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Hero is a sweet, handsome, and loving dog. With his ripped lip he looks kind of scary at first, but only from the left side. He’s only been here a week and I don’t notice it much at all anymore!  His personality just shines through!  He was scared of my husband at first, not aggressive… He would just walk away quickly. Since that first day of him being scared, I now find him hanging out with my husband in different parts of the house!
Hero’s story: he came from a working cattle farm in upstate NY. Due to his diminishing vision, his owners felt he would get hurt trying to work the cattle. He arrived here on 8/3. He is now friends with the other dogs and doesn’t bother the cats at all. I have yet to hear him bark. He loves to walk around the yard in the morning, just walking and smelling everything. He is very calm. You’ll fall in love with him very quickly as he has a wonderful personality!!

Update: January 2016

Hero has been with me for almost 1 ½ years.  During that time, he has changed so much in such a positive way.  He continues to amaze me every day and I love how funny he is.  Hero is great friends with my Australian Shepherd, Sunny.  He loves to play with him and will use his paws to knock Sun’s head and body to get Sunny to run after him.  He playbows and then charges at Sunny, then runs away, then runs back.  Hero has gotten along with every dog that either lives here or has come through here…which is quite a few, all except one.  And that one is my Boxer, Bear.  For some reason, Hero does not like Bear…Hero told the pet communicator that Bear smells.  Ha!   Bear is really laid back and wants so badly to be friends with Hero but it’s just not happening.    The pet communicator said Hero has a fun personality and is very humorous, which is true.  Hero was recently diagnosed with retinal disease so what little vision he has will worsen in time, but that’s not a big deal to Hero.  He runs around the yard like a deer.  I love watching him run.  He still tries to herd us into a circle if there are a few of us out in the yard.  He’s an amazing dog and amazing to watch him perform his “job”.

Update: March 2015 –  Hero continues to progress daily with his trust and love of life, but still has a ways to go.  I work from home most days and am here with him, so he’s learned to trust females. He is still leary of men as my husband gets home from work early evening.  Hero will bark, realize it’s him, but still holds his distance.  My husband will wait for him to relax a bit, then sit with him for a little while and Hero is good.  But it’s the initial “seeing a male”, that makes Hero nervous.
Hero runs like a deer….he is super fast and flies across the yard.  We have a very large fenced in yard with plenty of room to run full speed and Hero covers that in seconds.   I would definitely recommend having a fenced in yard for him or at least a place where he can run.  
While Hero plays great with my aussie, he kind of makes my boxer (Bear) a little scared.  Hero herds / plays with my aussie and nips at his fur in the back end but he only get fur, not skin.  When he tries that with my boxer, he gets skin, so Bear comes flying to me.  I can break Hero’s concentration on Bear, just by saying his name.  He is definitely not aggressive with Bear – I think he’s trying to play / herd him.  Maybe he thinks Bear is a cow with Bear’s short fur?  I’m not sure.  Then at other times, he’s curled up next to Bear on the loveseat.  Hero gets along with every other dog he’s come across in the past 7 months, which has been beagles, lab mixes, husky/boxer mixes, longhaired chi’s, and shepherd mixes.  
Hero is now starting to chase the cats in the house now too.  He and my aussie, Sunny, thinks it’s great fun.  I’m not so sure about the fun part and I know the cats are not happy with it either.  
I brush Hero’s teeth and gums once a day to remove any build up of food.  Since he has part of his lip missing, his teeth are exposed and there is no lip to help clear the food on his left side of his mouth. He is excellent, letting me brush away.  I use a mix of coconut oil, tumeric and parsley for the toothpaste and a soft bristle tooth brush.
Hero is now confident enough to come into the bedroom on his own.   He has slept in the bedroom at night twice but usually retreats to the living room love seat for the night.  He is also brave enough to come most of the way into the kitchen.  He is funny with treats.  The first time I gave him a treat after he was better, I placed it on the loveseat in front of him.  Since that time, he thinks that’s where he needs to go to eat the treat!  Whenever I ask, “do you want a treat?”….off to the loveseat he goes.  He has taken a treat from my hand just a couple times now, but he does eat it when I’m close to him now.  A few months back, I’d have to leave the room before he’d eat his food or his treat.  I have gradually worked with him and now he’ll eat when I’m right by him.  
It is such a good feeling to see this boy progressing as he is.  Almost daily, there is more bravery in him.  He’s also defending the yard from cars coming up the driveway now!  
Hero needs a home with people who understand he’s a work in progress (and he’ll be a masterpiece when he’s done), he’s a smart guy and so very loving and he wants to trust.   He needs a home where his new family will have patience with him and a fenced in yard with room to run.  He is also great with my 5 year old granddaughter.  Whenever we speak to him, his little nub of a tail wags constantly!!
Update: 1/27/ 15 – Hero was released from the vet on November 18, 2014.  It was three months to the day he became sick on August 18. His kidneys are 100% normal. He has completely healed…an amazing miracle for all this guy went through.  He spent his first TN Christmas with us and he was so good.  We had a lot of family over, and he was part of the whole day.
I don’t think he ever lived in a house before coming into BDRA.  Our living room is his safe place, but now he’s exploring the dining room and hallway and will go to the front door.  He doesn’t come in the kitchen or bedroom yet but each day he is getting closer to both rooms.  It took him a few months to go down the hallway, he wouldn’t leave the living room for months.  If I sit on the couch, he now lays within 3 feet of me.  Before he’d be on the other side of the room.  He is just getting more and more comfortable and learning to trust.  He wants to be close, he’s just not quite there yet but making progress every day.
He also would never take food from my hand or even eat if I was semi-close to him.  If he smelled the food, he’d jerk his head away and would cower down to the other side of the room.  It would break my heart watching him.
Now, we’ve gotten to the point where when I come in the room with his food, I clink the bowl and tell him “Time to eat” and he actually will come over close (not up to it yet) but close. I can sit in the same room with him now while he eats, I can even pass by him within a few feet and he’ll continue eating.  Before, he’d stop, cower down and go to the far side of the room.  NEVER any aggression…just scared.
Previously, he wouldn’t eat treats, even if I left them and walked away, or he’d wait quite a long time before eating it.  Now, for some reason, he feels the loveseat is the spot to eat treats.  So, if I ask “who wants a treat, he’ll head to the loveseat, hop up and I can put it down right by his nose and take about 2 steps away from him and he eats it. PROGRESS!!
Just last month, if we had the fireplace going and a log would pop, he cower.  Now, he gets startled the first time it pops, but he doesn’t bother moving away.  I’m sure he’s still nervous but he’s being brave!
All in all, he’s really making good progress with the household noises and getting brave enough to venture into other parts of the house.  I can’t believe it’s almost 6 months that I’ve had him.
See a recent video of Hero here: https://animoto.com/play/zSLWCplLomi53tmxmCuHMQ

Update: November 9, 2014 –  there has been so much that has happened in the short three months since Hero has been with us.  We, and many other people  including vets , techs, volunteers and Hero’s fan club call him the MIRACLE DOG.

About two weeks after he first got here, he fell critically ill, twisted spleen, belly full of blood, blackened intestines and kidney failure.  He spent every night at the ER facility and every day at the vets.  I began to bring him home in between transporting him between vets and ER to give him a sense of home…even if it was just for an hour.  He was on fluids 24/7.  He had a feeding tube as he wouldn’t eat for a week.  He lost about 10 lbs.  He had made it through the spleen operation, and his intestines started to come back alive.  The issue remained with his kidneys.  He was in renal failure.  I’d spend hours with him on Saturday’s and Sunday’s at the ER when my vet was closed.  We’d sit outside together to get away from the hospital sounds / smells.  We’d pray, I’d whisper in those big ears of his and he’d lay across my lap on the blanket.

I tried many different foods, canned dog food, a/d,  organic chicken, beef, baby food.  He didn’t want any of it.  Then about a week after he stopped eating, someone suggested liver, so I cooked that up one morning while waiting to take him to my vets for the day.  I put the bowl down in front of him and walked away…and amazingly he ate what was in the bowl which was about a tablespoon of liver.  I was so excited, I mixed a little more of it with chicken and he ate that.  He had about three tablespoons of food.  I made more and took it to my vet when I dropped him off for the day of iv fluids.   I started making up baggies of organic chicken, beef and liver and bringing it with me to the ER for nights and my vets for the days.

His creatinine at the highest point was 11.9 and slowly, it started to come back down.  He eventually stopped the IV fluids and we started him on subq fluids daily, then dropped down to every other day, then twice a week and currently, we’re on once a week.  His creatinine is 1.8 and he goes back to the vet for another recheck onNovember 18.  We had a whole month in between vet visits this last time.  If his numbers drop again, he’ll be coming off the subq fluids.

With all the needles being stuck in him and the operation and probing, temperature taking, etc, he never once complained or growled.  He let the vets/techs do what they needed to do.

He now plays with the other dogs outside and loves to ch     ase Sunny, my Aussie.   He patrols the backyard when he goes out…making sure all is in order out there.

He does get scared when a loud noise happens and he’ll duck down and try to disappear.   He won’t take any food from my hand, including treats and he won’t eat unless I walk away from the bowl to the other side of the room.  I’m working on all that with him.

When he was in the ER every  night, I’d bring his big bed with me and he was allowed to have the bed in his kennel.   I don’t know if he ever slept on a bed prior to coming to my house, but he loved his bed.   But just last week, he discovered he could sleep on the loveseat in the living room and he gave up his precious bed for the loveseat without a moment’s hesitation.  He snuggles down between the pillows and looks so comfortable.  He’ll share the loveseat too with the other dogs.

Hero is just the best dog.  He runs around the backyard playing, his little nub of a tail wags like crazy when I talk to him, and he loves to greet me when I get up in the morning.  Hero has earned his name….he is my Hero and a great one at that.

Hero is forever in our hearts.

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  • Sex Male (neutered)
  • Size Large (60lbs)
  • Age Adult
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Good with other dogs? Yes
Good with cats? No
Good with children? Yes


Currently fostered in Tenneesee. (Transport is available)

Health Info

  • Vision Vision impaired(Cause: Juvenile Cataracts- limited vision)
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    His is missing part of his lip and is showing his teeth on his left side. The vet thinks it was due to an injury. His eye tooth is slightly pulled outward. It's very slight and not really noticeable

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