Beagle / Hound mix


Malcolm is only blind in one eye so he can see very well. He will make a great addition to a family as he loves with his whole heart.

Malcolm was adopted!

About Me

  • Sex Male (unknown neuter status)
  • Size Medium (48 lbs)
  • Age 18 years, 4 months old(approx. DOB Jan 23, 2005)
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Good with other dogs? Yes
Good with cats? Yes
Good with children? Yes


Currently fostered in Tennessee. (Transport is available)

Health Info

  • Vision Blind in one eye(Cause: Cataract)

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Malcolm is looking for his forever home. If you think it could be yours, read more about Adopting from BDRA before submitting your application below.

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Latest Updates

  1. Malcolm has been in our foster care for two years now and is still looking for his forever home. He loves to go outside but equally loves coming back inside….especially with these cold temperatures these days. His butt wiggles so much and almost looks like he’s laughing when he’s running to come back inside the house. He does a “happy dance”! He is a sweetheart and so loving. A few months ago, he discovered he can go upstairs to my granddaughters bedroom (she’s 4) and not get in trouble. Often now, if he’s not where everyone else is, he’s upstairs, all stretched out in her bedroom, where it’s nice and quiet. He loves to be scratched behind his ears. He gets a dreamy look in his eyes and just buries his head in my hand. He loves stuffed toys – and will play and tear them apart for hours. He also loves to play tug of war with me and with the other dogs, especially Sunny, our aussie. If you saw Malcolm at an event, he typically just goes to sleep, or lays around indifferent to what is going on around him. As soon as we get home though, he’s doing his happy dance and is all excited (I think it’s all an act he puts on at events). Malcolm is now 9 years old and is so full of life with alot of love to give (and gives it freely). Won’t you consider Malcolm as your new family member?

  2. Malcolm continues to be a happy dog. We have trusted him to go off leash once in a while on the property. We live on a farm and while the farm is fenced in, it’s a lot of acres, where he can disappear from sight. He now stays within my sight and comes back when I call him. We have fields, pastures and woods and he can get a good run in. He really enjoys being able to run around outside.

    We recently fostered a puppy and the puppy would crawl all over him, biting his eyes and face. He let her know if she hurt him (sharp puppy teeth), but he would just lay there letting her crawl all over him. He still enjoys rolling in the grass and will do that everytime we go outside. He finds a nice thick patch of grass and rolls and rolls! With the weather being as nice as it’s been, he’s loves to be outside enjoying the grass and sun. We love that boy.

  3. Malcolm has spent his first Christmas with us, we’ve had him almost a year already! Merry Christmas, you sweet thing! Malcolm is a smart guy who learns very quickly. Malcolm loves to roll / rub on his back, LOVES it, whether it’s outside, inside, on carpet, on grass, on the other dogs, in the dog beds, on our bed…..loves to roll. I can only imagine, with him being in the shelter for 7 months and who knows his life before that, that he just appreciates that he can roll! And roll he does. Malcolm loves getting treats with the other dogs and has no problem sharing or waiting his turn. He lets me know when he has to go out…he comes to find me and stares, tail wagging slowly until I say “You want to go potty”?, then he turns and runs full speed to the door and gets so excited. He does a happy dance until I let him out. He takes a flying leap off the deck to the ground! He got elk antlers for Christmas and loves them, All the dogs got elk antlers and stuffed animals, balls, and squeeky toys from Santa and Malcolm loves playing tug of war with Sunny (his aussie foster brother) with the stuffed toys. Malcolm is only blind in one eye so he can see very well. He will make a great addition to a family as he loves with his whole heart.

  4. Malcolm has turned into a dog who has learned to communicate so well. His expressions are so funny. In the morning, he’s the first dog I take outside. He stretches, walks over to me still stretching, tail wagging, happy “good morning” face on…then I pick up the leash and he’s instantly awake and so excited! Leash goes on and out the door we go, just him and I. He runs for the trees (loves to poop and pee next to a tree or bush), does his business and comes running right back to me (he’s on a retractable leash) so VERY HAPPY he took care of things. Once we’re back inside the house, he rolls all over the bedroom floor, on his back with his legs in the air…glancing over at me…looks like he’s saying “look at me”! Then breakfast…”um, um good”, (his tail is constantly wagging – he wags it so hard his whole butt end moves from side to side) then some good ‘ol running through the house with Sunny and Bear, tug of war with Sunny, he finds a chew toy and will chew for a while, then time to get comfortable on the love seat and take a nap!

  5. I just finished reading an email about another dog who went through a life of torture, got out of the shelter into a foster home and died 9 days later. I look at my two fosters, Malcolm and Apollo and I’m so thankful I could take them into my home to foster them. It’s early morning and I’m watching Malcolm roll around on my bedroom floor. He turns his head every so often as he’s rolling and looks over at me. I reach my hand down to call him over and he runs over for some loving. His eyes get so dreamy when I rub behind his ears. He’s happy. I also look over at Apollo who is stretched out a few feet away from where Malcolm is rolling around on the floor. Apollo is my big guy. He hears Malcolm come over for some loving and he gets himself to a standing position and also comes over to get his share (not that the love ever runs out)!. I’m so apprecative that BDRA has allowed me to foster these guys and that I can make a difference in their lives. I get a little choked up when I think about these two great dogs and the life they had in the shelters. They deserve their forever homes, but in the meantime, they are a part of my family and they know it. I love these guys and I know their new families are out there somewhere.

  6. Malcolm is such a happy guy. He’s the smallest out of all the other dogs here but he wrestles with the big guys! They all have such a good time with each other. Malcolm still has some fear of loud noises…you’ve got to wonder what happened in his life to make him afraid. When he hears a door bang shut or another type of loud noise, he’ll almost duck down and run to the house if we’re outside. If we’re inside and there’s a loud noise…for example if I drop a plate (yep, done that a couple times), he’ll run into the next room and try to hide. But he’s progressed alot, he doesn’t flinch now when I put his harness on him or just reach down to pet him. He actually will stretch and is very relaxed most of the time when I put the harness on him. The other times, he’s just very excited to be going outside, so he’ll run to the door and look back, as if to say….”come on, come on, come on!” He is an awesome pup.

  7. Malcolm continues to suprise me with his love of life. He loves, loves, loves life!! He has alot of fun with Sunny, our Australian Shepherd and Pip, our newest foster. They play with the toys, tug of war, frisbees, and the all time favorite…wrestling!! He has his routine for going “potty”, he finds me and his butt starts wiggling like crazy. As soon as I walk towards the door, I swear he’s turning himself inside out. He loves to be outside, but when he’s done with his business, he runs for the backdoor…it’s like he can’t wait to get back inside the house where he has all the comfort he could want. He likes to lay in his bed at night, but during the day, he loves the couch. He does get very scared of thunder storms. We’ve had a couple already this year and the poor guy shakes all over. He has found a safe place in our laundry room which is right off the kitchen. He squeezes himself in front of the dryer and the wall. When it storms at night he’ll go into the crate in the bedroom. I’ve draped a blanket over the top and three sides so he feels secure and that does the trick for him also. I’ve also brought him up on our bed, held him and brought him under the covers at night during a storm and that helps him relax a bit too. But as soon as the storm passes, he’s his happy self again. He gets his dental cleaning done on 4/2…so he’ll have nice white choppers and a dazzling smile!

  8. We picked Malcolm up from the shelter on 1/25/12. He had been in the shelter for 7 months. As he saw us stop in front of his kennel, his tail started wagging and wagging! He was so happy, he flew out of the shelter out to their front grass. There Malcolm met Heaven, our other foster. He gave her a quick sniff but was really enjoying the grass. Malcolm was coming with us on a five-day trip which would include hotels and visting and staying at friends’ homes before we would start back home. Malcolm rode perfectly in the car. We had brought a crate and a new bed for him. He got in the crate with no problem and settled down for the trip. We got to the hotel room about 3 1/2 hours later. He was pretty wound up in the hotel room for the first 20 minutes or so. Then he found the couch and that was that. He had a new best friend!! He has never once had an accident in our house, friends’ houses or the hotel. We left the hotel two days later and Malcolm met our friend’s dog. He did well with that meeting, also. We stayed with her and her family for another two days. She has three girls – 2 preteen and 1 teen. Malcolm was great with them, he loved to hang in the same room with them and they loved petting him. We then took him to my sister’s house with a fenced-in yard with her two dogs, and let him run and play for hours. He was one pooped out dog when we were done for the day. He did the 10-hour drive home great, also. Getting back to our house with our 3rd foster and our two dogs was another activity filled meeting. That was Sunday. We went slowly and kept Malcolm separated from the rest of the crew until all were comfortable. I let him spend some time with them on-leash in the living room for short periods on the second day. By Wednesday, he was ready to join them full-time. And he became best friends with Sunny and Bear (our dogs). They all wrestle and play and love to run with each other outside. Malcolm has blossomed already. He would cower down when he heard a loud noise after the first couple of days out of the shelter. It’s become less and less. If I reach to pet him unexpectedly, he fliches as if he’s going to be hit. He doesn’t growl or become aggressive, just flinches. Then realizes it’s ok. He knows breakfast time and dinner time and gets so excited when I pick up the bowls to feed them. I feed them all together, but Malcolm is on leash during that time. He has a small bit of food aggression, something I am working with him on and he’s already improved. I’ve been able to move his bowl pretty close to the others. Malcolm is such a happy dog and loves to be close to, though not on top of, people. The first few days of being at home he kept his distance from the house activity. He had his safe place away from the crew but would watch them. During the day, I’d have him in my office while I was working and would bring one other dog in with us, to get him used to everyone. He now sleeps right next to Bear (our boxer) at night in the bedroom. No more separation for Malcolm, no more gates!


BDRA thanks the following supporters for sponsoring Malcolm:

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