Cocker Spaniel


Hi, my name is Cindy. I am a puppy mill survivor dog. I lived in a barn, so I am not potty trained, but my foster family has me on a routine and, for the most part, I potty outside now. I still have accidents though, so keeping me on a routine is good for me. I am crate trained, and don’t mind the crate, but I really just want to be with humans. I just turned eight years old on June 1. I have learned that sitting on the couch next to you or on your lap, whichever you prefer, is a good thing. I really don’t play with toys, but I know my name, sit and I give my paw.

Even though I am a puppy mill survivor dog, I can be the only dog in the household, or maybe a fur brother would be nice to pal around with.

I don’t really require a fenced in yard, but having a fenced in yard allows me to run around. If not, I will need daily walks on a leash. I walk rather nicely on leash, but I love to sniff around.

My foster family describes me as a doll baby and very sweet. Unlike most puppy mill survivor dogs, I am very social, so taking me on trips or to the park will not be a problem. I am also getting vocal now around food time. I love to eat, but right now, I am waiting for my dental to be done and I have to eat wet dog food, but hopefully, I will be going back to kibble real soon. And I recently was groomed, so see how pretty I am?

I would do really well in a home where my humans are retired or work from home because I love being in the same room with them. However, you can leave me in a crate or in a room where I will be safe. I’m too old to really chew the walls down, but, I am nicknamed “Houdini” because I manage to escape, so please do not leave me alone, without a leash and outside. I will panic and take off looking for you.

If you would like to adopt me, please put in an application and ask for me. And do so right away, because I don’t want to be forgotten.

Cindy was adopted!

About Me

  • Sex Female (unspayed)
  • Size Medium (30 lbs)
  • Age Senior
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Good with other dogs? Yes
Good with cats? Yes
Good with children? Unknown

Health Info

  • Vision Completely Blind(Cause: Eyes have been removed; glaucoma)
  • Health Notes
    Severe dental - needs dental. Needs to be spayed. Dental and spay scheduled for 6/14/2022.

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