Courtesy Listings

The blind and visually impaired dogs listed below are in shelters and rescue groups throughout the United States and Canada. They are listed as a courtesy and are not affiliated with Blind Dog Rescue Alliance. BDRA has not evaluated these dogs, and makes no guarantees to their temperament.

If you are interested in adopting any of these dogs, please contact the shelter or rescue directly.

Yoda (I am vision impared)

The name is Yoda! I was pulled from a high kill shelter near Shreveport, La and I’m currently being foster in Metairie, La. I am kennel trained, working on potty training (due to a hard schedule to get use to with foster mom), and a great cuddle buddy! I love squeaky toys because I hear them ! I have cataracts in both of my eyes, I do however have some vision left in both! The vet says I’m in no pain from them! I am currently being treated for heartworms with the slow kill method. I am neutered and current on all shots! Don’t worry about being blind I can find my way around the house after 2 weeks with little to no issues! I’ve recently had my tail docked to extreme happy tail syndrome. If you have any further questions email my foster momma at

Jake (I am blind and deaf)
Catahoula – Adult – Male – Large
Please contact Carla with POLA Foundation – Shreveport, LA

Jake is a blind and deaf Catahoula. He’s 55 lbs and is approximately 6 years old. He is a very happy go lucky dog and gets along great for being blind and deaf. He is completely house trained and is even leash trained. He prefers to sleep on the human bed versus the doggie bed. Jake loves everyone he comes in contact with and is good with dogs and cats. He is happy to be petted, cuddle up next to you, or take a stroll around the yard.

Jake was most likely born blind (and deaf), as he has microphthalmia which is common in the double merle Catahoulas. He is currently being treated for heartworms, is up to date on vaccinations, and will soon be neutered and microchipped. He has an old injury to his right hip, but it doesn’t seem to hurt him and he gets around just fine and even climbs on my bed all by himself.

Jake was found wandering the streets alone and was taken to the local shelter. His owners never came to claim him. Jake is in a foster home and is doing just great and enjoying life while waiting for his furever home.

If you are interested in adopting Jake, please email or Carla at

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Jax (I am blind)
Dog • Adult • Male • Large
Please contact: San Nicola Dog Rescue & Sanctuary Denver, CO

Jax is a great dog, loving and mellow, gets along with people and dogs. Before he got to us, he was in the shelter in KS where he came as a stray. It’s very sad to imagine this dog alone out in the street. He is tall, light, in great shape, has beautiful chocolate color coat and brown eyes. Doesn’t look blind and you would never guess until you see him bumping into furniture. But it doesn’t take him long to learn his way around. He is smart and attentive and tilts his head in adorable way when you talk to him. Amazingly, Jax is easier to walk on a leash than any other dog we have – he doesn’t pull forward, he rather trusts you to show the way and stays by your side, often touching you with his shoulder and listening to your steps. He is so nice to walk that you can forget that there is a dog next to you. It’s fun to show him the world around, he is curious, appreciative and very capable of deep connection.

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Ash (I am blind)
Dog • Young • Male • Medium as an Adult
Please contact: Heavenly Angels Rescue Ozone Park, NY

Ash is definitely the “old soul” of the pack. He is a 9 weeks old Husky mix who weighs 17 lbs. He is wise, playful, calm and so, so sweet. Ash is also the quintessential big brother always up for a good wrestling match or providing respite to his siblings from all the puppy shenanigans when necessary. He is also the perfect cuddle bug.🐾

“But just when you think you have learned the way to live, life changes”-Hugh Prather

Resilience, gratitude, and patience have also come to define Ash. Last Friday Ash was diagnosed with Primary Congenital Glaucoma and within a weeks time he has become blind. No one could have predicted that this would become part of what defines Ash but he has already broken all the stereotypes and quelled all of our worries. He is already begun mapping his living space and learned where his bed is in relation to his wee wee pad, water bowl and how to get up and down from the couch without any help. He is also using his sense of smell and his hearing to ensure he gets his needs met and he has learned to use his beautiful voice (howl) to get our attention when he wants to cuddle or needs extra help. He is surely grateful for these sharp senses. It has certainly been a rough week for Ash but he has taught everyone in his orbit to do better and to be better through his courage and perseverance. What an honor it has been to be his foster family. Sometimes life’s most valuable lessons come from the most unusual of places. Open your heart and your home to this extraordinary puppy who will definitely leave his paw print on your heart for a lifetime. Contact Heavenly Angels Animal Rescue to adopt Ash.

Blue (I am blind) & Cinnamon
Dog • Adult • Male (Blue) Female (Cinnamon) • Medium
Please contact: Asheya

Please meet Cinnamon and Blue. These two are a team as Blue (the Pitty) is blind. They are looking for a home together. They are both healthy and have been fixed. All they need is room to roam together. They are both so friendly, cuddly and precious.

I met Blue at our last clinic and he seemed to use his sense of smell to get himself around. I was so surprised to see how well he moved and with not much hesitation. He didn’t have any fear and his tail wagged the whole time as he moved from one place to another. As soon as he would come close to a person it was like he couldn’t contain his joy. It was awesome watching him. I haven’t seen how he moves with Cinnamon but have been told that he lets her lead him and that they are very close. The picture says a lot.

They are at Animalandia rescue in Loreto, Baja. We will take care of all forms for travel and transportation fees. Click here to see the original post.

Barney (I am blind)
Dog • Adult • Male • Medium
Please contact: All Herding Breed Dog Rescue Joliet, IL

Barney is a 2 yr. 40lbs, male, BC. He has striking blue eyes, but sadly he is blind. It doesnt stop him at all. He is house trained, likes toys, other dogs, loves people. He can navigate quite well. He is not a couch potato. He will need an active home. He is good with other dogs and children.

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Jasper (I am blind)
Dog • Adult • Male • Medium
Please contact: For The Love of Dogs Hanover, PA

Jasper(#125-18) is blind and was a stray who found his way to a kill shelter with his companion. Jasper and his companion, who helped Jasper ‘see’, were sent to a rescue. His companion was adopted, leaving Jasper without a guide and without a whole lot of hope. He was sent back to the shelter alone. This is when Jasper came to the our rescue… and now he’s waiting for his Forever Family ❤ Are you the ones?

This special boy needs a special person! Jasper is a sweet 5 year old Border Collie mix. He is a sweet boy who is housebroken and crate trained. Jasper is permanently blind, so he would do better in a home with children 16 and older that can fully understand his needs (he startles if don’t let him know you are there), and a fenced in yard. He gets along well with other dogs, but is understandably a little shy with them at first because of his lack of sight. Jasper is being fostered in Hanover, PA.
Click here to view a video of sweet Jasper. If you are interested in adopting this wonderful boy, please fill out an application.

Duddy (I am blind)
Dog • Adult • Male • Medium
Please contact: Brother Wolf Animal Rescue Asheville NC

Our friend Duddy is a 14-year old house trained Miniature Pinscher Mix. Despite his age and some other challenges, he has insulin-dependent diabetes and is blind, he is sociable, sweet and has maintained a pup like curiosity about the world. He quickly tunes into what is going on and will vocalize as if to say, I want a treat or I want a walk or I want some loving too. He gets along with most dogs except those who are extremely active since he is not able to see them and avoid being bumped into or stepped on. He has lived with cats in the past and there have been no reported issues. He likes to go out for walks but may need you to watch that he not bump his head as he is eager to get on his way and explore. Duddy has lived in a home environment before but his previous owners were not able to provide the consistent care he needed. Could you be the person he is looking for to live out his elder years? He may need a little extra care but he will pay you back with a personality which you will never forget. If you are interested in adopting or fostering Duddy or just would like more information, please contact Brother Wolf Animal Rescue at (828) 505-3440.

Pluto (I am blind)
Dog • Adult • Male • Small
Please contact: Pals Forever Animal Rescue Colorado Springs, CO

Hello there! My name is Pluto. I came to Pals when my mom passed away. While I miss her a lot and the dog I lived with, I’m doing well at my foster’s house. He has two other dogs and I get along with them. I’m about 8 years old and pretty smart–I learned how to use a dog door in a week, which I think is pretty good for a blind guy! Yes, I’m blind, so I’ll need a home with patient, understanding people and hopefully a canine pal to help show me the ropes. For more information please contact Pals Forever Animal rescue or call 719-528-6590.

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Ozzie (I am deaf)
Dog • Young • Male • Medium
Please contact: Middleberg Humane Foundation Marshall, VA

Hey! My name is Ozzie and I am SO excited to be at MHF! I am brand-new and the lovely ladies here are still getting to know more about me. I am a very sweet guy who has PLENTY of energy and will need to be well-managed. I like to chase things, cars and cats included! I am deaf, and would love to learn hand signals with you! Come out and meet me today!

Ozzie would prefer to have a home without cats or other animals. Potential adopters must be within 50 miles of Marshall, VA.

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Khaleesi (I am blind)
Dog • Adult • Female • Medium
Please contact: T.A.R.A Raeford, NC

Khaleesi is a beautiful mixed breed dog, she is about 4 years old. Her coat is the most gorgeous color. She is blind but she does ok around the house and likes to hang out in the yard. She can ALWAYS find the dog bed. She should be fed separately, she is a little touchy about her food. She is fostered in a home with many other dogs and does very well. Her very best friend is another blind dog that lives in her foster home. She is a very sweet girl and LOVES to cuddle and get pets.

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Winnie (Wink) (I am blind)
Dog • Adult • Female • Medium
Please contact: Arizona Boston Terrier Rescue Scottsdale, AZ

Sweet Winnie had untreated glaucoma that led to her blindness but she doesn’t let that stop her from living life to the fullest. She loves car rides and walks nicely on a leash…she has even received training from a professional! The best home for Wink would be one that has humans around a lot such as retired folks or those who work from home. Most importantly, her new family will need to understand importance of structure and daily training, especially in the first few weeks. After all, ANY new dog needs a few weeks to relax…even Wink as she adjusts to her new digs but the biggest reason for training is so that Wink and her new owners can make a great connection. When she makes a connection it’s for life with this girl.

Please consider giving this sweet girl a true, forever home where she can simply be a pampered pet. We are hoping heroes are able to step up in the near future for this little girl. Click here to view a video of Wink.

For more information or to adopt Wink please contact

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Tobey (I am blind)
Dog • Adult • Male • Medium
Please contact: Out Of The Pits Rescue Albany, NY

Tobey is the snuggle champion of Upstate New York. He loves carrots and ice cubes and grazing on grass in the backyard. Walks are one of his favorite things and he is great on a leash. But, Tobey doesn’t need to go far from home to be the happiest pup there is. Walks up the block and sniffing around the yard will keep this boy happy.
Tobey was diagnosed with premature glaucoma when he was just a puppy. Many different treatments and medicines were used to try and correct his condition, but nothing worked and Tobey was in a lot of pain, so the right decision was made to have his eyes removed. Now Tobey gets along better than ever using his other senses. He is fine with stairs and listens really well. If he is heading in a direction where he could run into something and his foster mom yells “easy” he will slow down and reassess his surroundings. It’s really neat to see. He knows all of the basic commands and is now working on “roll over”. He loves Elton John and loves to dance with you when his favorite songs come on.
Tobey is about 4 years old, would do best in a home with no cats and no small children. He is being fostered with a female dog. But Tobey would be happy to be your one and only. He has waited a really long time to find his perfect forever home.

Anyone interested in more information or  would like to  adopt Tobey can visit or contact
Tobey also has his own Instagram @tobeysforeverhomesearch

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Rosie (I am blind)
Dog • Adult • Female • Large
Please contact: Canine Humane Network Highland, MD

Rosie was found alongside the road…abandoned. Her wonderful foster mom is looking for the perfect family for Rosie. Could you be the family to continue providing the love she deserves? From her foster mom:
Fall in love with me: I am Rosie; a blind (genetic) Great Pyrenees mix who will be your steadfast companion. My foster mom says my spirit is the most gentle she has ever known. I am totally house trained and love sleeping on my padded quilt by the door; all 65 pounds of me. I eat twice a day; do my fenced yard perimeter checks several times a day and spend the rest of the time relaxing! How I love being petted or brushed; massages by my foster mom are the best! I have almost forgotten that someone tossed me from a car and that I was so very hungry in late March…my blindness was the least of my worries and then, by a miracle, I was rescued…and now I am dreaming of my furever home…being loved in a quiet environment with a fenced yard where I can walk safely without the activity of young children. Come and see me; you won’t believe how far I have come with love and safe haven! I will ‘see you’ in your gentle and peaceful presence. I want to be your furever girl.

To learn more or to fill out an adoption application please click here

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Carley (I am blind)
Dog • Adult • Female • Small
Please contact: Jake’s Wish Dog Rescue San Jose, CA

Curly Carley is a happy 7-8 yr old girl who loves to play with her foster siblings, loves to be with her people, and enjoys a romp in the grass on a sunny day. She also happens to be blind.

At only 10 lbs, Carley is easy to take along to the local wine tasting room or other gentle adventure as she is well-behaved, quiet, and happy, particularly when she knows her people are nearby.

She has learned to get around her foster home well and is crate trained. Now that her foster mom has learned Carley’s signals, potty training is going well.

Carley needs a family that is familiar with caring for a blind dog or that is simply open to learning. Jake, our CEO, was blind from birth so we have a special affinity for dogs like Carley. All they need is some love, understanding, and a safe place to call home.

If you are interested in meeting or adopting this dog, please complete our application at or for more information please email

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Baxter (I am blind)
Dog • Adult • Male • Medium
Please contact: Midwest Small Dog Rescue Yorkville, IL

Baxter came to Midwest Small Dog Rescue from a Missouri breeding kennel mid-April. His body was flaccid, non-responsive. In the foster home he barely moved, had to be carried everywhere, including outside. Baxter’s right eye was completely obliterated by a very painful cataract, and his left eye seemed to be functionally blind. When he did move indoors he lumbered about, overweight, fearful, but he paused when he encountered a cabinet, or a wall, or a human — there was something going on in his vision, reason for hope.

Fast forward 14 weeks in a loving foster home with other dogs. Dental surgery removed his remaining 19 teeth — that pain was gone. With nutritious/delicious food he lost 5 useless pounds. Ophthalmologic surgery removed the right eye — his relief when that pain was gone was evident. When his foster dad arrives home at night, Baxter now goes running to the door the second he hears his voice, and he comes when called! Baxter with his new trim figure is enjoying life. And his biggest accomplishment, he’s conquered going down stairs! Click here to view a video of Baxter.

Baxter’s left eye is damaged by glaucoma; it’s apparent that he sees light and dark. The hope is that with medication his left eye will give him limited vision for a year or two, and help him overcome the challenges of learning to live in a forever home, with a loving adopter. He is neutered, HTW negative, vaccinated and microchipped. No needy dog craves love so much, and deserves it more. If you can help Baxter please complete the Adoption Application at or for more information email

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Rocky (I am blind)
Dog • Senior • Male • Small
Please contact: Broken Tail Rescue Grafton, MA

Rocky is an 11 year old, blind 5lb chihuahua. He is super independent and loves to explore the outdoors. He does need help with stairs and will take some time to learn new surroundings, but gets around great for a blind old man. He’s great in his crate and doesn’t make much noise once he is in there.

Rocky is mostly house trained and does best when kept on a consistent schedule. As Rocky is blind and older we would not suggest a house with children.

Rocky is currently being fostered with his sister, Kiki. They have been together for the last 6 years. You can tell they love each other and Kiki watches out for Rocky. They do not need to be adopted together, but it would be ideal if they were.

If you are interested in adopting Rocky, please fill out an application.

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Sissy (I am blind)
Dog • Senior • Female • Small
Please contact: Animal CARE Foundation Winston-Salem, NC

Sissy is a special needs senior that is looking for her forever home! She is a rat terrier mix who is blind but is able to surpass her disability..this sweet girl needs stability in a loving quiet home for her final years..please help us in finding this baby her forever home. Sissy loves to go for walks, and cuddle. For more information or to adopt Sissy please contact the Animal CARE Foundation in NC.

Jack (I am vision impaired)
Dog • Adult • Male • Medium
Please contact: Florida Keys SPCA Key West, FL

Jack is a member of AARD, (American Association of Retired Dogs) , a senior dog actively enjoying his retirement years. He’s 9 years young with plenty of energy left to enjoy an active life with a human friend. He has an eye condition which limits his sight. He has been seen by an eye specialist who determined that he can see shadows during the day when the light is bright. This explained how well he walks when out in open spaces with no obstacles during daytime. (Check out the video). In low light and darkness, he behaves more like a blind dog with very limited or no vision. He is currently on nutritional supplements to help his eyes. He may do ok with a well-mannered female dog who does not overwhelm him. He loves his walks, does very nicely on leash, and thinks there is nothing better than a soft bed. He has become a staff and volunteer favorite but is very willing to say good bye to all of us if the right person came along.

Living with a blind dog can take extra sensitivity, empathy, and observation to help them succeed and feel safe in a world they cannot see. But for those who choose to take on a special needs dog like Jack, there are few things more rewarding!

If you would like more info about Jack, please contact Thank you for caring about dogs like Jack and all other animals in need of love and a family. Jack has been at the shelter for two months, and is now really looking forward to something different! He is neutered, 9 years old, and weighs approx. 50lbs. He is HTW negative, vaccinated, and microchipped. Click here to view a video of jack.

Baxter (I am vision impaired, possibly blind)
Dog • Adult • Male • Small
Please contact: Sam Coffey Animal Rescue Friends Junction, Texas

Baxter is just one of the cutest little guys. He’s very sweet. He’s only about 1-1 1/2yrs old. His family let him get picked up by animal control, then they wouldn’t pay the fine to get him out. Update: We have found out that Baxter is at least partially if not fully blind. He was likely born that way. He gets around very well. He is super lovable.  Baxter is with Sam Coffey Animal Rescue Friends in Junction, Texas. Please contact or call 830-459-7581.

Betsy (I am vision impaired)
Dog • Adult • Female • Medium
Please contact: The Sanctuary at Haafsville      Haafsville, PA

Betsy is still waiting for her furever home 😢…….This pretty girl is approximately 2 yrs old, possibly a Hound mix, spayed, microchipped and utd on shots. She came to us from a high kill shelter down south, found as a stray there so her history is unknown. She does have limited vision, but she surprisingly gets around just fine and she has no problem chasing the animals she sees outside while on her walks and she runs like the wind in our play yard!
We would love to get her into a quieter furever home, one where they have the time and patience to work with this special girl. She is very friendly and lovable and loves to give kisses too ❤
With her not seeing 100% she could get startled easily at times, and so a home with older children would be best and she does need to be an only dog. She’s also a cat chaser, so no cats for this girl! She is currently doing well on her meds to help control her water diabetes and they will need to be given 3 times a day (at least 8 hrs apart) so a furever home where they are able to accommodate that will be needed. The Sanctuary will help with the monthly cost of her medication.
Call 610 392-4804 if you are interested in more information on this sweetheart.
Please share and help us get this special girl into her furever home and out of the shelter Besty is at The Sanctuary at Haafsville in PA and here is her direct link.

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Valour (I am blind)
Dog • Adult • Male • Medium
Please contact: Cuz I Matter Animal Rescue Pflugerville, TX

Valour is a 2 year old male with an incredible story. This poor dog was euthanized and was discarded but the shelter botched the dose and he woke up. He somehow escaped and was found wandering along a highway. He was rescued and is now looking for his forever home. He does well with other dogs but is a bit hesitant with people (do you blame him?!). Please contact Cuz I Matter Animal Rescue if you are interested in adopting this sweet guy.

Check out a video of him here!

Phil (I have a disability)
Dog • Adult • Male • Medium
Please contact: Sochi Dogs

Phil is a very special dog! Found injured on the street a kind soul brought him to a vet where everyone fell in love with his loving personality and goofy mannerisms. So when it was time for Phil to go, Sochi Dogs stepped in to help him find a home.

This sweet boy is only able to use three of his legs, but that doesn’t stop him from enjoying time outside, walking up and down stairs, and playing with other dogs. Phil is an easy dog, he is house trained and walks well on a leash.

Phil is in NJ looking for a family in CT that will give him the love and kindness that he deserves. Ideally, Phil needs a fenced-in yard to play and walk around in.

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Henkshe (I am Blind)
Dog • Adult • Male • Large
Please contact:  Rescue the Underdog Long Island, NY

Henkshe or as we call him Hank was rescued from Egypt.  He is three years old.  He is blind.  His blindness is thought to be done by human cruelty. 😩   He was roaming the streets of Egypt and picked up by an Egyptian resuce.  Henkshe arrived to One Love Dog Rescue Inc in the United States a few months ago.  Henkshe is very sweet and loving with his foster mom.  All he wants is to be lying with his head in your lap getting his face stroked.  He loves to go on walks.  Unfortunately due to his blindness and history of abuse he does suffer from Anxiety.  He would do best in a quiet home with no children.  He gets agitated with new scents.  It would take a short time to gain his trust and then he will love you unconditionally.  He will also be very protective of his owner.  That is why a home with not a lot of people traffic would be best for him.  Henkshe is currently living in a foster home on Long Island NY.  Please reach out to the rescue  at or the foster direct at with any questions or to inquire about adoption.

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Bono (I am Blind)
Dog • Adult • Male • Large
Please contact:  One Planet Rescue Emeryville, CA

Meet Bono, an 8-year-old Lab/Chow mix.  He’s climbed the highest mountains. He’s run through the fields. Only to be with you … but he still hasn’t found what he’s looking for.

Bono came from humble beginnings and a family whose love was conditional — his entourage left him at a Southern California shelter, blind with no one to turn to. It’s not exactly the solo career this loving, gentle guy had in mind.

One Planet Rescue promised Bono he’d make a comeback. We pulled him from the shelter, transported him to the Bay Area, and placed him in a fabulous foster home. With people to love him. Every day is a beautiful day!

Our furry rock star is good with both dogs and people, but hasn’t encountered young kids or cats on tour. Because he’s blind, he needs patient “seeing eye people” to show him around the house, help him to his food and water bowls, and of course, teach him where his VIP snuggle spots are. His foster mom tells us he’s a a quick learner. After just a few days, he had the layout and routine down. (Including pit stops. He knows to potty outside and tells you when he has to go!)

Bono’s favorite things include taking walks, getting pets, a good brushing, and movie nights with family. He loves car rides too. He is good with other dogs, other animals. He has been living with another dog and has met many other dogs since we pulled him from Downey Shelter. If you are interested in Bono please contact ​

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Boots (I am Blind)
Dog • Adult • Male • Large
Please contact:  Castoff Pet Rescue  Blairsville, GA

Hold onto your heart- Boots is about to steal it!! Boots is a 2 year old Amercian Bulldog mix. He’s a low rider but weighs in at 70 lbs. Boot is blind, but that doesn’t stop him one bit from enjoying life! Boots seems to like other dogs, but he hasn’t been officially cat tested. He has passed by many cat cages and have never reacted. Boots is a gentle giant, just wanting to lean up against you and fall asleep with his head in your lap. Boots would be gentle around children, but because of his weight and build, he could accidentally knock a very young child over. Then he would smother them with kisses. We are teaching Boots to walk on a leash and he is learning very quickly. You could also use a harness if needed. We want Boots to have the life he dreams about- with a stable, loving family who will appreciate his special needs. A fenced in yard would keep Boots safe and provide him with the exercise he needs. He seems to be housebroken too! This is a VERY smart, loving, affectionate dog who deserves the best life ever. Please call (706) 781-3992 or email for more information or click here to fill out an application!

Everest (I am vision impaired)
Dog • Adult • Male • Large
Please contact:  Oromocto & Area SPCA  Oromocto, NB, Canada

Everest is an active and goofy 5 year old male boxer mix that loves people. Although has been through a lot in his short life, he is now making the most of his new found freedom and the fun snow banks. Everest does have cataracts and is vision impaired (he likely can see shadows) but he doesn’t let that stop him. Everest is very active and playful! He would do best in a home without cats (he doesn’t like them) or dogs and only older children (due to his sight). Everest hopes that someone will see what a special and fun guy he is and the  wonderful potential he has to be the very best canine companion. This bouncy boxer deserves it! To find out more about Everest please contact the Ocromocto SPCA.

Grant (I am vision impaired)
Dog • Adult • Male • Large
Please contact:  Bellwether Harbor  Fremont, MI

Handsome Grant came into the shelter as a stray. He is a sweet, friendly guy that loves everyone that he’s met. Kids are lots of fun, but due to his nearly 95lb size and lack of depth perception, very small children may be knocked over. Other dogs are great, too. His current playmates are a deaf Cattle dog and a 22lb terrier mix. They are a lot faster than him, but Grant does his best to keep up! Cats are interesting, though a well-placed swat reminds him to back off very quickly.

Veterinary ophthalmologists have diagnosed Grant with bilateral generalized retinal atrophy with some cataract development. They believe that he is completely blind, however, he seems to be able to see movement and drastic color differences.

As is common in blind dogs, Grant can be a bit tentative in new environments. He is much more confident when accompanied by a person or another dog when checking out new spaces.

Grant’s approximate date of birth was 5/1/13 and his date of arrival was 9/6/17. He is a brindle and white Boxer or American Bulldog mix.

Grant is currently living at Bellwether Harbor in Fremont, MI. Please feel free to contact us at or 231-924-9230 with any additional questions. Applications for adoption can be found at

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Diva (I am blind)
Dog • Adult • Female • Medium
Please contact: One Love Animal Rescue Mount Laurel, NJ

Diva is my very special blind foster girl. She entered my life in August of last year and has left a lasting “paw print” on my heart. I was so nervous and scared at the idea bringing a blind dog into my home. I purchased the best-rated raising a blind dog books and did my best to prepare…. but you know what?…my instructor, teacher and friend was able to teach me everything I needed to know and that was Diva herself. She has been blind her entire 7 years of life, her attitude is “I got this and I will show you” and show me she did. Diva showed me she was very adaptable to a predictable environment, Diva showed me just a few carefully chosen words would keep her out of trouble, Diva showed me that all dogs can be off-leash and MOST IMPORTANTLY Diva has taught me to slow down and listen, there is so much to be experienced through the pleasure of sound.
Diva has her own FB page…/
Many wonderful folks follow and comment on Diva’s page and her life as my foster dog. They say “you should just keep her” “she looks so happy”. I love Diva. Her perfect forever home is out there. She NEEDS TO BE THE ONLY DOG. I run an animal rescue, there are so many dogs (besides my 4 personal dogs) in and out of my home. She is not comfortable with all the dogs around and just WANTS to be with her “person”. I KNOW her PERSON is out there. Her person will snuggle and love her all day long. Her person will embrace the %100 devotion Diva is ready to give. Her person will be open to learning and loving life even more through the gifts Diva has to offer.
When Diva’s PERSON arrives, I will cry tears of joy and sadness. I will cry because I will be so overcome with joy that she will get the life she so rightly deserves and sad because selfishly I will miss my dog friend, my early morning cranberry bogs buddy and my end of the day snuggle partner.

Oscar (I am blind)
Dog •  Young • Male • Medium
Please contact: Buddy Up Animal Society Portland, ME

Oscar is a young pup, believed to be just under a year, who was found in the middle of a busy highway in the South-Bronx emaciated and disoriented. The good Samaritan who found him reached out to Buddy Up to help find him a home, as she already has 3 large does of her own and Oscar is a special needs pup.

Oscar is fully blind, but considering this he gets around incredibly well. He loves being around other dogs and people, but if he is spooked/scared he gets anxiety and can nip fearfully and also has anxiety-inducing seizures. For these reasons, he will not be placed in a home with young children and needs a quiet, comfortable home where he won’t be overly excited with any excessive activity going on.

For more details on Oscar’s rescue story, please visit his fundraiser page here:

IF you’d like to help this guy by fostering or adopting, PLEASE fill out an application through our website

Simba (I am vision impaired)
Dog •  Adult • Male • Medium/Large
Please contact: Wags Fund or email Houston, TX

**Potential adopters should be within 150 miles of Houston**

Simba’s life has not always been easy, but here he is today trying new things every day. He is vision impaired, but his condition does not cause him any discomfort. While an inoperable condition, Simba easily detects light/dark, shadows and movement. This guy is awesome! He loves going for walks, hikes and car rides. Once he knows the layout of a yard and home, he has zero problems navigating the space. He transitioned from a life of neglect to an inside dog without one single accident and shares space with a pack of 6 other house dogs (with appropriate greetings). He is perfectly behaved during bath time and vet visits. Simba’s favorite place to be is wherever his people choose to be and will follow his person room to room. This dog is as loyal as the day is long and is looking for that same loyalty in return!
Likes: car rides, walks/hikes, naps, bird and squirrel listening, belly rubs and ear scratches, eating and cuddles.

Fears: dog crates, surprise greetings from other people and dogs, dog parks, extremely loud environments

Needs: Patience and time to adapt to a new home, security, routine, exercise and LOVE

Other: Simba weighs 85lbs is 100% house trained, leash trained, knows several basic commands, will ride on elevators and can do stairs with minimal assistance

This handsome guy is missing the most important piece to his happily ever after story and that’s a human who will be his guide through life. If that person is you, please email! View his Petfinder page here.
Please also check out my blog Fureverandalways

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Wendy (I am vision impaired)
Dog •  Adult • Female • Medium
Please contact: Wylie Animal Rescue Foundation, NV

Senior dog Wendy was waiting for her owner to pick her up from the Winnemucca shelter but she never showed up to claim her. After weeks of waiting, the shelter staff was becoming increasingly concerned for Wendy’s health. Wendy was showing signs of shelter stress and needed to get out of there a.s.a.p.

WARF quickly responded and arranged transport for Wendy to a foster home in Incline Village. She soon showed her very sweet personality, began eating at once and went out the dog door to explore the yard. It is clear that she was an indoor family pet.

Wendy is a special needs dog with limited eyesight and will need a home that is easy for her to move around in. She loves to explore the fenced yard, lie in the sun, snuggle, go on leashed walks and just hang out with her humans. She will be best with someone that is home a lot. She gets along with dogs but shouldn’t be with a tiny dog due to her vision. She loves humans, even kids, but we feel she would do better with responsible people that would remember to push the chair in or not leave things in her path to stumble over. She is a sweet angel of a pup that deserves a special home.

If you are interested in adopting Wendy, please email me for more info or go to and fill out an application to adopt Wendy. ~Senior Female English Pointer ~10 years + ~Special Needs due to limited eyesight and hearing ~Weight about 35-40 lbs. ~Spayed ~Good with dogs ~Not sure about cats ~She loves kids but probably not a good idea to live with them ~She is very sweet natured ~Sleeps on a dog bed at night ~Walks on leash

Wendy was recently diagnosed with stage 1 Kidney disease and put on prescription dog food plus Proin. This runs about $100 a month for both. We are actively looking for sponsors for her vet bills so the burden will not be placed on her future forever home owner.

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Potter (I am vision impaired)
Dog •  Senior • Male • Small
Please contact: A Reason To Believe Rescue, WV

Available to adopters in DE, MD, PA, NJ, CT, or MA.

12/9/17 Potter is still looking for his forever home!

10/5/16 update: Potter is now healthy and ready for his forever home! This little guy loves people and loves to eat! He’s a senior and his sight is not good and seems to be getting worse, so it would be best for Potter to be the only pet and live in an adults-only home. He is paper trained but not completely housebroken. Potter hoards things and loves to sleep on his foster mom’s clothes…he takes comfort from her scent. He likes to rough house with his foster mom. At this point in his life, he basically wants nothing to do with other animals. Potter is a people pooch seeking a retirement home! 10 years 12 lb.


Intake Condition: severely matted and crying because it hurts to move. Found maggots eating at him. Blood work was a mess. He was unwilling to eat at first. Clearly Potter was at death’s door when I found him.

7/15 update: Before and after photos uploaded. Before=July 6th and after = today July 15th We still have a long way to go physically but mentally and emotionally I can already see the change

7/19 update: Yesterday evening I got home and checked on Potter- he was fine, happy to see me, had eaten most of his special food, had drank lots of water and had peed three times on his puppy pad. A hour later I go back in and run his bath & he won’t stand up, is whining, and is growling at me. So I call doc and we decide that it’s his skin. It obviously hurts. We stop the steroid just in case and gave him some pain medication I had on hand- continue the antibiotics. A little bit later and he was fine so I was sure it was his skin. All checks through the night and this morning he is his regular self. Took him in to see doc for labs and his liver is way off, his WBC count is up and his platelets have stopped going up, so we’re stopping some meds, starting others, changing food, and shooting for an ultrasound tomorrow. He needs a liver biopsy but is far too unhealthy to survive a surgery. So we’re still in the woods. Currently he’s riding shot gun and is pain free. On the bright side, Doc was really happy with how his wounds are healing.

7/21 update: Potter’s liver ultrasound was good.

Foxi (I am blind)
Dog • Pyrenean Shepherd mix • Young • Male • Medium
Please contact: One Planet Rescue, CA

12/9/17 Foxi is still looking for his forever home!

Meet Foxi! A courageous, blind, 4 year old Sheltie , who has had his share of truly bad times. With ears cut, tail broken, and infected eyes, a kind angel spotted him and immediately jumped into action. After a thorough vet visit, including all vaccinations and neuter, Foxi was determined blind, but his eye sockets were healthy so removal of his eyes was not necessary.

As you can imagine, he was, and still can be, timid around humans, however he has shown ZERO fear aggression. Foxi is currently living with a foster family , and is slowly coming out of his shell. He loves the companionship of other dogs and is finally experiencing the joy of rough housing with his foster siblings.

Foxi’s bold personality is still not accustomed to walking on a leash so he needs a lot of love and patience and once he knows his ‘person’, he will follow them to the moon and back! Good news is, he is finally eating well and is ready for his loving pet parent(s) to guide, direct and love him. Foxi is a beautiful spirit who, at no fault of his own, experienced some horrific times. But here at One Planet Rescue, we believe Foxi is here to experience unconditional love and inspire us to be better human beings.

Foxi is currently being fostered in SF Bay Area
If you like to learn more about Foxi or better yet to arrange and meet him, please fill out our online application:

Joey (I am partially blind)
Pitbull Terrier • Adult • Male • Large
Please contact: Helping Hand 4 Animals • Omaha, NE

12/9/17 Joey is still looking for his forever home!

Meet Joey who is with Helping Hand 4 Animals in the Omaha, NE area. He has been waiting for a home of his own for 7 months now. Joey is partially blind due to severe trauma to his head. His life so far has been a series of neglect, abuse, abandonment, and disappointment but he still loves all he meets.

Joey needs a home, not a kennel for the rest of his life. Approximately 3 yrs old, Joey needs a secure home with no other pets, no small children (under the age of 13), as he startles easily, a fenced yard is preferred.

Contact Helping Hand 4 Animals at:


Red (I have impaired vision)
12/03/17 Still looking for his forever home!
Pit Bull Terrier Mix • Adult • Male • Large
Please contact: Swampy Paws • Killian, LA

12/3/17 Red is doing well! He is a gentle giant. He is almost 100 pounds now. He has reached full maturity now that he is over 2 years of age. He has okay day vision but his night vision is limited. I do not think we will get any more progress in him gaining better vision. However, he has improved so much that we are just happy he gets around so well.

Big Red is ready for a home! His story is truly one of a survivor.

Red was found by a vet tech who works at one of the clinics we use. He had been a stray in the area and there were no vision problems. Then the next day he showed up and was totally blind. She took him to the clinic and contacted us. We had him examined at Southern Veterinary Eye Care and treatment was started. The doctor thought perhaps it was a viral issue. He prescribed steroids to see if that would help. Well, it did. Slowly over a few weeks to a month his vision improved enough that we placed him at the Denham Springs Animal Shelter. We had no foster homes available for a large dog. Shortly after that the Great Flood happened. Red was placed on the roof with all the other dogs. I was frantic when I heard this. Fortunately he was rescued and transferred to ARNO in New Orleans. When their foster home could no longer keep him, I asked for him back.

He is now heartworm free! He is with me and I can tell you this is the sweetest big (70+ pounds) boy and if I could I would keep him. But he deserves to be the center of attention in a home. He is great with kids and other dogs and even passed the cat test here. His vision isn’t normal, but it is certainly adequate enough for him to run through the woods at my farm! His night time vision is not good but he does not bump into anything. He is just cautious about going out at night so he will not roam around the yard, but just stays close to the house and patio. He is crate trained and does well in the house for a few hours at a time. His only problem is that he wants to play too rough with the little dogs. He does the play bow thing and then paws them.

If you are looking for a large INSIDE dog, then please let me know. While he likes to be outside and spends a couple of hours at a time outside, we do not want him living outside. He is a dog that needs to be near his human companion. Red is approximately 2 years old.

A fenced yard and home visit are REQUIRED to adopt.

For more info call 225-772-8836 or 225-369-1999 you can also email

Dale (Deaf)
12/02/17 Still looking for his forever home!
Catahoula • Young • Male • Large
Please contact: Canine Castaways • Arcadia, Florida

NAME: Dale
BREED: Catahoula
SEX: male
COLOR: White with red
AGE: 2 years in May 2016
WEIGHT: 65 lbs


Dale is very athletic and needs a family to match. He loves to run, run, run! He also loves to play outdoors and to play with other dogs around his size. Once he has had his work out, Dale wants to be a lap dog when you’re sitting on the couch. Dale is still a little nervous when meeting new people, but warms up quickly. He loves the water, has learned how to swim and knows several hand signal commands

He has no peripheral vision at all, but can see approximately 15 to 20 feet. If you approach him from the side, he does not see you. Of course he supposedly can’t hear anything but I have my doubts on that. They are certain tones, especially loud, low tones, that he will respond to.

If you are interested in adopting please Complete our Adoption Application by copying and pasting the following link into your web browser:!adopt/c6mv


The following has been or will be done for this puppy at the appropriate age…
– Basic Exam by Veterinarian
– Spayed or Neutered
– Placed on heartworm preventive
– Basic Bloodwork
– Microchipped
– Intestinal Parasite Exam and medication
– Vaccinations
– Placed on flea preventive


This adoption donation helps to cover the vet expenses for this puppy including heartworm preventive which is dispensed at the initial vet visit and then goes with the dog at adoption. All vet records will be provided to adopter.

Visit us at

Chip (Vision impaired + Deaf)
12/02/17 Still looking for his forever home!
Catahoula • Young • Male • Large
Please contact: Canine Castaways • Arcadia, Florida

NAME: Chip
BREED: Catahoula
SEX: male
COLOR: White/brown
AGE: 14 months as of Aug 2015
WEIGHT: 60 lbs as of Jan 2015


Chip and his brother Dale come to us together and are very sweet pups! Due to genetic issues Chip is deaf and has limited vision. His Brother Dale is deaf but his vision is ok.

They are available for adoption now and ready to start their lives with their new families. They can be adopted together or to separate homes. Deaf dogs do great with some basic training and are wonderful companions!

If you are interested in adopting please Complete our Adoption Application by copying and pasting the following link into your web browser:!adopt/c6mv


The following has been or will be done for this puppy at the appropriate age…
– Basic Exam by Veterinarian
– Spayed or Neutered
– Placed on heartworm preventive
– Basic Bloodwork
– Microchipped
– Intestinal Parasite Exam and medication
– Vaccinations
– Placed on flea preventive


This adoption donation helps to cover the vet expenses for this puppy including heartworm preventive which is dispensed at the initial vet visit and then goes with the dog at adoption. All vet records will be provided to adopter.

Visit us at

12/3/17 Charity is still looking for her forever home!
Charity (I am blind)
Belgian Dutch Shepherd • Adult • Female • Large
Little German Shepherd Angels • Cherry Valley, California

12/3/17 Charity is doing well and has adjusted to her blindness.
Charity is a beautiful six year old female Belgian Dutch Shepherd who is blind in one eye and has a cataract in other. She was dumped at a shelter. The current owner rescued Charity from the shelter three years ago.

She is a retired search drug dog officer. She will search in soft dirt or gravel but does not dig. She is very healthy. She has been spayed, is up-to-date with all shots and is micro chipped. Charity is good with people but is not recommended for a home with children under the age of ten. She is good with other dogs.

She loves to be loved. She will make you laugh and is very sweet.

Charity is only available for adoption in California, Nevada or Arizona. If you’re interested in adopting Charity please email