Oma showed up in a shelter in Georgia, the shelter contacted the Blind Dog Rescue, and Oma arrived at her BDRA foster home in Virginia in March 2021.

Oma is an 8-pound white poodle who is a good weight for her frame.  She seems to hear fairly well. She has been treated for worms that were present when she arrived at her foster home.  She is heartworm negative. Since arriving at her foster home, she has had both eyes removed due to issues with glaucoma and dry eye (she was unable to see prior to eye removal).  She had a tooth pulled, and the rest of her teeth cleaned (she only has four teeth left!).  She also had three small mammary tumors removed and biopsied. Two of the three were benign. The third was a subcutaneous mast cell tumor that was completely excised with good margins. The tumor is a less aggressive variant and unlikely to recur.

So:  Oma is now doing great and said she is ready to be adopted!!

There are so many good things to say about Oma!  She is housetrained (the few times she has had an accident are when her foster parents didn’t notice she needed to go out).  She will settle down in a crate, but prefers to be out of a crate.  She also loves to go outside (especially when the weather is warm and dry) and is doing better at walking alongside her foster parents but often, even though she has no eyes so cannot see, she leads the way.  She is a confident little dog!  At times when she is outside, she may jump into the air and spin almost all the way around in a circle!

Oma is carried up and down steps in her foster home. She would very likely not be safe walking up and down a full flight of stairs. She may be able to be taught to go up and down a step or two, but anyone adopting her would need to be prepared to carry her, perhaps permanently.

She almost always sleeps quietly through the night.  And she loves to eat.

She gets along with the dogs in her foster home and has been ignoring the cat lately.

Most of all, Oma loves people.  When she is held, she snuggles in close.  Sometimes she wraps her front legs around the adult’s arms like she is giving a hug.  Sometimes she enjoys sleeping in a lap, or sleeping right beside one of her foster parents.  She did very well at the groomer, and the groomer said she would adopt Oma herself if she didn’t already have so many dogs and cats!  She also has done well at the vet; they wrote in her first report that she is a “very sweet girl.”

Oma has not been around children while in her foster home, so it is uncertain how she would be. As is true with any dog, close supervision would be needed if Oma is around young children.

If you think you might have the perfect home for Oma, please fill out an application!  She is a delight, and someone will be very lucky to adopt her!

Omaha was adopted!

About Me

  • Sex Female (spayed)
  • Size Small (8)
  • Age 11 years, 3 months old(approx. DOB Jan 1, 2012)
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Good with other dogs? Yes
Good with cats? No
Good with children? Unknown


Currently fostered in Fairfield, VA. (Transport is available)

Health Info

  • Vision Completely Blind(Cause: Double Enucleation)

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