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Update: December/2019

Marvin’s health has been fairly consistent since he started on daily doses of prednisone each day. It is wonderful to see him enthusiastic about life and his meals and treats each day. His energy level varied so greatly from day to day before he started on the long term pred protocol. Every now and then I will give him a bully stick or some kind of treat that upsets his stomach and he will skip a meal but he is usually back on track by the next meal. He actually has a very sensitive digestive tract.

Update: October/2019

Marvin is doing fantastic as far as his recovery from his chemotherapy after an incomplete removal of a mast cell tumor in his rectum in the fall of 2018. As of July, his excision spot is clear and the ultra sound on his rear lymph glands and abdomen are also clear. He does not seem to have any residual effects from his chemotherapy. He continues to have a check-up with his oncologist every 3 months.

Marvin has developed another health concern. In the spring he developed a doggy “vertigo” or vestibular issue. He quickly developed a very abrupt head tilt and walked in small circles. He was very sick in a couple ways. He could not navigate on his own because he could not walk a straight line, he was so nauseous that he ate very little and slept the majority of the days.

Antibiotics and prednisone helped him recuperate to almost 100% but after 7-10 days after the medications were stopped, this condition came back even worse than the first time. This pattern of treatment, recovery and relapse continued from spring 2019-early September 2019. Each time he was treated, the symptoms never quite cleared entirely.

At his last check-up in mid-September 2019, the decision was made to keep him on a low dose of prednisone to keep the dizziness under control and, so far, it is working. At this time, Marvin’s spunky little personality and appetite have returned to 100% but he does have on-going dizziness, causing him to stumble and he will even fall down occasionally but it does not seem to interrupt whatever mission he is on at that time! J Marvin Some of the other issues that Marvin has developed that still linger because of this condition are, being unsteady on his feet and he also has a very difficult time making his way directly to his foster mom when she calls him. He can make it to her if she repeatedly calls him and is patient but it is hard to tell if he is disoriented or if he cannot hear as well as he used to.

Through all of his adversities, Marvin still brings a smile to his foster mom’s face daily and continues to be a happy, inquisitive little man who loves his meals, treats and naps!

Update: February/2019
Marvin had a health set back a few months ago. He had a mast cell tumor removed from his rectum. The tumor was examined and it was determined that there was one spot where the edges “were not clear”. This meant that some cancer cells were left in his rectum. Marvin was such a trooper and underwent 8 chemotherapy treatments like a trooper, his last one being in December of 2018. He has had 2 check-ups since then and there is no sign of the cancer returning. He even had an ultrasound of his belly and rear end lymph glands to make sure there were no signs of tumors anywhere and he is clear at this point! Yay Marvin! He is a healthy, active little man who is waiting for a home to call his own!

Update August/2018:
Marvin has shown significant positive changes as he developed trust in his foster mom. Where he was once fear aggressive, he now realizes that his foster mom may talk in a firm voice to him at times but there is nothing to be fearful of. This improvement is too significant to capture in words.

He comes to his foster mom to seek out pets and attention and will follow her from room to room but still does not, and probably never will, like to be held for more than it takes to exchange quick kisses and to receive a few scratches. He will often come to his foster mom and look up at her, which means, “Pet me Mom”. He will stand on the floor for several minutes enjoying the attention.

Marvin’s possessiveness when eating and getting treats has also improved significantly. He waits patiently to get a treat. He is often last to get his and he is fine with that. There are several other dogs in the house with Marvin and during mealtime, although he gets very excited and wants to make sure he’s not forgotten about, food can be placed on the floor for other dogs in the house but Marvin does not even show interest in getting into other bowls. He knows where he eats and will only eat food that is placed in that spot. Marvin is very protective of chewy treats and toys and needs to be kept away from other dogs when he has one of these.

Marvin has many endearing qualities and is a good potential pet for someone who appreciates truly seeing him for who he is and does not compare him to any other dog. He shows love in his own way. It has been an interesting several months with Marvin and it’s wonderful to see him being so trusting, watching him break down the wall of fear that he had for the first several months he was in his foster home. He has taught his foster mom more than any book ever could about fear, learning to trust and showing love from a distance.

This little guy is absolutely precious, with a big personality. If you have an all-adult home, can appreciate uniqueness, have another dog or two who will not get in Marvin’s space, do NOT have other species of pets inside OR outside, then Marvin is the one for you!
Marvin is a happy, curious, fun, energetic little guy who, in no way, lets his poor vision deter him. He loves his breakfast and dinner times and snacks more than anything. Secondly, he really enjoys squeaky toys of any kind. He is learning to “sit” and to be more patient for his meals and treats. Marvin is listed as a Jack Russel Terrier mix but I do not see that breed in him.

Marvin is very smart and understands things like, “Get in your house”, which is his xpen. He goes in there to eat. Even though Marvin is food-driven and can get possessive of his food and treats when he has them, he always lets the food bowls of the other dogs in the house alone when they are eating from them, including his 8 pound miniature poodle foster sister. Marvin will snap if you try to take a treat or his food from him, therefore, he should not be in a home with young children and only with older children if they understand that he must be left alone when eating or when he has a treat or toy.

Marvin has the run of the house during the day and chooses to sleep in the upstairs bathroom on a dog bed. The only time Marvin has damaged anything in the house is when he dug at a small hole in the kitchen floor that led to a crawl space under the deck where an opossum was making a home. Marvin could smell the other animal and was relentless at trying to get to him.

Marvin had to come live with me from another foster home because he was very obsessed with the outside cats that his first foster mom had. He cannot be in a house with cats or other small animals.

Marvin wears a belly band 24/7 for me because he does not seem to care about being potty trained. He made progress toward his potty habits at his first foster home, but I have an older dog who urinates in the house quite a bit and I’m sure Marvin smells that. I really believe that if he is taken for regular walks in the morning and around dinner time, he would get onto a schedule and would improve drastically on his potty habits.
Marvin also needs to be in a crate when he is riding in a car. He can get nervous in the car and when he’s nervous you have to be careful that he doesn’t snap and try to bite. He has always been fine when I keep him in a crate while in the car.

Marvin needs a dog-experienced family with older children or no children because of being possessive of food and treats and because he can be unpredictable when he is nervous.
He really IS a fun and handsome little guy. I believe he has some trust issues and has probably been king of the hill, not having been taught that he is not the boss. I have seen Marvin calm down since he has been with me for the past 2 months. He gives me kisses and greets me at the door each time I come home. He sleeps in his xpen and would do fine sleeping with his human or in a roomy crate. To view a video of Marvin, please click here!

Marvin is forever in our hearts.

About Me

  • Sex Male (neutered)
  • Size Small (11)
  • Age Approx. 9 years old as of Jan/19
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Good with other dogs? Yes
Good with cats? No
Good with children? No


Currently fostered in Lock Haven, PA. (Transport is available)

Health Info

  • Vision Vision impaired(Cause: Glaucoma)
  • Health Notes
    Marvin had his last heartworm injection in October and did very well with the treatment

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