Darla is an extra-special one year old Beagle girl. Darla LOVES belly rubs, playing with fabric-type toys and blankets, loves treats and gets super excited every time we come home. Once we have played with her for a bit, she does settle down and just enjoys her time with us, on a lap, watching tv, laying at our feet – she isn’t too picky! She loves to eat and especially enjoys frozen peanut butter Kong treats. She does have some neurological issues which cause her to spin when she is excited and nervous. It doesn’t seem to bother her at all and it makes her that much more special. She is completely blind, but that doesn’t slow her down. We nick-named her “Dora the Explorer” because when we are outside, she LOVES exploring the yard, will sniff every leaf, blade of grass and stick – preferring to gnaw on any of the sticks she finds, even if they are too large for her to drag 🙂 She isn’t afraid to scale the rocks around our pond, walk on uneven surfaces or even to navigate stairs. She knows the command for “step” and that alerts her that there is a step coming up or down. Darla loves to be near her people. In the beginning, she was quite frightened, but once she knew she was safe and secure, she settled in quite well. She does startle easily, so I would recommend a home with older children and/or adults. She would do best in a home without other pets as sometimes it can be difficult for her to relate to other dogs. She has not been cat tested. She needs someone to be home with her more often than not as she is potty trained, but if you wait too long between potty breaks, she will have an accident. Our vet believes it could be from her neurological component. She doesn’t always recognize the signs to tell you she needs to go out. If you take her out frequently, she is fine. If you can’t, we do use a crate with potty pads and are able to clean it once we arrive back home. 

Darla is a little lover and I know she can work her way into your heart as she has worked her way into ours. Why not give this sweet, young girl a chance?


Darla was adopted on April 6, 2018.

About Me

  • Sex Female (spayed)
  • Size Medium (25 lbs)
  • Age 2 1/2 years old
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Good with other dogs? Yes
Good with cats? Unknown
Good with children? Yes


Currently fostered in North Carolina. (Transport is available)

Health Info

  • Vision Completely Blind(Cause: Congenital Blindness, Right eye has been removed)
Darla would be best with older children.

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Latest Updates

  1. Darla is such a joy to have around…she loves to be rubbed on the tummy and lots of cuddles…and kisses. Wants to be close, especially when sleeping. Snores up a storm too!

    Does fine with other dogs..I have 8 others that she navigates around….just not good at sharing toys…or at feeding time…

    Would suggest no children under the age of 15 though…scares easy and will snap if startled…she is getting a​ ​lot better with this though.

    When she first came to us she would spin in circles constantly…but now she only does it if there is a commotion going on…sort of a nervous reaction. Maybe once or twice a week this might occur. When you would reach down and pet her sometimes she would snap at your touch…that has become a lot less frequent now…because I am constantly reaching down and petting her trying to catch her off guard to get a reaction…guess she has gotten used to my touch because she hasn’t snapped in a couple of weeks. She does however growl at times…no one is around her, it’s like she hears something and wants to let everyone know she isn’t a push over…I usually just talk to her and then pet her and she is over it.

    Very easy to bathe, but hates her legs and feet to be touched…will actually bite you…so we are cautious of those areas…I feel in time … with more trust this won’t be an issue. Will not let you brush her…but doesn’t mind the hair dryer…lololol weird I know!

    She has buffed up since coming to live with us…and is actually starting to run around a little bit…we try to get her to chase us in the yard..kind of funny to watch…like a baby learning to walk…navigates stairs with ease…actually seems to like going up and down…

    As for being house trained…well if you regularly take her out…usually no accidents…but she doesn’t actually let you know…she will start walking around with a purpose and then I ask her if she wants to go potty outside and she will head for the stairs. So progress is baby steps.

    She loves to eat! We feed her 2x a day and she will down it all and keep looking for more..

    The only commands she knows it come and no…doesn’t want to cooperate with sit and stay is laughable…but she moves slowly, so controlling isn’t an issue.

    In the short time we have had her … she has become one of the crew and is very comfortable wandering around with everyone….

    We love her to bits….and anyone who chooses to adopt her will have a wonderful loving friend for a long long time!…


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