Yorkshire Terrier "Yorkie"

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It is impossible to pick one thing that makes Sammy special because everything about him is special! Sam has grown leaps and bounds since I decided to foster him. I have seen him go from extremely cautious and anxious, to mellow, content and super chill. He went from having accidents inside to now letting us know when he needs to go out. He has adjusted beautifully and I’m so proud of him for learning to trust again. He LOVES to be LOVED, CUDDLED, PETTED, SNUGGLED and around people more than anything else in this world (except maybe for treats)! One of his favorite things to do is curl up on my lap and take a snooze. His second favorite thing is to climb into one of his big dog beds in front of the wood stove and go into total relaxation mode. He will lay on his back, paws up and is in complete bliss! He loves to give kisses and have the sides of his face and in-between his brow rubbed. He will lift his head back and close his eyes, soaking it all up! He knows several commands and as soon as he hears the treat bag, he is sitting down, lifting his paw and then the other, knowing that this is gonna get him something tasty. He is a gentle treat taker too!

Sammy is great on a leash and enjoys strolls around the neighborhood sniffing and exploring. He has had a fenced in yard and is a pro navigating around and knows how to come back to the door all on his own. He will sit and wait patiently or give a little paw to let me know he is ready. He loves his outdoor time sniffing everything he can at least once or twice! He gets a little pep in his step when he knows it is time to go out.

He has mapped out the house well but at times bumps into things here and there. It doesn’t discourage him though. He eventually finds his way and follows voices VERY WELL. He can climb up and down stairs with no problems!

Sam is a licker and we aren’t sure if it is allergies or some anxiety but it has been improving! He handles redirection well with this. He gets very excited when people come over (especially women – he is a ladies man) and can be a little chatty but we have worked with him on this and he has made great strides forward! He just wants people to know he is there as he adores the attention. Sam is a star when it comes to cleaning his bowl. He loves his food!!

Sam is crate trained and after initial whines and whimpers when I first got him, he has had no issues with his kennel. He sleeps through the night in it and will hang out in it when we are out and about during the day. Sam enjoys a good chew toy but can be a little selfish with them. We have worked on this and he does much better but wouldn’t recommend him chewing on them if other dogs are around. Although Sammy enjoys going places and doing things, he is not a huge fan of car rides. He tells me he loves getting where we are going just not the ride there!

I could go on and on about Sam and what an amazing dog he is! He has won over our hearts with his goofy, sweet, quirky disposition. He is the biggest love bug, cuddle monster I’ve ever met. He is so deserving of finding his place to settle in for the rest of his years. He has been bounced around and is ready to find that forever lap that he can snooze on. All Sam wants is to know he belongs to someone and that they won’t give up on him. His resilience and how well he has adjusted continues to impress me. He would like a companion that enjoys easy, relaxing days, long walks and LOTS of snuggles. He would thrive best as the only dog in the house and with someone who is home with him most of the time.

Just one look at handsome Sam and you will be hooked! He is simply the BEST!

About Me

  • Sex Male (neutered)
  • Size Small (23 lbs)
  • Age 8 years, 10 months old(DOB Jul 16, 2014)
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Good with other dogs? Other
Good with cats? Unknown
Good with children? Other


Currently fostered in New Milford, CT. (Transport is available)

Health Info

  • Vision Completely Blind(Cause: Possible corneal dystrophy. Blindness most likely caused by SARDS (sudden)
  • Health Notes
    Last seen on 2/22/2023 to check on eye infection. Eyes cleared up. Put on apoquel to see if it helps with licking of paws and legs. He is also on fluoxetine to help with anxiety (10 mg tab once a day).
Overall Sammy does well with other dogs but prefers a quiet environment. He would do best as the only dog in the house. He has been great with the kids he has been around. He does get very excited and will jump a lot and lick, trying to find where they are at. I have not seen him around children for extended periods of time.

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