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As Hathaway feels better and his adorable personality blossoms, his foster mom has noticed that he does better with older kids and we are recommending that he not be adopted to a home with infants or toddlers living there full-time. We have not had any specific incidents (foster has no children in home) but he has displayed some angst and discomfort around neighbors children. We also recommend he be placed with easy going dogs and cats as he does occasionally display dominance around bones and toys (foster has 2 large Weimaraners and 2 cats and Hathaway rules the roost). He is still telling us about himself every day and he gets cuter and more cuddly and perfect every second!

A Note from Hathaway (4/29/2022):

Hi everybody! It’s me.. Hathaway here! And guess what! I am ALL DONE with my heartworm treatment and I am feeling so fabulous and happy 😊!  Foster mommy says it’s time for me to find my forever family. I am awfully happy here with my kitty brother and sister and my Weimaraner foster siblings but mommy says there is a family out there that can be 100% mine. I love the way that sounds!

A bit about me… I have a great sense of humor and laugh a lot with big smiles and snorts, I love toys.. a box full of toys I can dig through and share with you is heaven for me.  I love other animals… even kitty cats… and while I feel too excited when I have a toy or bone and foster mommy says I can be a brat, I am otherwise very good at playing with my siblings. I am perfectly potty trained and crate trained and safe to leave roaming free in the house. I am untroubled by things like stairs or new people or new experiences,  I love to ride in cars and go everywhere with you!!!

I am a lap dog. I am 100% content in your lap and would love to sleep with you but won’t complain if you prefer I sleep in my kennel. I love a nice long walk and am well behaved on my leash… great for a kid or older person to walk. I am incredibly smart and learned to sit for my meals after only 2 days of teaching!!!

Foster mommy says I have the cutest face and the funniest little tail that when I am excited goes in a circle like a helicopter instead of side to side! It makes her laugh out loud and that makes me so happy!

I would love a family that will spend lots of time with me , I am not destructive when left alone and I am incredibly patient waiting for you to just sit down and hold me. I can have furry friends (toys and bones CLOSELY MONITERED with other dogs) or I am content to be an only dog as long as I have you. Foster mommy doesn’t have kids but I do like the neighbor boys and properly introduced, I will love a child!

I do not like my rear end to be handled roughly, it frightens me and I will vocalize and tell you not to. I am not a big talker and will alert to new people but other than that I don’t really ask for much. I do like to sing to you when I am super happy though and foster mommy says that’s about the cutest sound she has ever heard! The more exercise you give me now that I have energy, the happier I will be so please let’s go on lots of fun walks and play!!!

I hear that I am really a good boy and foster mommy whispers on my head and kisses me and tells me I am somebody’s perfect match. I hope its you. I have waited so long and I know we can be best friends forever!! Please come get me!

Update 3/17:

Hathaway has completed his heartworm regime and did fantastic! He is feeling healthy and happy and is ready for his forever home!

Hathaway is the perfect best friend, good with cats and other dogs but very attached to his human. He can be a bit protective of toys and bones so I would not suggest allowing him to have these items while other dogs are nearby… but he is fine to eat dinner with his foster brother and sister and has no issues. Hathaway is perfect for a single person who wants an absolute lap dog…or great for a family who wants a dog to cuddle and play with! He is as content strolling next to you on a walk or lying in bed sleeping in. Hathaway enjoys his fenced in yard but is perfectly potty trained and crate trained so an apartment would work just fine for this sweet boy.

There is so much love in him… he absolutely just wants to please you and love you and be loved by you! He loves toys that squeak and loves to pull everything out of the toy box and sleep on his back among his toys… its precious!

Hathaway is healthy, does not bark (unless he senses something amiss)… not to mention adorable! He does not dig holes in the yard and asks for nothing except love and food!

He weighs approximately 38 lbs. but now that he has completed HW treatment, he may take 2 or so lbs off with daily walks! He walks well on a harness and leash and loves to ride in the car.

Hathaway has cataracts and we believe he may see some shadows but for the most part is completely blind… nothing slows him down and he has zero problems mapping locations and being comfortable within seconds of being somewhere new. He is great with stairs AND HAS NO FEAR of any new situations you put him in.

Hathaway will follow you everywhere forever (no more trips to the bathroom alone hahaha)… he is so quick to bond and he loves his family… he lies in my lap, legs straight up in the air belly exposed and just craves love… he loves everyone he meets and would love to be your one and only!!!!  Its impossible not to adore him!


Hathaway is a very sweet and extremely clingy and cuddly dog who really just wants to lay in your lap and be with you. His small size makes him the perfect couch companion but he is very very good in his kennel and does not bark or cry at all. He enjoys his stuffed animal but isn’t a big player with toys. He completely loves my two cats and two weims and is very gentle and kind to my current 16yr old minpin who is with me for a week. He loves his belly to be rubbed and kisses everywhere…
He is a very brave baby but does like to be assured that his beloved person is nearby. He is always happy and never seems bothered by anything even though his heartworm meds make him feel icky. He is a gentleman with food and treats and walks on a leash like a champ. Hathaway is seriously the perfect dog…. he just wants love and attention…he walks when you walk, sleeps when you sleep and goes with the flow.
Hathaway has the sweetest little prance when he walks and he looks like he is dancing everywhere he goes. He is extremely gentle with his humans and his foster siblings and I can only imagine how happy he will be with his forever home.

About Me

  • Sex Male (neutered)
  • Size Medium (34 lbs.)
  • Age 4 years, 8 months old(DOB Nov 1, 2017)
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Good with other dogs? Yes
Good with cats? Yes
Good with children? Yes


Currently fostered in Kingsport, Tennessee. (Transport is available)

Health Info

  • Vision Vision impaired(Cause: Cataracts: Can see shadows peripherally)
  • Health Notes
    Heartworm positive (being treated). Teeth worn. Cataracts completely cover iris of eyes. Skin allergy to topical meds. Otherwise very happy and healthy.

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