Shih Tzu


Chloe is a sweet 16 year old shih tzu who loves to eat, sleep, and just lay by your side or be held. She is completely blind due to her cataracts and also appears to be almost completely deaf. She is able to hear some whistling but does not respond to her name or talking. We have two larger dogs in the family and Chloe just walks around and is not bothered by either of the dogs. When we take her outside to do her duty, she walks around in circles for a few minutes until she finds the perfect spot to go potty. Occasionally she does wet her crate which is usually after sleeping all night. Despite her age, Chloe still has some spunk in her. She is a joy to foster and such a sweetheart.

Chloe was adopted on July 7, 2019.

About Me

  • Sex Female
  • Size Small (9)
  • Age 20 years, 7 months old(approx. DOB Dec 20, 2002)
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Good with other dogs? Yes
Good with cats? Yes
Good with children? Yes


Currently fostered in Catasauqua, PA. (Transport is available)

Health Info

  • Vision Completely Blind(Cause: Cataracts)
  • Health Notes
    Dry eye, deaf

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