Beagle/Labrador Retriever


Nelson had a rough life for a while. He was living outside in poor conditions, and animal control took him from his home. He ended up in a shelter, who reached out to BDRA to help.
He is THE sweetest dog I’ve ever met, in 20 years of being involved in rescue. He just wags his tail when he gets any attention. He just wants some scratches and a soft bed to rest on. He eats well and LOVES treats. He does great with the other dogs in the house-one is bigger than him and one is only 7 pounds. He also lives with 2 guinea pigs and doesn’t bother them at all. He doesn’t interact much with the other dogs, but he’s fine with them being around. He can be trusted in the house alone. He just naps. He is doing great with housebreaking. We do sometimes put a belly band on him if he’ll be alone for a while. He’s been barking at the door to tell us he has to go out. He seems to be a bit hard of hearing. I think maybe he hears better out of one ear than the other. He sometimes has trouble figuring out exactly where you are when you call him. But he hears me come home from work and gets very excited. He goes up steps but hasn’t been as good at going down steps. He also is so cute-he loves to bark at his bed and blanket before settling down for a nap. I don’t know what he’s telling them! He is so good for anything-even bloodwork and nail trims. He isn’t great yet at walking on leash-I don’t think he’s ever been on a leash. He is just a sweet, sweet boy who is grateful for a comfy bed and a companion. And he’s SO much cuter in person. His pics just do not do him justice.

Nelson was adopted on September 30, 2019.

About Me

  • Sex Male (neutered)
  • Size Medium (38)
  • Age 11 years, 8 months old(approx. DOB Aug 1, 2011)
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Good with other dogs? Yes
Good with cats? Unknown
Good with children? Yes


Currently fostered in Woodlyn, PA. (Transport is available)

Health Info

  • Vision Completely Blind(Cause: Cataracts)
  • Health Notes
    Mild hearing impaired

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