Anna (Annapolis)

Miniature Pinscher/Chihuahua


Update Feb 2021
Update for Anna’s Bio. 2/7/21 Anna is doing great! She is happy and healthy and now weighs 15 lbs. She is a very loving, mellow girl. She is very good about going potty outside but with the cold weather she will still sometimes use a potty pad. Her routine is to fall asleep around 10 p.m., sleeping quietly on my bed all night. She likes to sleep in, and when she finally thinks it’s time to get up (around 7:30 or 8), she goes outside then comes back in to rest on my bed for awhile. Then we have breakfast which she loves, and I give her her insulin. Because she is no longer emaciated, which made her shots painful, she now takes them perfectly, no need to muzzle her. She takes another Potty break, and then lounges on my bed the rest of the day. This little girl is a true love. To watch a video of Anna please click here.

Anna is a survivor! She was on death’s door at a shelter in Louisiana when Blind Dog Rescue Alliance stepped up to rescue her. She was found as a stray, shut down, emaciated, blind, and thought to be deaf (see attached photo of her at the shelter). When she arrived at her foster home she was quickly seen by a vet, and diagnosed with advanced Diabetes, which probably took her sight. She was started on Insulin, and has gone from 9lbs to 13lbs in two months. She is good about getting her injections, but because it has been painful for her on occasion, I slip a muzzle on her just before giving her injection. Her teeth are good, and other than her diabetes, she is in good health, so my vet estimated her to be eight years of age at most, probably younger. Anna is now a sassy, delightful, happy little girl with excellent hearing!
Anna loves her meals and her treats, wagging her tail like crazy in anticipation, and she always follows me around, in case it’s time to eat. She is quiet unless she hears someone entering her home, or when another dog barks. With a slow introduction she is good with other small dogs, although can be bossy. She would be fine as an only dog, although has been fine left alone with my other small dogs, I just have to tell her “NO” when she thinks it’s time to boss them around. She sleeps in bed with me and my other dogs. Anna gets around just fine as soon as she acclimates to her surroundings.
Because of her diabetes, she needs to pee more often, although that is getting better and better. She knows that she should potty outside, but if she doesn’t have a chance to get out, she is very good about peeing on potty pads, so I haven’t used diapers with her.
She will need to continue to have her diabetes monitored, but has been pretty stable on the insulin dose she is currently receiving twice per day. Her weight is good at 13 lbs, although another pound would be fine.
Anna is an unusual looking, pretty girl. She is petite with long legs, and her coat has become quite shiny. The only breed that I think of when I look at her is a Min-Pin, mixed with who knows what else.

To watch a video of Anna, please click here.

Anna (Annapolis) was adopted on April 1, 2020.

About Me

  • Sex Female (spayed)
  • Size Small (13)
  • Age 11 years, 1 month old(DOB Mar 12, 2012)
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Good with other dogs? Yes
Good with cats? Unknown
Good with children? Other


Currently fostered in Verona, WI. (Transport is available)

Health Info

  • Vision Completely Blind(Cause: cataracts)
  • Health Notes
    Advanced diabetes
Anna would do better with older, dog savvy kids

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