Shepherd/Golden Retriever


Rex saw an ophthalmologist on Feb 13, 2020. He got a great report! He is a great candidate for Ketorolac Tromethamine drops, which are the drops that are used to improve cataracts. He is scheduled to see the ophthalmologist in May to see if or how much improvement there has been. We are very hopeful that his vision will improve significantly. He is also on Optixcare, which is to treat inflammation. If the drops work to improve his vision, he will have to be on them for life. He takes them very well and they are fairly inexpensive, running about 25.00 for a 6 weeks supply. We are very happy for Rex! Rex was moved to another foster home as he wasn’t getting along with one of the males in his first home. Rex’s best friend and play buddy was a 10 month old, 20 pound female in his first foster home.

Rex is a young, handsome, healthy, well-behaved, medium energy boy. He loves attention and cuddling with his foster mom. He is house trained and walks pretty well on a leash with just a little pulling which could be because he is curious on walks and wants to sniff everything. He is a great combination of being a couch potato but can also kick it into gear to be on the go to take long walks.
Rex does well in a wire kennel when his foster mom is at work but is not happy in there at night. He sleeps very well at the bottom of his foster mom’s bed without making a peep all night.
As of January 20th, he has only been in his foster home for about 10 days but is doing well with several other dogs in the house who range from an 8 pound poodle to a 65 pound lab mix. He enjoys playing with the younger dogs and pays no attention to ones who aren’t interested in him. There has been no aggression initiated by Rex, even when others get close to his food dish when he’s eating. He did defend himself by barking and growling when another dog growled at him for getting too close to a toy at one point.
Rex is very comfortable and happy to be close to his foster mom and listens to her. He is leery around men if they talk loudly or with an excited tone. He warms up to men but a man will need to be very patient to win his trust. He’s had pne introduction to a young child who did not approach Rex
Rex’s foster home has 2 kitties that live upstairs. Rex does fine knowing the cats are there and walking by their closed door at night when he goes to be up there but he wanted to chase the cats when an introduction was tried. A house without kitties would be recommended for Rex.
Rex has cataracts and appears to have no vision in his right eye but he does have some vision in his left eye. As the cataracts mature, he will probably lose all of his vision. He has an appointment to see an ophthalmologist in February. An update will be posted after that visit.
Rex will make a wonderful addition to someone’s home. He is very ready to have a forever home to call his own! Please consider making Rex a part of your family.
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Rex was adopted on July 1, 2020.

About Me

  • Sex Male (neutered)
  • Size Large (60)
  • Age 5 years, 8 months old(approx. DOB Jul 14, 2017)
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Good with other dogs? Yes
Good with cats? Other
Good with children? Other

Health Info

  • Vision Vision impaired(Cause: cataracts)

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