Cobalt is an adorable, spunky bundle of energy, full of personality. He gets around well and you would never know his vision is impaired. Big stuffed toys give him pleasure, so a large basketful will help keep him occupied. If he can’t find a toy for satisfaction, he will help himself to someone’s slipper. Under those cataracts he must certainly see himself as a big Labrador Retriever. Coby will provide you with plenty of giggles!

He is very smart and learns quickly. He recognizes his name, the word “no” and follows the command “sit”. Potty training needed to be reintroduced after confinement at the shelter, but this smarty pants mastered it in the first few days at his foster home.

Coby doesn’t demand a lot of cuddling but he sure enjoys being put in a lap and petted for long periods of time. It helps calm him before bedtime and he does sleep through the night after just a little whining.

Despite his visual impairment, Coby moves quickly and will follow you everywhere. When he is feeling extra frisky, he will try to play with your pant leg or shoe. That is being discouraged with a water bottle lightly spritzed and should improve, but he would not be a good match for a home with little toddlers or someone with mobility issues. He would do very well with an owner who enjoys brisk walks or has a fenced in yard for him to run and play. He is a sweetheart and made a lot of friends on his journey to his foster home. Several were so enamored that they sent gifts with him. He collected a few toys, outfits and a snuggly blanket. He will take his “luggage” with him to an adopter who is looking for a delightful, playful little companion! To watch a video of Cobalt, please click here.

Cobalt was adopted!

About Me

  • Sex Male (neutered)
  • Size Small (10.2)
  • Age 4 years, 5 months old(approx. DOB Oct 15, 2018)
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Good with other dogs? Unknown
Good with cats? Yes
Good with children? Other


Currently fostered in Winslow, IL. (Transport is available)

Health Info

  • Vision Vision impaired(Cause: Congenital cataracts)
Cobalt would do well in a home with children aged 5+

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Cobalt is looking for his forever home. If you think it could be yours, read more about Adopting from BDRA before submitting your application below.

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