On June 26th, Chester had a double enucleation (both eyes were removed). He came through surgery very well, and he hasn’t missed a beat! He is still as cuddly and affectionate as ever, and loves to be held. He enjoys short walks, smelling in the grass and finding the bugs flying by, and even climbed out of his expen all by himself! He also loves to bark when the other dogs bark, and is always the first one to hear anyone coming up the driveway. Chester doesn’t let anything slow him down! He will remain on medical hold until he is healed from his surgery. To watch a video of Chester please click here and here.

Looking for a warm cuddle partner? Chester is the one! Chester is a very sweet little fellow who loves to snuggle and just melts into your arms; a perfect fit. We’ve both fallen asleep many times like that! He is also happy to lay quietly by your feet, or just to be in the same room with his people. And Chester loves to be talked to! He will tilt his head in an adorable way listening to you.

Chester is a poodle mix (maybe part Bichon?) and is about 11 years old. He’s a perfect gentleman with the other dogs and cats in his foster home (all dogs are on the smaller side), although his former owners said he may growl and get upset if a bigger dog bothers him.

Chester learned his way around his foster home very quickly. He can even go up and down stairs by himself (but always with supervision). He is housebroken when taken out regularly, but may have an accident, so he wears a belly band overnight or when his foster mom leaves. It’s dry 95% of the time. Chester sleeps quietly through the night.

Chester lived with children with his previous owners and was fine, but has not been around children in his foster home.

Medically, Chester recently had dental surgery and 15 teeth were extracted, so he will need to eat only soft food. He appears completely blind and his eye pressures are high, so he will be seeing the ophthalmologist in a week. He has been on eye drops for a few weeks (and he is an angel getting his drops), but if his pressures are not controllable, he may need to have his eyes removed.
Chester will remain on medical hold until we know exactly what is going on with his eyes.
To watch a video of Chester, please click here.

Chester was adopted on August 20, 2019.

About Me

  • Sex Male (neutered)
  • Size Small (12)
  • Age Senior
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Good with other dogs? Other
Good with cats? Yes
Good with children? Other


Currently fostered in Utica, NY. (Transport is available)

Health Info

  • Vision Completely Blind(Cause: Glaucoma)
  • Health Notes
    Chester has had blood work, ECG, and xrays, and was cleared for dental surgery where he had 15 teeth extracted. Chester has sinus arrhythmia, but cardiac medication is not necessary at this time. He will need follow up xrays and ECG in about 10 months, or sooner if needed. He also has glaucoma and will be seeing the ophthalmologist. Other than that, he is a healthy boy.

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