Labrador Retriever / Hound mix


Penny is now about a year old, she is a happy and energetic girl.

Penny was adopted!

About Me

  • Sex Female (unspayed)
  • Size Medium (24.6 lbs (and growing))
  • Age 10 years, 6 months old(approx. DOB Dec 4, 2012)
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Good with other dogs? Yes
Good with cats? Yes
Good with children? Yes


Currently fostered in Florida. (Transport is available)

Health Info

  • Vision Blind in one eye(Cause: puncture wound to right eye)

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Penny is looking for her forever home. If you think it could be yours, read more about Adopting from BDRA before submitting your application below.

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BDRA relies on your donations to rescue blind dogs around the United States. Please consider giving in support of Penny.

Latest Updates

  1. Penny saw the vet today for her annual physical. She got all of her vaccines and she now weighs 55.5 pounds. We talked to the vet about her love of biting fire ant mounds, and she has never heard of a dog that does this. She is as baffled as we are. Penny was such a good girl, as always. She said Penny is very healthy, and was surprised at how soft Penny’s coat is. She is going to make some person a great dog.

  2. Penny is now over a year and waiting for her forever home and family. She is a sweet, smart, and strong dog. She sees very well and shows no sign of her previous eye injury.

    Penny has bonded very well to my family and is very gentle. She enjoys my 3 month old granddaughter, but is a bit overactive (read here that I am nervous – NOT that Penny has shown any aggression) when the baby is around, so she goes into her crate. She views her crate as a good place since she gets treats when she goes in. She loves to be with my adult son more than other people and will follow him, bolt to get to him, and roll around on his bed nuzzling her head on his sheets whether he is there or not.

    Penny is healthy, on flea and heartworm medication, and is about 47 pounds.

    Penny’s only need in life is a new forever family! She is a great dog who has many years left to give all the love and cuddles you could ask for. She would also love a place to run and play with you!

  3. Penny is now about a year old, she is a happy and energetic girl. She is one of the sweetest and most loving dogs I have had the honor of caring for. She gives kisses before and after anything you do for her including feeding her. I can take her food away in the middle of her eating, I can pat her and put my hand between her and her food. She just looks confused and waits for me to move back out of her way. She still is not answering to her name, but she knows “sit”, “wait”, and “come”. She is pretty good about walking on her leash, BUT her big issue is that she is a chicken! She will shy away from anything or anyone new, but once she is introduced, she is a lover again. She is NOT mean about it, but wants to go back into the house. She is crate trained and has very few accidents in the house.
    She is on a walk schedule of 4 times a day – we do not have a yard. She loves to go to the state park and walk the trails with my son, our other dog, and me. She is very obedient when she is walking. She LOVES to run and will zoom around the perimeter allowed by the leash when I say “Run!”. She also zooms the fence line at the dog park. She loves other dogs and loves to romp. She is big and a bit rough, so I have to use a lot of care when she and my little girl are playing. She loves stuffed toys and squeeky ones are her favorite.
    Penny is cat friendly, sometimes so cat friendly that they can’t get away from her paws and kisses!
    I had a neighbor who was going to apply for her, but we decided between us that Penny was not the right dog for her because she is so bonded to my house and we were afraid that she would keep coming back to my house and not to her new house. Because of this, I suggest that she go a distance away from us.

    If there are any specific things that families need or want to know, please don’t hesitate to ask!

  4. Penny is doing wonderfully. She had her last puppy shots and now weighs in at 38 pounds. She is now on adult food as the vet is trying to control her weight now. She is NOT overweight though, but she is “perfectly” portioned. She continues to be very active in spurts and loves a good romp around the house and a spin on her leash. She is very healthy and loving.

  5. Penny has proven herself to be a great pup. She is growing well and adding muscle. When she first arrived last month, she could not even jump on to the couch. Now she jumps and runs very well! She has gained about 4 pounds and the vet is thrilled. She was treated for the puncture in her right eye and it is now totally healed. She has scar tissue on the cornea, but it does not seem to affect her vision at all.

    Penny was spayed last week and has healed well. She didn’t balk about the e-collar either. Her only complaint was that she had to be kept “quiet” for a number of days to allow healing.

    She is going to make someone a great dog! Is that you?

  6. Penny is a very sweet pup who had a rough start in life. And she is so loving and full of sweetness! All she wants to do is please. She is almost house trained, working on leash training, and is crate trained. She likes to play, but is clumsy with legs seeming to go in all directions. She’s so funny to be with and to watch! She has her adult teeth, including canines, so the vet thinks she may be a month or two older than stated. Penny is an absolute doll!


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