In June 2019, Domino came from Louisiana to his Blind Dog Rescue foster home in Virginia. His owner in Louisiana decided he didn’t want Domino anymore, and took him to the shelter to be euthanized. Thankfully, the Louisiana shelter contacted the Blind Dog Rescue, and Domino is now safe!

There are so, so many good things to say about Domino! He is only ten years old and weighs ten pounds. He has recently been neutered, and had his left eye removed. He has a mature cataract in his right eye and can still see; at this time, the right eye is stable and needs no medication. He seems to hear fairly well. He is heartworm negative, and is on heartworm preventative. He does not have fleas or ticks, and his coat is so very soft and beautiful! He recently went to the groomer, and she said Domino was so well-behaved and relaxed; he even fell asleep while she worked on him! It is hard to know exactly what breed Domino is, but he seems to be a poodle/maltese mix. We do know, for sure, that he is adorable!

Domino recently had a small benign cyst on his shoulder aspirated and drained; the cyst is no worry to Domino’s health, but the vet said a cyst like this one may return. Domino also had another small lump on his side removed in July. It was a soft tissue sarcoma, grade I. The margins were clear and it is the kind of cancer that rarely metastasizes, so the news for Domino is very good! The chance of a future concern is low. Anyone interested in adopting Domino will have all their questions answered about Domino’s health.

Domino had a dental cleaning before he left Louisiana, and then had three teeth removed once he arrived at his foster home. The vet said Domino will likely need a cleaning again sometime fairly soon. His foster home is working on tooth brushing and he is OK with it, but doesn’t like the toothpaste! So, just the brush is used. Also, he gets a dental chew in the morning to help with his breath and cleaning.

Domino is very good with other dogs. He doesn’t mind being near them or sharing a bed with them, and he doesn’t bother them either. He ignores the cat in the foster home, even when she comes near him.

Domino is most interested in people! He enjoys attention, and likes to relax in a lap and get a belly rub. He has an especially endearing way of leaning in when he is held. He is also content to take a nap in a dog bed, or at the feet of one of his foster parents. He tends to sleep with his eyes open. He does pretty well on a leash, although sometimes likes to stop to smell the smells. Sometimes he picks up his pace a bit outside but does not run. He is housetrained, with a very occasional accident in his crate overnight. He does settle down quietly into his crate at night, and is excited to see his foster parents in the morning. He gets nervous during a thunderstorm and wants to stay close by.

Domino likes to eat wet food the best, and enjoys treats too. First thing in the morning, he knows it is time for a treat, and he may bark a little until he gets his but generally, he is a quiet dog. He is not possessive of his food.

Domino has not been around young children, and any young child should be closely supervised around Domino, just like any young child should be supervised with any dog. Domino will not be adopted into a home with young children. He is a loving dog but may growl if startled. For example, if he is sound asleep, he needs to be gently woken up before someone might pick him up.

Domino’s foster parents can’t believe anyone would think Domino should be euthanized! He is a terrific little dog with so much love to share. He is waiting now for some very lucky person to fill out the adoption application so he can go to his forever home. Won’t you think about adopting this great little dog?

Domino was adopted on September 18, 2019.

About Me

  • Sex Male (neutered)
  • Size Small (10)
  • Age 14 years, 4 months old(approx. DOB Jan 7, 2009)
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Good with other dogs? Yes
Good with cats? Yes
Good with children? No


Currently fostered in Fairfield, VA. (Transport is available)

Health Info

  • Vision Vision impaired(Cause: left eye removed - right eye has cataract)

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