Quincy Ann

Poodle / Schnauzer


Quincy Ann came to us from an owner who was unable to care for her and wanted her to have a better life.  Other than her blindness, she is a typical young 4 month old puppy in all respects!  She’s always looking to play.  We’re currently working on playing without her mouth constantly nibbling on everything. Quincy Ann also likes to explore outside, but hasn’t yet connected that with doing her business outside.

Quincy Ann enjoys playing with another puppy in her foster home, and is learning to take rebuffs from the adult dogs in the home.  Her foster parent has been working on the “sit” command with Quincy Ann using treats as a lure to sit.  It’s still a work in progress.

Quincy does pretty well at following voice or sound in order to come when called.  She tilts her head when navigating her steps, like she’s listening and trying to see around the scarring on her eye.

If you would like to make Quincy Ann a member of your family, please complete an adoption application.

Quincy Ann was adopted!

About Me

  • Sex Female (unspayed)
  • Size Small (7 lbs)
  • Age 1 year, 3 months old(DOB Nov 22, 2021)
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Good with other dogs? Yes
Good with cats? Unknown
Good with children? Yes


Currently fostered in Indianapolis, IN. (Transport is available)

Health Info

  • Vision Completely Blind(Cause: Birth defect)
Almost completely blind. Maybe 15% sight. Quincy Ann is missing her right eye due to a birth defect. Her left eye is scarred due to her being born with her eyes open instead of sealed shut as normal.

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