French Bulldog


Hi! My name is Izzy and I am just the cutest 11-month-old French Bulldog (I like Frenchie better). I am a very special girl who is blind from birth. I also have a neurological condition where my cerebellum seems to be a bit smaller than normal.. In my case, I walk a little wobbly and fall over sometimes and I am slow to learn things that other puppies learn easily. My inhibitions are not there so I tend to nip when I get excited or nervous, but it is not aggression. I’m like a smaller puppy that hasn’t learned to control that. Because of this, I need to be in a home with older children. I am not housebroken. It is possible that I may learn to potty outside all the time, but it is also possible that I may always have accidents. My foster mom is working with me every day and I don’t mean to have accidents, I just can’t help it. Another possibility in my future is that I may begin to have seizures. It can be years down the road, or it can be any time. If I seem like the girl for you, I hope you will do a little bit of research before applying for me. I really want to go to a home that will keep and love me forever.

I just learned how to give kisses! So, I can learn things, just takes me longer; I get around my yard with no problems and I am getting better at navigating my house. My foster mom is so excited that I learned how to give kisses and now I give her lots and lots of them just like other Frenchies do! I like to play but I lose interest quickly and go on to the next thing. My favorite thing to do is snuggle. I love taking my many naps in somebody’s arms or even squished up next to them. I also love to chew on bones but I can’t have the kind that I eat up quickly because my foster mom says I can clear out a room in an instant when I eat some treaties or bones. I don’t know what that means but everybody sure does go running! My foster mom says as long as we are careful what I eat, life is good.

Update 11/10/22: Izzy has found herself her very own chair and sleeps in it every chance that she gets. She has also started playing with toys and has a favorite ball that she likes to squeak and walk around with.

Izzy will need a quiet home loud noises disturb her and she especially is bothered by noisy visitors, train and fire whistles and loud barking. In a prolonged noisy situation she will run around and bump into everything.  It can take her a long time to settle down.

Izzy was adopted!

About Me

  • Sex Female (spayed)
  • Size Medium (15 lbs)
  • Age 1 year, 6 months old(DOB Oct 1, 2021)
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Good with other dogs? Other
Good with cats? Other
Good with children? Other


Currently fostered in Marietta, PA. (Transport is available)

Health Info

  • Vision Completely Blind(Cause: Congenital)
  • Health Notes
    Congenital blindness - possible detached retina
Good with other dogs sometimes. Unknown regarding compatibility with cats, but unlikely to get along with cats. Not good with young children.

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