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11/15 Update: Bug has adjusted very well! She is a real Cuddle Bug. Bug was newly blind when she arrived at her foster family’s home. She does not let her loss of sight slow her down one bit! It took a little while for her to realize that she would not be abandoned again, but she has fully adjusted and is looking for her own forever home.

Bug has relaxed knowing that she is now safe with p   eople. She loves to go for walks, and walks easily on a leash. She has a good appetite and will eat what is offered readily. She is fed in a room with two other dogs, she can growl if they walk by her bowl but will stop right away if told to stop. Bug likes nyla bones and small stuffed animals to chew. If let out to potty first, she is trustworthy to be left without crating in the home for a few hours. Her foster family does have a regular full time work schedule, so she does crate sometimes too, and has gotten much better at crating. When let out to potty at bedtime, she makes it through the night and prefers to sleep on the couch vs in the bedroom.

Bug loves to be held on your lap! She will curl up next to you or on your lap for hours of tv watching at night. She is excited to go on trips, and loves the end destination, whether that is the dog park, visiting family, or a outdoor festival.
She is young, healthy, gentle, and loving….Please consider Bug!
8/9 Update: Bug has settled in well to her foster home. She is an easy girl to take on a walk, and she loves to go! She is still not a fan of car rides but does pretty well once at the destination. She is eating well, and doing better with going potty outside, but you do need to keep her on a regular schedule and watch her when she is inside. She has worked with her foster mom on not being so grumpy when other dogs want to share the couch, and has made good improvements with that. She is a spry little thing…jumping up and down on the couch easly to spend time with you. She does like to be petted and will curl up with you for some attention.

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Bug is a small and fast little girl. She is likely half Chihuahua and half Jack Russell terrier. She has the head of a Chihuahua on the body of the Jack Russell. She has the Jack Russell coat, and sheds more like them.

Bug does like to cuddle and loves to be up on the couch sitting as close to you as possible, or on your lap if there is room. She is not particularly a fan of being carried, doesn’t mind it, but would rather be on the couch on your lap.

Bug is a medium to higher energy little dog. She needs at least one walk daily, if not more, and will whine and keep going to the door if she thinks you are late. You should start walks at the time that best works for you, because she will remember when that is and can be fairly insistent at that time. She is a good little walker once out on a leash. She does weave, but is fast and mostly trots along. However, she has a previous history of being on the street and will dart away if not kept carefully on leash….when she is nervous she backs up quickly and hard, so has slipped collars and harnesses. I use a soft martingale training collar on her and a harness to be sure she is safe. She is one of those little dogs that will twist quickly at the end of a leash to get loose, though only if spooked.

Bug does not like car rides! And will let you know! We usually crate smaller dogs in the car, but she continually barks in the crate. Have tried having her loose on the seat, and she whines and moves constantly. We will be getting her a doggie seat belt.

Bug has a smaller head and is an escape artist. She will push through any opening in a fence or gate that her head can fit through and then will run. She is very fast too when running, so she must have a secure fence outside. Indoors, she can and will climb a baby gate. She does and will bark when crated, but also will chew if left uncrated (chewed the door frame), so needs to be crated if unattended for the day. She would probably not be the best for an apartment or an attached home because of the barking when first crated.

She has gotten along fairly well with the dogs in her foster home…however, she does not like when other dogs bump into her and can snap or be rough with them if they do. She also tries to guard your lap, or the couch sometimes when another dog approaches on the ground or tries to jump up too. She has responded to verbal correction of the space guarding, and then allows the other dog to join. She will need to be monitored for this. For this reason she is not likely a candidate for a home with children younger than teenagers.

She is fairly well housebroken and keeps the crate clean, but does need to go out on a regular basis when you are home or will go in the house. You also need to learn her cues that she needs to go, or she will go into another room and go. She does better going in a yard than on a leash, so likely needs a yard. She just started going potty on a leash after 2 weeks in her foster home. Like many small dogs, she dislikes rain and will huddle against the house instead of going potty. Have tried a coat, but she would rather be out without it.

She is pretty good with mapping, and figures the house out quickly, including stairs.She came to foster scratching a decent bit, so has a vet appointment for that. No fleas found, but may have a yeast infection. She eats well, and is fed dry with a bit of wet and eats it all.

Bug was adopted!

About Me

  • Sex Female (spayed)
  • Age Adult
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Good with other dogs? Yes
Good with cats? Unknown
Good with children? No


Currently fostered in Pennsylvania. (Transport is available)

Health Info

  • Vision Completely Blind(Cause: Her eyes were removed following a car accident.)

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