Labrador Retriever/Pit Bull Terrier

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Videos:  https://www.youtube.com/watchRyder

Update 3/24/2022:
Ryder is a very happy boy and loves to be outside, meeting new people, and other dogs. He can get very excited so may not be good with small children. He does need some work with walking on leash and has improved a lot since he arrived at BDRA. He is a good eater and drinker. He does listen well when given the opportunity to be off leash. He is food motivated which helps with any training.

Overall he’s very loving and eager to please. I think he’d make a wonderful addition to someone’s family!

Update 10/7/2021:  Ryder is heartworm negative and a faint positive for ehrlichia, but is not showing any symptoms of active infection and so being monitored only.

Good w/other dogs
Crate trained
House trained
Food motivated
Needs leash training

Ryder came to me a little stressed and possibly anxious about the sudden changes he underwent to come to me – leaving his home and being transferred with many people on his way to MA quarantine for 2 days and then to me.

In  his time with me he has learned that he is safe and that my dogs (especially my blind guy) are friends. It did take him some time to settle but once he was comfortable he has become part of the family.

He is a very friendly dog. He can get very excited when he meets someone new and is a little jumpy and we are working on it. I have fostered worse dogs with this particular issue and he has improved but not perfect. He never leaves the ground but will get his front paws up on you. I live right next to a college campus and we go for walks several times a week on campus so he meets many of the college students who love to say Hello! The students love the dogs as many have their own and miss them but some just love the playfulness of the pups and love to pet them.

Ryder loves to play tug of war. Unfortunately my shoulders aren’t what they used to be so I can only play so long with him. He knows the word “crate” and goes right inside when he hears “Ryder, crate”. He listens better than my own dogs and has done well off leash in my yard. Sometimes he needs a little verbal correction as he can get excited and bump into things. We are working on the “Careful” command with him so he knows to stop before he bumps into objects.

Ryder is good with youngish kids but can get too excited and may knock them over. He loves people and other dogs. He and my blind guy will wrestle, play tug, and just follow each other, well at least as 2 blind dogs can 🙂

Ryder’s only real issue is leash walking. He is a man on a mission when he walks and loves to sniff everything and mark along the way. The only thing that has helped me with his pulling is using a prong collar. Many people do not approve of these collars but he was familiar with it and has had no issue with me putting it on him. Using it has allowed me to actually walk him with at least one of my other dogs. He is food motivated and this may help with training him to walk properly on leash. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to dedicate to this especially after the time change.

Ryder is fine when I leave for the day and has not caused a single problem. He howls initially when I leave but it only seems to last for a relatively short while. I crated him when I left but now he is left in the bedroom with my dogs. He has never had an accident in the house (one of the few fosters I’ve had to not even have 1 accident).

Overall Ryder would make a great companion for someone who is home fairly often and possibly has another dog to keep him company (the latter isn’t necessary but would be beneficial for Ryder).

About Me

  • Sex Male (not neutered)
  • Size Large (75 lbs)
  • Age 4 years, 9 months old(DOB Feb 2, 2018)
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Good with other dogs? Other
Good with cats? Unknown
Good with children? Yes


Currently fostered in Worcester, Massachusetts. (Transport is available)

Health Info

  • Vision Completely Blind(Cause: retinal detachment and cataracts)
Ryder will be seeing a vet shortly. We will update asap with the results of Ryder's 4Dx. Ryder will be neutered prior to adoption.

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