Bisque (his foster mom calls him, Bisquit) is an extremely gentle, 14 pound poodle who is learning how good life can be! He is a medium energy boy who walks with pep in his step and with a high tail and loves interacting with his foster siblings and going outside. He also loves to snuggle, take long naps and sleeps all night long. He is leash trained and almost totally potty trained. He rides very well in the car, settling in on the seat to fall asleep quickly.

Bisque had a myriad of treatable medical conditions when he first arrived at his foster home but he is now pain free and ready to find his forever home where he can be loved and treated like the precious, valuable little man that he is. He has some vision in his left eye and has a large cataract in the right eye. He learns more and more about navigating his surroundings each day. He can easily find his way to the door for potty time but will quickly turn and come back in because his foster mom thinks he’s afraid he will miss meal time! Bisque eats canned food because he had to have all of his teeth removed recently. The day after his dental surgery, when some dogs would be lethargic and needing time to recover, Bisque was acting like a puppy! He must have felt such relief from no longer having those nasty teeth.

Bisque adores other dogs in his foster home. He found a tremendous amount of security hearing and sniffing his foster siblings through the gate when he first came into his new surroundings. He also lives with two cats and is very indifferent with them.

Bisque is making huge progress with potty training. He is already completely potty pad trained and knows that the first thing to do when taken outside is to go potty.
He seems to act a bit depressed when he has a collar on so a slip lead is used when he goes out. He is uncomfortable as it is being slipped over his head but he recovers as soon as it is on and in place. His foster mom is going to slowly introduce him to a harness to see if he appears more comfortable in that.

It was obvious that Bisque had never been on stairs. He will be fine in a home with stairs, as he has learned to go up, but he still needs very close guidance as he is still learning about coming down. He cannot be left unattended at the top of a staircase at this point.
Bisque found a lot of comfort going into his crate, which was and is always left open, when he first came into his new foster home. Now that he has been slowly integrated in with his foster siblings, he rarely goes into his crate but it is still a place where he knows to go to find his pee pad beside it and where he goes to eat so his foster mom keeps it there as his “home base” in the house.

Bisque should be placed in a home with adults or older children who can be sympathetic and aware of the gentle manner in which he needs to be approached. Although he loves his foster mom and follows her everywhere and loves to be held on her lap, he has a significant apprehension when being reached for by human hands and when touched on his neck and head. He has made huge gains in this area but still has a tendency to scoot to the side when his foster mom needs to reach down to pick him up and he will stretch his little head as far away from her hand as he can if she attempts to pet him there. This fear has made helping him learn to come down stairs tricky but we are not giving up! He loves his back and hips to be petted and scratched when he is on his foster mom’s lap!
Bisque is looking for a family who will be willing to accept his fears and to work with him in a gentle way to continue to overcome them. He may very well be a boy who is never comfortable having his head and neck touched but he has so many wonderful qualities that this little quirk won’t matter to his perfect family. To watch a video of Bisque please click here and here.

UPDATE: 6-6-2021
Bisque continues to be a quiet and gentle boy who has made tremendous strides since recovering from his health issues and being in a stable home for over 2 months.  He LOVES his foster mom and is the first to greet her when she comes home or downstairs in the morning.  He continues to have a lot of pep in his step when following her and also gets very excited and wants to be on the recliner with her whenever he can!
He was caught cuddling with his foster sibling, with his head on her back, a few nights ago.  He truly loves other dogs.  A home with a gentle, dog-friendly, companion would be wonderful for Bisque.
His foster mom is head over heels in love with him and wants him to have a family of his own.

Bisque was adopted!

About Me

  • Sex Male (neutered)
  • Size Small (14)
  • Age Adult
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Good with other dogs? Yes
Good with cats? Yes
Good with children? Other


Currently fostered in Lock Haven, PA. (Transport is available)

Health Info

  • Vision Blind in one eye(Cause: cataracts)
Bisque needs to be adopted either inside of PA or in states closely bordering PA. Please email with questions regarding distance.

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