Boston Terrier/ Dachshund (miniature shorthaired and Dachshund wirehaired)


Update 24/02/2020

Penny is doing wonderful! She is fully potty trained, crate trained, & knows basic commands of sit, stay & give paw. Penny also walks nicely now on a leash.

Penny loves to follow her person around and enjoys belly rubs, playing with her toys and cuddling next to another dog in our home.

She continues to need her medicated eye ointment 2 x daily. (She has gained 85% of her eye sight)
Current weight is 22lbs. Penny would do well with another dog, or being an only dog. She also requires a home that has a fenced in yard.

Update 09/01/2020
Penny will be 1 yr old on January 15th. Penny is doing wonderful! She is fully potty trained, is crate trained and knows some basic commands, walking on a leash is a work in progress. Penny has recovered remarkably from the abuse she had sustained, she is not impaired emotionally or physically.

She continues to need her medicated eye ointment 2 x daily. (She has gained 80% of her eye sight)
Her current weight is 23.8lbs. Penny loves to play with her dog toys and also enjoys the companionship of another dog in our home. Penny requires a fenced yard and will do well with another dog, or being an only dog.

Update 19/11/12

Penny is doing wonderful, her eyes are making amazing progress and so is she personally and emotionally.
She has calmed down at night and will now jump up on my lap with Abi and Lucy to rest and watch Tv….yes she does watch Tv…she loves 911 and Blue bloods 🙂
She is fully potty trained , although with the cold you have to watch her, we have been letting her out by herself as she wants to play with the others in the snow.
Penny plays well with others both medium sized dogs and smaller ones, Large dogs she is still fearful of…cats she could care less. I took her to a friends house that has cats and she did try to play with them and then when the class and hissing started she walked away from the cats. All and all Penny is a fun sweet curious girl.

To watch a video of Penny playing in the snow click here.

Penny is a sweet girl who is estimated to be around 9 months old; she will weight around 25# when fully grown.
Penny had a rough start, as she was found as a stray with injuries to her neck ,muzzle and eyes. She is a fun loving , full of energy, on the go, kind of girl. She is not for the faint of heart, her energy is endless . If you are looking for a couch buddy Penny is in the evening ,or for her afternoon nap time.
Penny is very active and loves to play with dog toys or other dogs, although it takes her awhile to warm up to a new dog, but once she does she is ready to play. She is potty trained , but may have an accident or 2 in a new surrounding.
Penny feels comfortable when we go out and when we go to bed at night going into her crate which is then covered with a small fleece blanket.. She will cry for a couple minutes then quiets down and goes right to sleep.
Penny has mended well from the abuse that she had experienced, and just wants to be loved. She gives endless kiss. Penny currently has eye medicine that she will need for another 5 months.
Currently on this eye medicine she has regained 60-70% of her eye sight. Vet expects following this treatment for another couple of months she will get 80-90% of her vision back.

To watch a video of Penny, please click here.

Penny was adopted on April 22, 2020.

About Me

  • Sex Female (spayed)
  • Size Medium (22)
  • Age 4 years, 3 months old(approx. DOB Jan 15, 2019)
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Good with other dogs? Yes
Good with cats? Unknown
Good with children? Other


Currently fostered in Elburn, IL. (Transport is available)

Health Info

  • Vision Vision impaired(Cause: 85% vision in both eyes)
  • Health Notes
    Needs eye medication 2x daily. Goal with eye medicine is Penny will gain 90% of her eye sight.
She does well with children 5 years old & above and needs a fenced yard

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