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Claire is a special little girl with a sad history.  Claire, with 22 other small dogs, was rescued from a Kentucky hoarder in mid-September.  For  her entire life, she lived in two rooms in knee-deep feces.  She likely had litter after litter and was never vetted.

Claire is an 20 year old Chihuahua who had moderate renal failure (her bloodwork now is much better) and one tooth in the back.  She can barely walk and some of her nails are completely upside down.  She may also have an immune disorder.  She was severely infested with Demodex mange (she had no hair) and had several skin infections, as well as eye infections.  She had to be kept isolated for several weeks after she first arrived.

In spite of everything she has gone through, Claire is a sweetheart who loves to be cuddled in a blanket and rocked.  She loves to be talked to and sung to.  She loves sleeping in a soft bed and making a nest, especially when her blankets are right out of the dryer.  She loves to eat!  And she is very vocal when I come home from school!  She also has a wonderfully feisty side, and whether this is a result of her history or has always been part of her personality, I’m sure this served her well given where she came from.    Her first tail wag brought tears to my eyes.

A wonderful rescue, STAR, saved her and the other dogs, although unfortunately, Heaven, the most senior, did not survive.  Claire is the second oldest who was rescued from the hoarder, and so far, she’s holding her own. Claire has been here since October 5th 2013, and is now into her long road towards “health”.  Her hair is growing back, but it is very patchy (it’s a beautiful red!), and we work very closely with our vet.  We’ve come a very long way but still have a ways to go.

Claire is sunshine, love, rainbows, and everything good.  She will be treated like the treasure she is for the rest of her life!

Claire is a forever foster and therefore not available for adoption.

Claire is forever in our hearts.

About Me

  • Sex Female (unspayed)
  • Size Small
  • Age 20 years
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Good with other dogs? Yes
Good with cats? Yes
Good with children? Unknown

Health Info

  • Vision Vision impaired

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