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Update 11-1-2021

Dexey has settled into her foster home very well.  Her foster mom has gotten to know her a little bit better and she continues to be a sweet, gentle and quiet girl.  She loves to be outside on days that are not too cold and also seems to really enjoy having a shirt or sweater on and snuggling under blankets.

Dexey definitely has great hearing but, even though her foster mom has a lot of experience with vision impaired and blind dogs, she’s not sure if Dexey has some sight or not.  Her delays and neurological condition make that hard to assess.  Best guess is that Dexey does not have any vision but the jury is still out on that one.

Dexey wears a diaper very well when out of her 3×6 area when her foster mom is home.  When her foster mom gets home from work, she takes Dexey outside for about 20 minutes where she will do her business.  In evenings when Dexey is given full run of the downstairs, she will investigate for 10 or 15 minutes before lying down on her favorite dog bed to sleep for a couple hours or she will sleep in her foster mom’s lap.

It is important to read her original write up if you are interested in adopting Dexey.


Dexey can see to avoid objects and will follow people but Dexey seems to have a slow processing time and does not have perfect vision.  Aside from having intellectual delays stemming from moderate hydrocephaly and slight weakness and slight lack of coordination in her back legs, she is a healthy girl. She will always be a girl with special needs.

Dear Potential Daddy and/or Mommy,

My name is Dexey and I get a lot of interest because of this adorable face of mine. I can assure you, I have many sweet qualities BUT I am very much a special-needs girl who needs a dog-experienced family who can take care of me in a pretty focused way, compared to other, typical dogs who can fend for themselves. Something unknown happened to me about half way through my short life that caused me to have “acquired hydrocephalus”. I have a brain injury and am intellectually impaired.
Please read my entire post so you know about all of my special needs. They sound scary at first but my foster mom found out after a day or two that my needs are not scary at all and I fit into her routine just fine.

Important things you need to know about me:
-I am NOT house trained and will probably never learn to be totally house trained but I do know I need to get off my bed or a chair or the seat of a car when it’s time to go potty, and am very good at making this known and can do so by myself. I will need you to help me down from a chair or I will walk right off the edge.
-I do not walk on a leash very well, so a home with a fenced in yard or a fenced area, even if it’s a large doggy play pen, where I can investigate some of the yard and so I can be protected from other neighborhood dogs while I can explore, without being too limited as I explore, would be great. This outside time will also help me keep my weight down, gain and keep strength and coordination in my back legs, as well as help me with my potty skills! If you don’t have a yard, please take me outside to explore where I will be safe and close to you.
-Again, I need a family who has dog experience, meaning they should have past experience sharing their lives with at least a couple other dogs.
-You will need to protect me because I will not be good at protecting myself from other dogs, cats, kids or people.
-I cannot be in a home with dogs who will want to play in a rough way with me, but I get along great with other dogs and would like their company if they will let me alone, if they don’t mind me walking into them often or will be very gentle and patient with me. I have a talent for walking through the legs of my bigger foster sister and my foster mom thinks it’s very cute! I do not need another dog in my home to be happy.
-My back legs are not the strongest and I sometimes fall to the side or may drag them when turning corners but I’ve also spent a year in a small kennel at the shelter and maybe I just need some space to get my 10,000 steps per day in to improve my strength! 🙂 My foster mom has seen some significant strength improvements, already, in the short time I’ve been with her because I get a lot of yard time outside and have free run of the downstairs when mom is home.
-I have some vision and good hearing but it sometimes takes me several seconds to process a lot of what I see and hear when there are other things going on around me. I will come when called and can follow my foster mom around the house but I will depend on you to protect me from dangers.
-I mostly walk in a big circle but can definitely walk in a straight line to get somewhere else in the house or when outside sniffing around.
-I WILL walk off of beds, stairs, furniture without any hesitation so I need you to be proactive to prevent that from happening.
-I seem to live in my own little world and will not often initiate physical contact with you but please know that I DO love my human, I just need help starting cuddles and relaxing on your lap. I LOVE pets and ear scratches while on a lap!
-I have a great nose and WILL get into things that smell good to me and can be curious about things that are not good for me. I need you to be proactive to prevent that from happening.
-I grind my teeth when I eat and for a few minutes after I’m done so if you don’t like that noise, I’m probably not the pup for you.
-I will probably always have to be on a couple of reasonably-priced medications (one can be bought over the counter) to help me with my circling and with the fluid on my brain but I take pills very well!

My strengths all stem from these basic things: I am gentle, quiet and just adorable! If you want to take me out and about, I love to ride in my buggy that will come with me when I’m adopted. Other than my brain injury, I am also very healthy! I am also able to eat crunchy kibble very well and am not on any special diet.

My foster mom will fill you in on all of those good things and many more when you talk to her, but I wanted to focus on my needs so you understand me. My foster mom has other vision-impaired dogs in our house that she takes care of and she also works full time so please know that she will be able to tell you how I can fit into your life also. She does just fine with me and I am very happy in my foster home. I stay in a larger doggy playpen with a very large, washable potty pad covering the floor and it works just great and is easy to clean by simply removing and washing it.
I’m so happy I’m no longer in the shelter.
I just know the right family is out there for me and I can’t wait to meet you!


Dexey was adopted!

About Me

  • Sex Female (spayed)
  • Size Small (18 lbs.)
  • Age 3 years, 4 months old(DOB Dec 29, 2019)
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Good with other dogs? Yes
Good with cats? Yes
Good with children? Yes


Currently fostered in Lock Haven, PA. (Transport is available)

Health Info

  • Vision Vision impaired(Cause: Hydrocphaly/Brain Trauma)

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