Erie is a very special dog, and she is looking for a very special home. And someone out there will be very lucky to adopt this sweet little girl who is full of so much joy.
Erie was born blind and spent her life in a cage in a Kentucky puppy mill until just over a year ago. Her job at the puppy mill was to produce puppies and, when she was “retired” at age five, she was scheduled for euthanasia, most likely because she was not producing puppies at the rate she had been before. A very good-hearted person in the community found out about the scheduled euthanasia, and talked the puppy mill owners into giving Erie to her along with a few other poodles. Erie and the other poodles spent a year with her, recovering from the puppy mill and learning there is more to life than living in a cage, being pregnant, and having puppies.
Unlike Erie, the other rescued poodles have some serious medical and behavioral issues that take a lot of time to manage so Erie’s Kentucky mom made a very hard decision. She decided to give Erie to the Blind Dog Rescue so we could find her a wonderful forever home.
Erie arrived in her Virginia foster home in October 2020, and settled in quickly. She gets along well with the two other dogs in the home. She ignores the cat. She has learned the foster home routine. She loves attention; she likes nothing more than curling up in a lap or sitting beside her foster mom to take a nap, and she enjoys gentle playing in the yard with her foster dad. When she first arrived in her foster home, she startled very easily; when startled, Erie cowers and shakes but is never aggressive. With each passing day, she is more relaxed.
Erie is seven years old. She weighs 9 pounds, and the vet says she is the perfect weight for a poodle. Her body condition is good. She gets excited about eating and has a good appetite. She hears well, and has been recently treated for a bilateral ear infection which has now resolved. She had a dental at the end of October, and had 6 teeth removed. The vet said she was already missing 23 teeth! Because she came from a puppy mill where vet care is minimal, if at all, it is very likely these 23 teeth rotted in her mouth and then either fell out or she swallowed them. She did very well during the dental procedure. Her bloodwork and urinalysis are currently within normal limits. She is heartworm negative. Her skin and coat are in good shape. She very occasionally has a cough (every few days at most she may cough, usually when excited); her heart and lungs are in good condition. She is blind; her eyes are smaller than normal and her lenses have an abnormal appearance. The cause of her blindness is unknown but likely is genetic, probably caused by inbreeding which frequently happens at puppy mills. There are times she does seem to see a very little but it could likely be she is smart, and hears and smells well, so gives the appearance of having some minimal vision. She navigates pretty well once she knows the layout of a room.
Erie is getting comfortable on a leash, and likes walking around the yard, and sometimes she breaks into a bit of a run or frolic! Erie is not comfortable going up and down the two steps that go from the deck to the yard at her foster home. She may become comfortable over time but whoever adopts her should be prepared to carry her up and down any steps there may be.
Like many puppy mill dogs, Erie was not housetrained. Her Kentucky mom is a teacher, and so it was a challenge for her to work on housetraining during the school year but she said last summer (summer of 2020), when she was home, Erie made very nice progress. Here at her BDRA foster home, where her foster mom is working from home due to COVID, Erie is continuing to work on housetraining, and has had days and nights when she has stayed dry! She still has accidents though, although is definitely understanding the purpose of going outside. She currently wears a diaper and is so good about being diapered. Anyone adopting Erie needs to be prepared to continue to work on housetraining, and must be comfortable with the possibility that Erie may always have some accidents. Or, she may not! She could become fully housetrained over time. Remember, she did not need to be housetrained when she lived in a cage in a puppy mill. She needs a forever home that is going to love her and care for her, no matter what.
Erie has not been around young children so it is unknown how she would react but, because she has a tendency to startle easily when something unexpected happens, it would be best for Erie to be adopted into a home where there are no young children.
All dogs deserve a great home, and dogs like Erie, who experienced the horror of living in a puppy mill, deserve an extra great home. If you think you can give Erie the home she deserves, fill out an application today!

Erie was adopted on November 30, 2020.

About Me

  • Sex Female (spayed)
  • Size Small (9)
  • Age 9 years, 6 months old(approx. DOB Oct 1, 2013)
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Good with other dogs? Yes
Good with cats? Other
Good with children? No


Currently fostered in Fairfield, VA. (Transport is available)

Health Info

  • Vision Completely Blind(Cause: probable congenital blindness)
Erie will ignore cats

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