Husky Mix


Bowie is sweet as pie. She is very loving and affectionate to EVERYONE she meets. She is currently living with two blind dogs, and it took time but they have adjusted well. She plays hard with my older dog. She does demand attention and will insert herself between another dog if they are receiving attention. She is a chewer so needs access to stuffed animals and chew bones. I have not crate trained her but may be necessary. She lives with 2 cats and will try and chase and play with them on occasion but had never been aggressive with them. She walks great on a leash, rides well in car. She loves to give frequent kisses and is VERY attached to me and became that way quickly. She was not house trained when she came. However it’s much improved with occasional accidents. She is just so loving, affectionate, loyal and sweet. She was TERRIFIED when I got her but settled in quickly. So much personality and just wants love. She is active but can lay around and lounge for hours on end if that’s what we are doing.

Bowie was adopted on November 7, 2017.

About Me

  • Sex Female (spayed)
  • Size Large (50)
  • Age Young
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Good with other dogs? No
Good with cats? Unknown
Good with children? Yes


Currently fostered in Clarion, PA. (Transport is available)

Health Info

  • Vision Blind in one eye(Cause: Unknown)
  • Health Notes
    Ehrlichia- treated for 30 days. Needs to put on a bit of weight, otherwise health is good.

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