Spaniel mix


Higgins is truly a joy to foster and have around.

O’Higgins was adopted!

About Me

  • Sex Male (unknown neuter status)
  • Size Medium (25 lbs)
  • Age 2 years (as of Jan. 2014)
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Good with other dogs? Yes
Good with cats? Yes
Good with children? Yes


Currently fostered in Pennsylvania. (Transport is available)

Health Info

  • Vision Vision impaired(Cause: He can see quite well - he has juvenile cataracts)
  • Health Notes
    He's in good health now - has juvenile cataracts and was HW positive. He went through his treatment before coming into BDRA. He finished his last treatment on 9/16/13. He came into BDRA on 9/19/13.

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O’Higgins is looking for his forever home. If you think it could be yours, read more about Adopting from BDRA before submitting your application below.

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BDRA relies on your donations to rescue blind dogs around the United States. Please consider giving in support of O’Higgins.

Latest Updates

  1. Higgins is probably the cutest dog I’ve come across! He does so many cute things like stand on his hind legs, sticks his cute little tongue out when he’s content, does this crazy head rubbing thing on the carpet when he’s playing, gives little love nips, slaps toys, wags his tail in circles when he’s really happy…I could go on and on! That’s not even mentioning the unbelievable coat he has! Have you seen it!? Look at his paws! So cool. And oh my, does he love squeakys! Higgins is very well behaved and so extremely loving. He will do best in a home that wants an active and playful dog. He will need someone who is willing to take the time to keep him stimulated physically and mentally on a daily basis. (In other words, spend quality time with him!) He gets along really well with my dogs and seems to really enjoy having a playmate, though I think he would be fine alone too as long as he’s somewhere he will get attention! He loves every single person he meets. Initially, he had some issues with stairs. With many visually impaired animals, stairs can be quite scary…especially going down. Higgins initially will need some guidance to learn the stairs length and layout, but once he memorizes them, he’s just fine. As far as his vision, I will be taking him to an eye specialist and will update the results of that meeting.

    Higgins is truly a joy to foster and have around.

  2. O’Higgins (we’ll call him Higgins) is a sweetheart. He is a happy guy, gets along great with the other dogs, cats and our 4 year old granddaughter. He loves his food and is already playing with toys. He especially loves a squeaky ball. No food aggression. He’s housebroken and walks well on leash. He also sleeps through the night without any issues. Even the first night, he slept right through.


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  • Sarah R. (Rabies Vaccine)