Pitbull Terrier

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Update: October 2019
Piper continues to do very well in her foster home. She has had a medical change that has not kept her from enjoying her favorite things, meals and snack time! She has a slightly enlarged heart, which is the beginning stage of congestive heart failure. She prefers to be in the kitchen, where her foster mom keeps the air conditioner on for her. At night, when it’s cooler she sneaks into the living room to sleep until morning. She is on one medication, benazepril, to help her heart work more efficiently. At this point, she does not have a cough and the only outward signs of her condition are panting when she is walking around.

Piper has not made progress toward potty training but after years of possibly living outside, her foster mom has accepted this and wants her to fully enjoy the life she has left as in inside pup.

Update 7-27-2018:

Piper, who acted like she may have been deaf, is not! She may have a small bit of hearing loss, but nothing significant. She is easily disoriented when she is excited to eat her meals but when the house is calm and a dog barks from upstairs or outside, she can hear it.

She continues to be a sweet lady who can’t get enough human attention but does not often beg for it. She never turns it down when offered and is never one to walk away from pets and chin scratches.

She is so deserving of a home with fewer dogs than her foster home has so that she can lie beside her human during quiet or tv time. Piper will back off quickly if she smells that there is another dog sitting beside her foster mom.

Piper continues to avoid the stairs (they are wooden and slippery) in her foster home but she handles the outsides stairs just fine. For reasons of keeping the house calm, her foster mom feels it works best for Piper to sleep downstairs on her choice of doggy beds with her foster brother at this time.

She is a healthy, 45 pound girl who has had perfect blood panels, check-ups and a urinalysis. She is definitely totally blind from cataracts. She is not in any discomfort.

She continues to LOVE meal and snack time and is not picky at all! She will still wander to her foster sibling’s dishes if they are not finished eating and will push them out of the way if they let her and if she’s not being watched. She gets away with this behavior with the smaller dogs, but does not attempt to get into the dishes of her larger foster siblings.
Piper is a beautiful senior girl (11-13 yrs) who loves a warm bed, attention from her foster mom and meal times!
She gets up to meet her foster mom when she comes home from work and loves being scratched under her chin, on her lower back and loves kisses on her head. She is excellent at kissing back!
She loves to cuddle but doesn’t quite know how to initiate it yet. Being on furniture is new to her and she seems uncomfortable so I sit on the floor for cuddles with her right now.
She is fantastic with a leash on and actually seems much more confident when it’s on her.
When she first arrived at her foster home she was very scared of walking from one surface to another, even if it was from hard wood to laminate. She had to be physically guided and shown that she was safe. She is now finding her way outside when the door is open as well as getting back inside all by herself! This is such wonderful progress for her in a short time. She can navigate 3-4 steps at a time and does better going up than down but she can do both.
Piper seems to have no idea about being house trained but she definitely knows that when she is outside it is time to potty. She does not show an obvious cue as to when she has to go outside to potty.
She is only around adults and other dogs. She does fine around other dogs as long as they don’t get in her space. She will growl and bark if they do. She has never bitten another dog. She will try to gently get into other dog bowls during meal time, but with a gentle, “No Piper” she leaves them alone. I do not want to separate her at meal time because she IS learning that she cannot get into other dishes and I want her to master that skill and it appears she will, soon. She is always supervised closely during meal time.
Overall, Piper is a sweet older girl who loves people. She will make a great addition to a quiet home with older children who know how to be respectful toward animals or to an all-adult home.

Piper is forever in our hearts.

About Me

  • Sex Female (spayed)
  • Size Medium (45)
  • Age Senior
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Good with other dogs? Other
Good with cats? Unknown
Good with children? Unknown


Currently fostered in Lock Haven, PA. (Transport is available)

Health Info

  • Vision Completely Blind(Cause: Cataracts)

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