dog Rescue Alliance. BDRA has not evaluated these dogs, and makes no guarantees to their temperament.

If you are interested in adopting any of these dogs, please contact the shelter or rescue directly.

Ayla is with BFF Pet Adoption in TX, for additional information and photos click here.

Name: Ayla

Age:    12-13 years

Breed: Yellow Labrador Retriever and Beagle mix, medium, 34# Sex:  Female, spayed

Location:  Hardin County, Texas

Vet Information:  Ayla is spayed and up to date on vaccines per her rescue. Ayla is heartworm positive but had the six month proheart vaccine using the slow kill method. Her rescue is working to cure her ear infections from lack of care and living outdoors her entire life. They are also solving her flaky skin and hair loss issues due to fleas. Ayla has some scars on her back from an unknown cause. She is now being well cared for and is a very clean dog. Ayla is hard of hearing, but can hear some tones. She is losing her vision, but Ayla sees some shadows and large objects.

Rescue Information:   Ayla is with BFF Pet Adoption. She is a very sweet, shy girl who is in need of a loving family that will have the patience to help her build her confidence and learn to live her best life indoors. She’s afraid and will cower at loud noises that she is unfamiliar with. Ayla is good with children and male dogs. It is unsure how she is with cats. Ayla prefers not to share her food since she ate alone in the back yard all her life.  Crating her while she is eating is best.  She’s never shown any aggression to anyone, and Ayla has no bite history.

From Ayla’s Rescue:

  • Characteristics: Friendly, Affectionate, Gentle, Couch potato, Quiet, Loves kisses
  • Coat length: Short
  • House-trained:Yes
  • Health:Vaccinations up to date, spayed / neutered.
  • Good in a home with: Children.
  • Application and adoption fee required.

I am Ayla and my family had me since I was a pup. I was left outside all my life and now at 12 yrs old, they decided they no longer wanted to care for me. Not that they had done much of that in 12 yrs.
BFF took me in, and they are getting me all fixed up. I have been spayed, up to date on vaccines and am on heartworm preventative. I did test positive, but heartworms are only deadly if nothing is done. My ears were very infected from not being cared for and multiple ear infections over the years. My skin is flaky and I have hair loss for fleas. But before long I will be a beauty.
I am now being well cared for and am ready to go to my real forever home. I want to go to a home where they will love and care for me the remainder of my days.
I look like a MINI Yellow Lab. I weigh about 34 lbs and just want to give and receive love and affection. My hearing is going, my sight is going, but my SPIRIT AND HEART are very much alive and well.
We SENIORS need love too and we are the BEST!!!

Does anyone have room for sweet Ayla?

Please email if you are interested in Kita!

To view a video of Kita’s journey back to health with before and after photos, please visit:

Name: Kita

Age:    2-3 years

Breed: Akita/Husky mix or all Akita, large, 79# Sex:  Female, spayed

Location:  Bucks County, PA

Vet Information:  Kita is spayed and microchipped. Per her rescue, she is up to date on vaccines. Kita tested heartworm negative. She was found neglected on the streets. Her blindness is due to Uveodermatological Syndrome (UDS) which is an immune-mediated canine disease characterized by inflammation of the eye, depigmentation of skin and whitening of hair. Please see the link in the rescue information below for more information. Kita has had both eyes removed.

Foster Information:   Kita is currently in a foster home affiliated with Big East Akita Rescue. She has been there since her enucleation surgery in early 2022. When she arrived, she was in poor physical condition. She needed love and healing which received in her foster home, and she is now ready to go to a loving home of her own. Kita is in foster because they feel that she was fearful in the kennel, and she is reactive to other dogs. She would do best in a home without other pets or small children. Kita is currently living with four other Akitas, but it is not the best situation for her, according to her foster parent. Kita is not possessive with treats, toys, or food. However, she has snapped at a child twice, but she did not make contact. Kita is an indoor dog confined to one area of the home. She is housebroken. Kita knows cues for up (to go up the steps), down (to go down the steps), sit, stay, and caution. She has learned all of these helpful cues at her foster home. Kita is an outgoing girl who is good with men, women, and teenagers.

For more info and pictures From Kita’s Rescue:

Kita is a 2-3 year old blind female Akita that was found abandoned on the city streets of Philadelphia, PA. This lovely gal was found to have VKH.
This disease is easily managed by using steroids. Kita has since had both eyes removed to alleviate pain. She appears to have been blind for some time and navigates well. Kita is a confident loving gal who loves toys and responds well to voices. Kita never meets a stranger, loves all people, and is always up for a new adventure. Our girl Kita sees with her heart and not her eyes. Interested in Kita? Please go to our website and fill out an online adoption application.

Name: Vegas

Age:    4-5 years

Breed: Shepherd/Husky mix, large, 55# Sex:  Female, Spayed

Location:  Jackson County, Kentucky

VET INFORMATION: Vegas is spayed and microchipped. She is up to date on vaccinations. Vegas is heartworm positive, but her rescue is going to be treating her for it. She is partially blind but sees shadows. Vegas bumps into things in dim lighting. She has a salve that is to be put in her eyes for glaucoma, but Vegas is resistant to having salve or drops put in to the point that her rescue is debating whether it is worth the daily struggle to administer it. Vegas may develop cataracts and eventually be totally blind.

RESCUE PROFILE: Please see the link below for Vegas’ online profile with her rescue:

RESCUE INFORMATION: Vegas is currently with Dragon Dream Team Rescue after having been rescued from the streets.  They’re seeking help with placing her because she is a nice dog who gets along with most other dogs, but they feel she’d do better in a calmer home situation.  Vegas is housebroken and leash trained.  She is working on learning sit and come!  Vegas is an outgoing girl who is good with men, women, and teenagers.  She’s around many different dogs in her foster home, male and female, young and old, and gets along well providing that the other dogs don’t jump in her face.  Vegas has never shown aggression to any person or other animal, and she has no bite history.  However, Vegas can be nervous around food and possessive with her food dish. Her rescue says that her food can be left out, but if she is eating, she will bark and jump at any dog who approaches.

Vegas has typical husky behavior and listens when she wants to!  She has energy like a husky. Her rescue is recommending a home without children because she can be pushy and jump on you at times.  A fenced-in yard is a must.  She’s been on an outing to Tractor Supply with her rescue, and she wagged her tail and greeted all the people she met there.  They tell us that, in her foster home, Vegas seemed to attach herself to one person in the family. The other person has to put a leash on her to make her go outside.  Vegas is very much a house dog!

Please email if you are interested in Vegas!

Name: Lady Bug

Age:    3-4 years

Breed: Catahoula Leopard Dog/Boxer mix, large, 40# Sex:  Female, spayed

Location:  Kitsap/King County, WA

Please visit Lady Bug’s online profile that includes a video, photos, and more information:

Vet Information:  After Lady Bug was brought into Three Little Pitties Rescue program, she underwent complete vetting including spaying, vaccinations, rabies injections, heartworm preventatives and any additional medical care needed including a behavioral assessment. She tested heartworm negative, and she is microchipped. Lady Bug was born with congenital damage to her retinas. As a consequence, her vision began to deteriorate over time. Currently, Lady Bug appears to have diminished depth perception. She is not completely blind.

Rescue/Foster Information:   Lady Bug is currently in a warm and loving foster home affiliated with Three Little Pitties Rescue. Sadly, she was found abandoned on a rural road in Texas and brought by the Rescue to the Pacific Northwest. They are looking to find a loving adoptive home for this very special girl who has limited vision. Lady Bug’s new family should have some experience with special needs dogs, lots of love and hugs, and patience as she ‘maps’ her way into your home and heart. Lady Bug is primarily housebroken and leash trained, but there are some aspects of both that she will need further work on. Because she often uses her mouth to feel her way, she would do best in a home without young children or small dogs.

Lady Bug is an indoor dog with the run of the house. Although it is unknown if she’s ever had formal obedience training, Lady Bug knows cues for sit, down, walk at heel, and stay (which she’ll do briefly!). Lady Bug is an outgoing girl who is good with men, women, and teenagers. She’s good with both male and female dogs, and she is currently in foster with a small dog and a large dog. Lady Bug is not possessive with treats, toys, or food. She has never shown aggression to any person or other animal, and Lady Bug has no bite history. Lady Bug responds well to caregivers who have some experience with visually impaired dogs and are loving, warm, and can help her feel safe in a new environment.

Lady Bug’s Rescue Profile: LadyBug started her life in rural Texas. Before long, it became apparent to her owners that she had problems with her vision. Their solution to this problem was to neglect her and then abandon her. Lady Bug was found wandering the back roads of Waller County, Texas, emaciated and terribly frightened. Due to poor breeding, Lady Bug suffers from a genetic eye condition that affects her vision. We know Lady is able to see some things, however, we are unsure precisely what and how much. Lady Bug’s ability to navigate the life around her demonstrates that her spatial understanding is affected: she will step on you and bump into you –  unable to understand where she is in space. Her depth perception is affected, coming down stairs like a freight train with no breaks and then turns into a pinball. Going up stairs is much the same.

Lady also explores the world with her mouth the same way a blind person might use their hands. There is not a single mean or aggressive bone in her body however, Lady needs to find a family that understands her mouthing behavior for what it is – processing and navigating an  environment that she is unable to see. Prior to being in her foster home at the end of February, Lady had not been exposed to a home environment. She has just recently learned how comfy a dog bed can be, that grass can be used for peeing, and that toys are fun.

Lady has a very excited vocal response to food preparation and at times can act a bit like a fish flopping out of water! However, this behavior is not a big surprise knowing that she has had episodes of being without food. A uniform feeding schedule and firm boundaries will help with this. Lady is crate trained, will happily lay on the back seat during a car ride and walks fairly well on a leash, however she does pull some and would benefit from further training. There are some aspects of house training that Lady still needs support with.

Lady is 70% old soul – happy to lie in the sun or stretch out calmly in the house; and, 30% playful young dog. She will benefit from a home that helps her learn how to play and understands her play style.

Lady is a medium to large size dog who loves to sunbathe, stretch out on her back for tummy scratches and loves ear rubs. She is such a loving dog  and just wants someone who will love her in return – quirks and special needs included, as much as she can love them. Lady will do best as the only dog in a home with older children.

LadyBug started off with nothing and deserves only the best: nothing less than a happily-ever-after life with a loving, warm and understanding family.

Please email if you are interested in Ladybug!


BFF Pet Adoption in TX.

Senior – Male – Medium – Husky

My name is Keenan and I was adopted from the Houston Humane Society in 2013 as a puppy and in March of 2022, my family decided they could “no longer walk me”.(health reasons, perhaps, theirs not mine). So I found myself at 10yrs old back in the care of the Houston Humane Society.

A representative from BFF Pet Adoptions was over in there for an event and she saw me and knew my fate, being 10 yrs young. So she asked if she could pull me into BFF and she was allowed to do that…so now I am ready for my “true forever home”.

I am a sweet boy, no accidents in my kennel. I walk well on a leash and I just want to live out the rest of my days in the lap of luxury. I have many good years left, so please consider adding me to your family. Seniors are the best..NONE of those crazy puppy antics.

I do seem to have some sight issues and that is no big deal. I do need a home with a tall, secure fence, as huskies are known for being escape artists. Here at BFF I walk around looking up at the top of a 10 ft fence.

I am up to date on vaccines, am neutered and heartworm negative. My adoption fee is $200.00.

For additional pictures and information click here

Please contact: IM DINGO dog rescue,
Sweet Lilly is looking for her FOREVER HOME!!!
Lilly, an Anatolian Shepherd/Great Pyrenees mix, is about 5-6 months young and visually impaired.
What does Lilly need:
A family:
– who can provide a calm environment.
– without children.
– with 1 or 2 other dogs max.
– with a backyard that is fenced in.
– where she won’t be home alone for more than 4 hours per day.
– who understands she has special needs.
– who understands that she will need eye drops for the rest of her life, with a slight chance of needing eye-removing surgery in the future.
What the family will get in return:
A sweet girl who is UTD, housebroken and gives lots of LOVE and can’t stop smiling!!!
Lilly is in Oklahoma, but transportation is available!!!
Let’s find her a home!!!


Lacey is looking for a foster or foster to adopt home in Maine through Maine Coast Animal Rescue! She has been with the rescue for over 7 months with little to no interest. Lacey is visually Impaired.  She is friendly and loves everyone she meets, big or small. Lacey has a lot of energy. She is crate trained and is house broken. Lacey likes other dogs but lacks the proper social skills when it comes to respectful play. She does not take correction from other dogs well. Having said that, we are looking for a home where she can be the center of attention or a home with experience with this type of behavior. Lacey can become overstimulated easily and has a tendency to be destructive if left alone or unsupervised.

If interested in fostering Lacey please fill out an application here:

And email it to:


French Bulldog
small – puppy
9 months

Do you believe in love at first sight? Despite Tinkerbell being blind, she sure does! She is ready for the perfect match!
Tinkerbell came to us with a severely broken back leg; we thought she may need surgery, so we consulted with an orthopedic surgeon. To our surprise, the examination showed she would not need the surgery! We were thrilled for Tink! For several weeks, her foster family brought her into the vet for bandage changes and check-ups. After weeks of that and strict crate rest, Tinkerbell was given her freedom to explore the rest of the home.
Tinkerbell was born blind (she has bilateral microphthalmia). This is a congenital defect that cannot be cured and Tink will be blind for life (you can read more here: Tinkerbell also has a mild heart murmur, however, her veterinary team believes she will grow out of this and will not be a cause for concern in her future.
Though Tinkerbell has faced a lot in her short life, she does not let anything hold her back. She is as active as any other 9 month old puppy and loves to play with her people and toys. She is enthusiastic and looooooooooooves her food and toys. That being said… she does resource guard her food. She is known to be aggressive with other dogs near her meals. Tinkerbell has shown she enjoys playing with other dogs, but unfortunately due to her blindness, she quickly becomes overwhelmed and can lash out. Her foster family has worked with a trainer on this issue, but we feel that she would be suited best as the only dog in her home.
Tiny Tink is super sweet and knows how to give a good snuggle. She will crawl up on you, place her face against yours and sniff you… it seems to give her a sense of calm and she can rest happily. When she’s ready to play, she will jump and bounce around to let you know it, and no one can resist her! She is almost house-trained and has been alerting her foster family by going to the back door.
Due to her lack of vision, Tinkerbell needs a very special home. She needs someone who is willing to work with her through her insecurities and create a safe haven for her to grow up in. There will be setbacks for sure, but Tinkerbell has shown she can take them in stride, so we are looking for a family who is just as resilient as she is! Her ideal home would have little to no stairs and a fenced in yard. It’s important for a blind dog to be completely familiar with their surroundings in order to keep them safe.
We know Tinkerbell is going to be a pup who needs a very specific home, but we believe they are out there! There’s a perfect matching family for every single rescue dog.


10 years

Trouble is with Lycoming County SPCA in Williamsport, PA. Contact info is (570) 322-4646 or

To see additional information about Trouble click here.

Trouble is an independent boy who is happy just doing his own thing. He is very sweet and loves going for walks. He is visually impaired so he really enjoys exploring the world through scent and touch. He does hyper-focus on toys to the point where it is difficult to get them back, he may even ignore everything else to try and find the toy.

Purple – 16+ Kids, Only Pet


Adult – Male – Husky Mix

Update 12/22/21: Abe is still looking for his forever home.

Abe is estimated to be around 9 years old, but despite his age and everything he has gone through he still has plenty of zest for life and energy! He loves going for walks and currently goes for a mile long walk twice a day with the other dog in his foster family. His leash manners have come a long way, but he still does pull sometimes. Abe also has a little blue ball that he loves to play with (it has a broken squeaker that makes noise so he can find it by hearing it roll) and he has been known to carry it for his entire walk, of course his little blue ball will go with him to his forever home.

Abe loves playing with the other dog in his foster home and would be thrilled to have a new doggy friend in his forever home. While Abe may not be able to see his canine friend, he listens for her all the time and loves to gently wrestle with her. It will take Abe some time to become friends with a new dog due to his blindness, but once he knows a new dog is just trying to be friends, he thrives on the companionship. Abe does well with the resident felines in foster, but they are not so sure of him and the fact that his greetings often mean just walking up to them and sticking his nose all up in their business to sniff them.

While Abe has made all this progress towards becoming a happy well-adjusted boy, his new family will need to understand he is going to need patience. We don’t know what Abe’s life was like before coming to us, but we suspect it was not the best. Abe still devours every meal like he doesn’t know when the next one will come, he is finally realizing that people want to pet and snuggle him-and that that’s actually pretty nice, and just in general he is still learning how to live in a home where he is loved.

Abe is neutered, up-to-date on vaccinations, and of course now heartworm negative! Since he has completed heartworm treatment, Abe will need to stay on year-round heartworm preventatives for the rest of his life. If Abe has stolen your heart as much as he has ours and he sounds like the perfect guy for your family, adoption applications can be found online at  Please click here for more information:


My name is Sissy, and I was abandoned.  I’m looking for a home where I can lounge around!  I am approx between 7-9 yrs old, Hw Nrabies shot, and microchipped.  My current foster took me to get pampered at a local pet groomers! Please call Brownsville Animal Defense, Brownsville, TX, at 956 551 0119 if you are interested in Sissy. 

Lenie Lemon

Size: Medium
Age: Young
Gender: Female
Breeds: Pit Bull Terrier, Crossbreed

No Cats
Special Needs

Foster or Adopt? We’d love to hear from you!

Lenie Lemon – a very special girl to our rescue who needs someone that either has experience with blind dogs or has the desire to learn more about them.

We learned a lot about Lemon recently as she was with a family for two months – while she was not a great match for them (she absolutely despised their cat and made it known), they were able to help us understand her a bit more so we can find her next spot. Prior to her adoption, she had been living in a boarding situation and as such it was nearly impossible to know what she’d be like in a home situation.

Lemon is fast learner who loves snuggling, easily shows her belly when it’s time for rubs. She’s quiet in her crate and will go in to settle. She is great in the car and loves trail walks and does great on them. She loves to play with toys and loves her bones. She’s super affectionate with her person.

Some of her challenges are puppy mouthiness and learning to not use her mouth to get what she wants. She can become overstimulated easily so teaching her to settle is a work in progress and will need to continue. She seems to think that most things are hers and may react when you try to take them away from her – we’ve asked her current fosters (she’s in boarding at a trainer) to work on this with her. Her former foster did say however she was showing progress with this and seemed to be gaining ground – for this reason, no children for this girl for now.

Obviously, her blindness can lead her to be easily started when approached quickly without warning.
We want this to be Lemon’s last home so will be sure to be careful choosing where she lands. She’s so affectionate that anyone will be lucky to have her!

12/20 update:

Lenie Lemon is still looking for her forever home. Lenie has become comfortable with one of our dogs that we have done slow introductions with. We are working on the other one. She has the full family room as her living area. Each day she is in the full house while we put the cats in a safe room.

Lenie crates extremely well. She loves bananas and any treat. Taking a large treat or cookie gently is much improved. Lenie knows many commands and used them all flawlessly at the vet the other day. She walks well on a leash as long as she has a harness rather than a collar. She doesn’t try to play tug of war with it when she is in a harness.

When we both have to work longer days, we hire a friend’s teen to come sit with her, let the dogs in and out and play with her. Lenie loves hide and go seek! She is doing well with clicker training now that we can give her treats more easily. She really just wants to be with you and loves everyone she meets once she can figure out who they are and have a slow meeting to smell them enough. Then she is best friends.

Breed: Bully Breed mix
Sex: Female
Age:1 ½ – 2 years
Weight: 45 lbs
Spayed/Neutered: Yes
Vaccinations: Up to date
Heartworm: Negative
Microchipped: Yes

Good with Children: Over 12
Good with Dogs: Has done well with dogs in the past – would need slow intros
Good with Cats: Absolutely no

Gidget & Pepper

Meet Gidget.  When poor Gidget was rescued, she had a double eye infection, which she is being treated for.  However the vet believes she will not regain her site.  The vet said she has corneal scaring.   Gidget is now in foster care and is reported to be doing very well.  Gidget is said to be to be house broken, good with adults, kids and cats.  Gidget is with Heartland Rescue Ranch, in Southport Florida.  For more information on this sweetheart or to adopt her, visit:

Gidget is still  looking for her forever home as of 12/20/21 and has bonded with Pepper.

Some additional updated information on Gidget:

  • “The brown dog is her best friend pepper. They are in a foster home together and have become the best of friends, so ideally we would love it if they would be adopted together
  • Pepper is is visually impaired due to untreated eye infection, Blind in one eye and limited vision in other
  • We would love for her to be adopted with her ‘service dog’. They are both great dogs!
  • Pepper is about a year. Very playful. They have both been fostered with dogs and cats. Great with children. Both spayed and vaccinated. Transport can be available”


I am completely blind
To see more pictures or to adopt me click on link:

Update 12/22/21: Aston is still looking for his forever home.

Requirements: Adult only home, calm environment, home with yard. (Note: Aston is fine with other dogs as long as they aren’t high energy. So a low energy dog that is happy just co-existing is fine.)

Aston has come such a long way throughout his two and a half years with us and he is SO ready for his forever home! Due to some horrible past abuse, and despite the valiant efforts of vets, Aston had to have both of his eyes removed a while ago but has adjusted really well to life as a blind guy. Understandably, this adorable guy does still have some issues with trusting new people and it may take him a few weeks until he becomes comfortable with someone. He just needs someone willing to give him that time. We are sure these issues are a combination of the trauma that he experienced in his past and the fact that he’s blind.

The key to Aston’s trust is to allow him some time to get to know your voice and smell, he must always know when you are going to touch him and this can easily be done by using your voice in a soft matter and allowing him to smell you first. Once he trusts you he has no issues with getting love and giving love, he will follow his person around like a little shadow but at the same time can be independent and is content just knowing you are in the room. He does not let his vision slow him down on walks and moves confidently with no issues when on leash. Because of Aston’s bite history and the fact that he can be overwhelmed in busy situations, he cannot be around children and needs a calm environment in an adult only home. He also needs to have someone around often. A yard for Aston would be amazing too as he loves to trot around and sunbathe.

Can you believe in Aston and make his dreams of a forever home come true?


I am blind and deaf
Adult (2 years)-Male-Large (61 pounds)
Please contact Perfectly Imperfect Pups in Raleigh, NC


Update 2/1/22:

Everyone who meets Freddy tells us how amazing he is, how goofy and fun he is, how much he gets around for being vision and hearing challenged and yet he is still with PIPs.

We understand that adopting a dog with needs can be scary, but you won’t be alone, you have the support of his foster mom, the post adoptions team and Sally Said So Trainers. Sally Said So has offered to do an at home training session with his adopter to be sure you have all the tools you need (but once you see how easy it is, you wont understand why you didn’t do this earlier). So what is stopping you?

Freddy is house trained, walks well on a leash, gets along with dogs and people. He knows sit and down and he sleeps very well on a bed next to his foster mom’s bed at night. He is perfection!

Here is a link to some videos about Freddy


Freddy and his new toys:

Apply to meet Freddy, lets get him home today.

Yo-Yo-Yo – it’s Freddy in the house! The chicks tell me i am a hunk, and I know it…but I won’t let that get to my head. I have SO many fine qualities but here are the 2 best…1) I won’t judge your singing voice 2) I don’t care what you wear or if your hair or makeup is done. See, I can’t hear or see…so I am pretty much perfect! Let’s talk about ME – i know sit, down, walk on a leash, gets along with dogs,  crate and house trained…remember I already told you I am perfect…just proving my point here! My foster mom is like SUPER protective of me, I would just come home with you today if you asked but she says no, everyone needs to fill out an app to meet me…I call bull on that…but she is the one with the opposable thumbs and she feeds me…so I guess fill out the app to meet me…    Freddy is located in the Raleigh, NC area. 


Brad (I am blind)
Please contact My Next Pet Charlotte, NC metro area

Brad is still looking for his forever home as of 12/18

Brad was found hungry, weak and injured by rescuers with the Beagle Freedom Project. They mercifully took him in to save his life and cared for him until a foster home with Animal Adoption League was able to commit. After rescue, it was sadly discovered that Brad had not only been neglected, but was also heartworm positive and completely blind.

It has been a long journey of recovery for Brad, but he is now thriving in his foster home. He is completely heartworm free and healthy now! Brad is doing remarkably well living the indoor life and loves living with other friendly pets. He not only adores playing with other dogs, but also relies on them for many cues due to his blindness. He definitely needs a kind dog friend in his forever home! Brad is also great with cats and does not react to them at all. He also has been around children as young as 7 and is wonderful with them too.

Brad has been working with a professional trainer to learn how to navigate life as a blind gentleman too. This has helped his confidence soar as he has learned basic obedience, navigation commands and now loves going on long walks with ease. *His adoption includes a session with his trainer to help him and his new family adjust.

Brad is a very special pup who will make a wonderful addition to a home that is dedicated to his well-being and comfort. He is not high maintenance and likes to spend a lot of time cuddling on the couch in a pile of blankets.

To meet this handsome guy, please fill out an application:


Diego (I am blind)
Please contact Almost Home Ohio, Ohio

Diego is believed to be between 6 and 8 years old. He is sweet, affectionate and curious. He has cataracts and they have progressed beyond the ability for surgery to fix them so we are looking for a forever home for him with someone who has had experience with blind dogs or someone who is willing access trained in dealing with a non-sighted dog as well as willing to maintain continuity with furniture placement. After being in his foster home for two weeks Diego has mapped well (how blind dogs know where things are) and he can go in and out of the house into the fenced yard unassisted and moves around the house with ease. He is house trained and lets people know when he has to go out by pacing between the door and his human. In spite of his lack of sight, he enjoys exploring when outside on a leash. We think he might be more confident with another dog that is older or laid back. When traveling recently, he was anxious when taken out of the car by himself, but when the other dogs were with him at the rest area he did great and was much more confident. Diego had mats that needed to be removed so his coat is looking a little bedraggled, but it will grow back beautifully. He is a little shy at first, but quickly engages with new people, moving to them to be petted. He loves to be with people, is always in the same room with them and when you are petting him he will often lift up his paw to you. He ignores cats and has done well with children. He understands come and his name and is learning to sit. His crate is his “safe” space but he is only crated at night. Loud noises do startle him, but he was not used to being in a home before he was rescued so that may disappear. He is an outstanding companion who is willing to give his heart to anyone who will give their heart to him.
Please contact the adoption team if interested at or complete an application at, be sure to mention Diego in comments.


Molly (I am blind)
Please contact Healdsburg, California

Molly is a beautiful and brave St. Bernard looking for her forever home. Molly was left by a previous owner to spend her days in the back yard with her brother, where they were confined, neglected and ignored. Molly was never allowed indoors, suffering through the seasons with little if any protection from the elements. She was brought to the shelter severely malnourished, with a case of glaucoma so advanced that it was determined her eyes could not be saved, and they were removed. She is now in foster care.
Molly is an incredibly sweet and loving dog. She is submissive and has exhibited no alpha/dominating behavior. She is not food defensive or aggressive… other dogs can approach her bowl and she pays them no mind, and a hand can be reached in front of her mouth or into her bowl and she ignores the interference, or stops eating until the hand is removed.
Molly ignores cats, up until the point that she wants to play with them. Once she has decided she needs to interact, she will stand in front of them and bark incessantly until she is acknowledged. Unfortunately, being blind, she has no way of knowing whether they are responding, or if, in fact, they have left the room entirely. Should she sense that maybe playtime is in the works, she will bow down in an invitation, and bounce and jump, bob, weave and lurch about in an attempt to engage. It is because of this that Molly cannot be homed with cats. She is so large, and so ungainly in her movements that she can easily trample or fall upon an animal and do them harm, or be harmed by them. For this same reason she cannot be homed with children, because she simply cannot see who she may be running into at full bore ramming speed. It is not her intent to do harm, but the gentlest bull in a china shop will still rack up quite a bit of damage.
Molly so loves to play that her enthusiasm can be a bit much. While she plays very well with dogs her own size, even this cannot prevent occasional scuffles and mishaps. Because of her blindness, Molly cannot tell when a dog is interacting with her, and so will continually bark to engage, which can be very disturbing to some dogs as it can come off as aggressive. Additionally, if a dog does decide to interact with her, the romping and playing can at times lead to hard core collisions that take Molly by surprise and cause her to act defensively because she cannot see what is happening. Again, Molly is not aggressive, but wounds caused by defensive behavior are just as damaging as wounds caused by aggressive behavior. To be very clear, Molly’s blindness, and the unfortunate situations that arise due to her disability, are what may cause injury. They are not due to an aggressive disposition. However, the end result is that Molly absolutely must not be homed with small children. She may do well with other very mellow animals, but an introduction will be needed before adoption.
If you walk into a room where Molly is standing and she is spooked, she will immediately drop to the floor and roll over onto her back. She has never snapped at, growled at or been at all defensive or aggressive towards her foster caregivers. She is a total cuddle bug and will snuggle on the couch contentedly while you watch tv and pet her pretty head.
Molly is relatively low energy and easy going, spending her days at her foster mother’s side, sleeping next to her desk. Although previously having only been housed outdoors, Molly took to house-training very quickly, and has had very few accidents in the house. If she needs to go out she will get up and sit next to you, and at some point, should the hint not be picked up, she will put her paw into your lap, and after that begin to pace. If by then the hint is not picked up, Molly asks that she not be blamed as she tried her hardest.
Molly sleeps next to her fosters’ bed, and unless she needs to go potty she will sleep through the night. If she needs to go she will start to pace, and will put her ginormous head on the bed next to you, trying to wake you. Molly does not bark unless she is trying to play. She does not bark at strangers, or out of nervousness, or at the wind or door creaks, or other stimuli that often sets other dogs off. She is very calm, and will lay down for belly rubs at the slightest invitation… if you come up to her she will lay right down and roll over for pets.
Despite being St. Bernard, Molly does not drool. Her fur is silky soft, and the most beautiful auburn color. She is very underweight, but has a healthy appetite and is steadily gaining back her weight and health. She is an absolutely gorgeous dog, and has so much love to offer the right home.
We ask that Molly’s new home:
Be quiet, with few visitors or new people coming and going.
Have no children.
Any other pets will need to meet Molly first before adoption.
Keep her as an indoor dog with outside privileges. She has spent enough of her life outdoors and now deserves ongoing comfort and companionship.
Have stay at home parents. Either work from home (even after quarantine), or be retired. Molly loves her people, and is lost without her seeing eye person by her side.
Understand the needs of a blind dog, and be informed of the challenges this disability presents. She is blind because of the tragic neglect of humans, and should not suffer more because of the resulting challenges she will be facing… she needs an advocate and protector who will love and support her for the rest of her life.
Please forward this to anyone who might be able to give this wonderful, sweet and gentle dog a loving home. For further questions or information, please contact
Molly is in Healdsburg, California, about an hour and a half north of San Francisco. I will bring her wherever her perfect home might be.

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Ashton (I am blind & deaf)
Please contact Greta’s Animal Ark Animal Rescue New Orleans, LA or

Ashton is a blind & deaf male Poodle looking for a home!!! NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA
Ashton is about 8-10 years old and is dog friendly and people friendly. He is playful when hes not sleeping. He is in good health despite the rough shape he came to us in! He had a severe infection and needed a dental bad. Now hes all healed up and ready to find a good home. Blind dogs get around very well!!
He will need frequent grooming! He has a few teeth left but he’s currently eating wet food.
Ashton is neutered, vaccinated, and heartworm negative. His bloodwork came back great- so no underlying health issues. If you’re interested in adopting Ashton please complete an adoption form here.

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Chase (I am blind)
Please contact Greta’s Animal Ark Animal Rescue New Orleans, LA or

Chase is a 16 yr old Pomeranian looking for a home! He is blind, but he gets around very well! NEW ORLEANS, LA ❤
Chase was found as a stray and was brought to the shelter. He was never claimed by his owners. He needed a dental BAD – he had his dental last week and is recovering well. He still has a few teeth left but he’s on a soft food diet now. He is dog friendly. Needs a home without kids. Pretty much sleeps all day. He really just needs a nice retirement home! He’s very sweet and gives kisses. We are hoping for a Pomeranian experienced home.
Chase is neutered, heartworm negative and his senior bloodwork came back clear so he is healthy. If you’re interested in adopting Chase please complete an adoption form here.’

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Ray (I am Blind)
Please contact Rescue Rep Dave at 415-686-4248 or

Lab Rescue

Ray is still looking for his forever home as of December 22, 2021.
Ray has settled into our home and is doing very well. He is such a sweet dog. He has recently been house-broken and has been accident free for weeks now. Ray gets along great with people and other dogs (when properly introduced). Would probably do great with another calm/adult dog in the home – he does great with our own Lab. Ray loves his walks around the neighborhood; we walk him very nicely on a Gentle Leader. Our frequent walks have slimmed him down nicely as was initially pretty chunky. He is doing amazing with the few steps in our home and is now even managing the full flight of stairs between our main floor and our downstairs living area.
Besides being blind, Ray appears to be in superb health. Current on vaccinations, heartworm negative, microchipped. Recently neutered. We recently took Ray to a doggie eye specialist who determined Ray is suffering from progressive retinal atrophy and is completely blind in both eyes; this condition is inoperable; he was probably sighted when he was young but progressively lost his vision due to some hereditary issue. His lack of vision does not diminish his spirit and zest for life. Ray can be seen here.

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Adeline (I am vision impaired)
Please contact Hoffman Estates, IL

Adeline has had a ruff start to life. She was an owner surrender with her litter mates. Her soul has not suffered, For a blind pup I am very smart, outgoing and so sweet and gentle. I have a very goofy personality and love pretty much every one once I warm up. I am very submissive and love to play with other pups. My foster mom says I’m perfect in almost every way. I can do the stairs lickity split. I learn very quick. I know how to sit and wait for my food. I am really chill and calm for an 8 mo old pup. I’m great in my crate and very quiet both outside and inside. I am in the Chicago land area and would love a forever family with and another pup and a fenced yard. Like with all puppies I will need continued training.

At 8 months old Addi is about 45 lbs she will probably be about 50-55 lbs full grown. We are not sure of her breed. What we do know that this is a great pup and will make some lucky family a great family member.

For a meet & greet please fill out an app on our website.


Biscuit (I am vision impaired)
Please contact Texoma Dog Rescue Denison, TX

Sweet Biscuit is still looking for his forever home as of February 9th, 2021!

Biscuit is a 2 yr old yellow lab mix. He is transitioning from a sighted dog to blindness. He can still see some shadows and reacts to certain colors (orange). He is more comfortable in the presence of people. Biscuit like to play with people and with toys, but he since he is still in transition he startles easily and needs a home that can help to transition him into a dog with blindness.


I am blind
Dog • Adult • Female • Medium
Please contact: One Love Animal Rescue or view her Adopt A Pet page Mount Laurel, NJ

Diva is still in need of a home as of December 2021

Diva is my very special blind foster girl. She entered my life in August of last year and has left a lasting “paw print” on my heart. I was so nervous and scared at the idea bringing a blind dog into my home. I purchased the best-rated raising a blind dog books and did my best to prepare…. but you know what?…my instructor, teacher and friend was able to teach me everything I needed to know and that was Diva herself. She has been blind her entire 7 years of life, her attitude is “I got this and I will show you” and show me she did. Diva showed me she was very adaptable to a predictable environment, Diva showed me just a few carefully chosen words would keep her out of trouble, Diva showed me that all dogs can be off-leash and MOST IMPORTANTLY Diva has taught me to slow down and listen, there is so much to be experienced through the pleasure of sound.
Diva has her own FB page…/
Many wonderful folks follow and comment on Diva’s page and her life as my foster dog. They say “you should just keep her” “she looks so happy”. I love Diva. Her perfect forever home is out there. She NEEDS TO BE THE ONLY DOG. I run an animal rescue, there are so many dogs (besides my 4 personal dogs) in and out of my home. She is not comfortable with all the dogs around and just WANTS to be with her “person”. I KNOW her PERSON is out there. Her person will snuggle and love her all day long. Her person will embrace the %100 devotion Diva is ready to give. Her person will be open to learning and loving life even more through the gifts Diva has to offer.
When Diva’s PERSON arrives, I will cry tears of joy and sadness. I will cry because I will be so overcome with joy that she will get the life she so rightly deserves and sad because selfishly I will miss my dog friend, my early morning cranberry bogs buddy and my end of the day snuggle partner.