Jack is a healthy and gentle little guy who wants to be with his person, always. He can be a bit timid but overall, he is game for just about anything if his person is with him. He is good with dogs and, so far, has not bothered with or noticed the cat that lives mostly in the upstairs of his foster home and who ventures downstairs each day. He loves to cuddle beside his foster mom and siblings whenever he can. He is a very spry little guy who enjoys investigating his fenced-in yard, but if he had the opportunity to take a daily leash walk, he would not need a fenced yard.

Jack has some good vision but seems to have trouble with depth perception, and his night vision is not the best. His hearing is a mystery. His foster mom is still trying to figure out his level of hearing loss and if some of it is selective hearing.

Jack is mostly house trained. He knows that being taken outside means he should go to the potty but he tends to go in the house once in a while and in very small amounts. This is probably because he lives with other dogs, and is not yet neutered and is marking. He will bark at the door when he has to have a bowel movement. He will need a bit more work on his potty skills.

Jack has blossomed since having his remaining teeth removed recently. During his dental surgery it was discovered that his dental disease was so bad that his lower jaw was actually broken clear through in at least one spot, but it started to and continues to heal nicely on its own. By Christmas it should be 100% but it does not seem to bother him at all currently. Aside from a tiny misalignment of his lower jaw, he will have no problems resulting from the break. He is now on canned food and doesn’t miss a bite of it!

Jack deserves a home where he will get a lot of snuggle time from his human(s).  A gentle doggy brother or sister would be nice for him but is not necessary for him to be happy. Although Jack is gentle, a home with a laid back, gentle doggy sibling(s) would be good for him. He would also enjoy being the only dog too, since he becomes very attached to his human.

Jack will be your shadow and best buddy, for sure!

Jack was adopted!

About Me

  • Sex Male (neutered)
  • Size Small (12 lbs.)
  • Age 11 years, 7 months old(approx. DOB Nov 8, 2011)
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Good with other dogs? Yes
Good with cats? Yes
Good with children? Unknown


Currently fostered in Lock Haven, PA. (Transport is available)

Health Info

  • Vision Vision impaired(Cause: Cataracts. Partial; Poor night vision and poor depth perception.)
  • Health Notes
    Jack is a healthy boy who had a slight tracheal cough for which he started medications on Nov. 26. Jack had severe dental disease so he recently had to have all of his teeth removed. He will be neutered on Dec.1, 2021.

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