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Update: 10/21/2021

The sweet foster girl I’ve had since the beginning of Aug has joined our Forever Foster crew. This is a mostly bitter, tiny bit sweet situation.

She is diabetic and has just had one health issue after another.  Her liver enzymes went from perfect in Aug to through the roof and getting worse the last couple of weeks.  After an ultrasound and x-rays, it was determined that my sweet girl is riddled with tumors in her pancreas, kidneys, liver, and possibly her digestive tract. Her trachea is being pushed upward by a mass on her heart or the lymph node (swollen) close to her heart.

I spent the last two days crying and feeling totally helpless for this girl.  She was supposed to have surgery on her leg yesterday and then would be ready to be taken off of “medical hold”.

She is a local OS pup and her daddy and I have kept in contact every few weeks.  I had to call and give him the news and it was a very emotional call for both of us.

If her time comes during office hours, I will take her daddy with me so he can be with her during her last moments.

We don’t know if she has a few weeks or a few months.

She is VERY happy and shows very few signs of being sick at all right now. I am headed to the store to get her some filet mignon and chicken breast to add to her meals.  Yes, it’s approved by the vet. 🙂

She is such a sweet girl and she is only 8 years old and has overcome so many other health issues since Aug.  This current issue is not treatable.  🙁


Rebecca is a gentle little pug mix girl who enjoys lap time with her human, meal time and lying in the sun. Rebecca gets along very well with other dogs, cats, and people of all ages but she does not need another dog in her home to be happy.

Since Rebecca came to her foster home in early August, she has been working hard and doing really well at getting her blood sugar levels lowered, she had a few teeth pulled during her teeth cleaning and will have a ligament repaired on her back leg on September 21st.  After her recovery from that leg surgery and a good blood sugar check, she will be ready to find her forever home. She is diabetic but that doesn’t affect her quality of life one bit.  One bottle of her insulin lasts 6 weeks (but must be discarded after 6 weeks even if there is insulin left in the vial) and only costs about 25.00 per bottle. Rebecca is excellent about taking her shots that are very easy to give.  She is not on any other medications and is doing very well on a consistent and regular dog food diet of dry kibble at this time.

Rebecca has only been blind since this past winter (2021) but she seems to have finally adjusted to her total loss of sight and she has excellent hearing. Her confidence has increased drastically in the past several weeks and she no longer seems to be depressed. She cannot go down more than 1-2 stairs at a time but can go up one or two to get back into the house from the yard. If there are stairs in her new home, they will have to be gated.
She rides well in the car, lying down right away, but will quietly whine for the first few minutes of her ride. She finds a lot of comfort in pets and will nudge your hand to get one.  She also settles in quickly and falls into a deep sleep when on her foster mom’s lap but is also very happy in a bed on the floor.

Rebecca loves to take walks and does well on her leash.  She is potty trained but takes her good old time pottying when taken outside.  She loves her walks but supervised yard time in a safe and secure, fenced in yard would also be fine for her.

Rebecca is a joy to have as a foster dog and she deserves to have a home to call her own.

Rebecca is forever in our hearts.

About Me

  • Sex Female (spayed)
  • Size Small (20 lbs.)
  • Age 9 years, 10 months old(DOB Aug 6, 2013)
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Good with other dogs? Yes
Good with cats? Yes
Good with children? Yes


Currently fostered in Lock Haven, PA. (Transport is available)

Health Info

  • Vision Completely Blind(Cause: Cataracts due to diabetes)
  • Health Notes
    Rebecca is a healthy girl with diabetes. She will have ligament repair surgery on September 21st. She will need to recover from that surgery and her blood sugar levels will need to be consistent before she can be adopted.

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