Update: 10/16/2021

Flint continues to do well in his foster home.  He recently had a vet visit and the doctor thinks he looks great (so do we!).
He is up to date on vaccines and weighs 61 lbs.

Update: 9/6/2021

Flint continues to be a happy, healthy and very energetic pup.  Flint is now 14 months old.

Flint loves to be outside more than anything.  He loves to be with his foster family in the picnic house.  Flint does not like any flying insects around him and it stresses him out. Unfortunately in Georgia at his foster home, the insects are plentiful this time of year.

Flint loves when his neighbors’ dogs come to play.  Flint is still a little apprehensive about meeting new people but will warm up.  He is not food aggressive and he never shows aggression.

We would love for Flint to find an active forever home with other dogs and with a fence where he can play.  He is curious of the stray cat we feed and care for.

Flint is making progress with jumping up and pulling unexpectedly on the leash if he smells new smells and hears new noises.  Flint would be better with older children.

Update:  4/6/2021

Flint continues to do well in his foster home.
He is still growing and weighs 53 lbs.
Flint is very energetic and needs lots of exercise and interaction with his family.
He really enjoys walks and outside play with his family.
Flint is housebroken. Flint walks well on the leash but will pull at times, and sometimes suddenly, so a firm grip on a leash is needed.
We are still working on Flint jumping up.
If he is excited or even if he wants his own way he will jump.
Flint sleeps well in his expen and when we are away from home, but we do have a cover on top as he will climb out.
Flint enjoys when the neighbor’s dogs come to play.
Flint is still very timid when first meeting others but eventually warms up.
Flint would do well with a tall fenced yard. Flint can climb and dig roots on occasion.
I would never leave Flint unattended in a fence or off leash outside a fence.
Flint is currently on Flea/Heartworm preventative.
Flint is also on meds and a supplement for a skin rash but is healing well.

Updated Feb 7/2021
Flint continues to thrive and loves life in his foster home.
Flint is growing so fast and now weighs 50 lbs.
His favorite thing to do is walk in the woods and play with a neighbor’s pit bull.
Flint favors his foster dad but loves his mom too.
Flint is very energetic and desires as much outside play and walks as possible.
Flint is very sweet and loveable.
We are working on Flint pulling on the leash and jumping some when excited.
Flint would love a home where he can have lots of walks and outside play with his family.

Update December/2020

Flint had an enucleation of both eyes and is healing well.
Flint’s loving personality and desire to be with others has not changed. He loves several walks a day and is very active as he ages. He is comfortable in his foster home. He loves to walk in the woods and loves a lot of outside time with walks and interaction. He also loves toys and bully sticks!
Flint is still apprehensive in meeting new people and dogs.
Flint enjoys his playtime with a neighbor’s Pitbull.
Flint’s foster mom would love to see Flint adopted to an active family with no younger children. We feel Flint would do well with a home with a fenced yard.
Flint is going to be a big boy! He now weighs 40lbs. He sometimes pulls on the leash and jumps, and his foster home is working on this.
Flint is doing great with housebreaking, with an occasional accident.
Flint is a happy boy who loves his foster family and loves to be held, even if he is a lap full!

Flint is a calm loving pup. He loves to be held and cuddled. Flint loves walks and outside time.
Flint is making progress on housebreaking. He is doing great with the leash and walks.
He is starting to enjoy play and loves his toys.
Flint is very happy when around his foster family.
He is apprehensive when meeting others as he has not been exposed to a lot of activity outside of his immediate world. This is because he has been on medical hold due to a respiratory illness, from which he has greatly improved. Flint is also on heartworm and flea prevention.

Flint was adopted!

About Me

  • Sex Male (neutered)
  • Size Large (26)
  • Age 2 years, 10 months old(approx. DOB Jun 19, 2020)
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Good with other dogs? Unknown
Good with cats? Unknown
Good with children? Unknown


Currently fostered in Fleming, GA. (Transport is available)

Health Info

  • Vision Completely Blind(Cause: Eyes are not developed)

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