There are so many good things to say about Pez! He is a one-year old, purebred Pekingese who had beautiful long hair, as you can see in some of the pictures. And he just got a new short hair-do which is much easier to manage. He seems to love it and he is still adorable!

Pez is housetrained and crate trained. Pez enjoys eating, and especially loves sugar snap peas! He also sleeps through the night.

He is still a puppy at heart, and loves to play with toys, especially toys with squeakers, but he is gentle with them and does not tear them apart. He also likes to play with a ball. His vision is limited, however, and he is not usually able to find a ball when it is thrown more than a couple feet away.

Pez enjoys being outside. He generally walks well on the leash, although sometimes he likes to stop and smell all the smells, and even relax in the grass. Other times, he moves along quickly, with a spring in his step, and may even want to run. Recently, there was snow at his Virginia foster home, and he really seemed to enjoy it.

Pez loves attention from people, and everyone he meets comments about what a fine dog he is. He frequently rolls over to get his belly rubbed. He enjoys sitting in a lap. Pez likes to follow his foster parents around and, if they go into another room where he can’t go, he waits at the door for their return. Pez has never growled or snapped at any person.

He has been to the groomers twice, and did very well there.

There are a couple of steps in the foster home that go from the deck to the yard. Pez has been carried up and down these steps because he has short legs and limited vision although recently he was in the yard, near the steps, and he walked right up! There are only two steps, though, and they are wide, made of rock (so not slippery), and are not too tall. Whoever adopts Pez should be prepared to carry him up and down steps.

Pez weighs 13 pounds. He is a young and healthy dog. He hears well. He is heartworm negative. His teeth are in great shape. There have been concerns about his vision though. When Pez came to BDRA in November 2019, his left eye was almost out of the socket and he had no vision in his left eye, and so it was removed. A small gland remains in the corner where the left eye was, and sometimes there is a bit of secretion from that gland which can be easily wiped away. Pez can see out of his right eye, although his vision is limited and he will bump into things at time. There is a chance that later he may need medication for or even removal of that eye. Right now, the right eye is stable and requires no treatment.

Pez is generally a quiet dog, but may bark when other dogs bark, or sometimes for attention when he is on one side of a gate and his foster parents are the other.

Prior to coming to BDRA, his former owner said he was very good with dogs and cats, and enjoyed time with other dogs in a dog park too. At his BDRA foster home, he was kept separated by a gate from the other dogs while recovering from his lengthy eye removal procedure (it took six weeks), and he has just begun to be introduced to them without being separated by a gate. While he is interested in them, he tends to approach the three other dogs in the foster home with some growling and barking. While his foster mom believes, over time, Pez could be happy with other dogs, at this time the recommendation for Pez’s adoption is that he be the only dog in the home.

Pez is curious about the cat in his foster home and will approach her, but does not growl or bark at her. However, the cat in the foster home is 21 years old, and so sleeps a lot, and stays in one room most of the time. Pez could possibly have a different reaction to a cat who is active and moving around a home.

His former owner said Pez is good with people of all ages. He has not been with children while in his BDRA foster home. Pez should be closely supervised when with young children, as all dogs should be.

Pez has a long life ahead of him, and wants very much to be loved for the very special boy he is. If you think your home is the right home for Pez, please fill out an adoption application today!

To read about Pez’s adventures, check out his blog here!

Pez was adopted on February 16, 2020.

About Me

  • Sex Male (neutered)
  • Size Small (13)
  • Age 4 years, 8 months old(approx. DOB Jul 18, 2018)
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Good with other dogs? No
Good with cats? Yes
Good with children? Unknown


Currently fostered in Fairfield, VA. (Transport is available)

Health Info

  • Vision Vision impaired(Cause: left eye removed / right eye has limited vision)

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