American Eskimo Dog

Adoption on hold for medical reasons

Bacchus is a beautiful, 12-year-old dog who was a stray in South Carolina and he ended up in the shelter. Then he came up to Virginia to his Blind Dog Rescue foster home in February 2020.

Bacchus looks most like an American Eskimo but is very likely a mix. He weighs 13 pounds and is working on putting on a little weight as he is thin. He had an eye removed at the South Carolina shelter and does not seem to have any vision in his remaining eye. He has good hearing. He had a dental in South Carolina and was neutered there too. Unfortunately, Bacchus has tested positive for heartworms and so has just begun the American Heartworm Society treatment protocol.

Because of his positive heartworm status, Bacchus has to spend a lot of time resting and relaxing in the indoor expen at his foster home. He walks a short distance in the yard when he goes out to do his business (he is housetrained) but may sit down after a little while, indicating he is ready to come inside. He is generally quiet except when the other dogs start barking or when he knows food is being prepared.

He is excited about the idea of eating but often needs to be handfed at least part of his meal or he won’t finish it. He enjoys treats. What he loves most of all, though, is attention from people. He loves to be held and REALLY loves belly rubs! At the groomers and at the vet clinic, Bacchus has become known for rolling over for a belly rub anytime anyone is near! Bacchus also likes to give kisses.

Bacchus has been ignoring the cat in the foster home and sometimes is a little growly with the three dogs in the foster home so, when Bacchus is ready for adoption, he will need to be the only dog. Bacchus doesn’t want any other dog to be getting belly rubs anyway! He wants them all!

Bacchus is comfortable with a leash on. He sleeps quietly through the night. His coat is as soft as it can be. His hair was longer when he first arrived in Virginia and he recently got it cut. He was very well-behaved at the groomers.

Bacchus has not been around young children so it is not known how he would be with them, but Bacchus does seem to be a little more cautious than most blind dogs are, and so would be most comfortable in a home with older children and adults.

Bacchus is going to be ready for his forever home before too long. In the meantime, he will be writing a blog about his adventures in his foster home, and he hopes you will check in often to see how he is doing. And he hopes you will be thinking about whether your home might be the perfect forever home for him (but he says not to apply to adopt him unless you like giving belly rubs!). Follow his adventures on his blog here.

Bacchus is not currently available for adoption for medical reasons.

About Me

  • Sex Male (neutered)
  • Size Small (13)
  • Age 12 years, 5 months old(approx. DOB Jan 1, 2008)
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Good with other dogs? No
Good with cats? Other
Good with children? No


Currently fostered in Fairfield,VA. (Transport is available)

Health Info

  • Vision Completely Blind(Cause: left eye removed/right eye cataracts)

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