Update 3-7-2022
Spencer has been in his foster home for about 3 months and his personality has fully emerged.  He continues to love people of all ages and is still excellent with other dogs.  Although he is a calm boy all night long and while his foster mom is at work, he would also love a family who is active.  He seems to have turned into a more high-medium energy dog since being in his foster home for a while.  While the others are napping, he will sometimes just sit, stand or walk around investigating the house, almost like he wants to go and do something. He enjoys investigating with his nose and it is believed he’d like to be outside with his people a little more than he is now, even though it is believed that he’d also be fine to be inside with his people to keep him busy.  Spencer can be a chewer at times so he does not have full, unsupervised, run of the house when his foster mom is at work and stays in a 3’x6′ xpen inside during this time.  Regular exercise could very well curb this behavior.

Update 2-17-2022

Spencer continues to be a sweet and gentle guy.  He had 2 back teeth pulled during his dental but he has no problem eating his kibble and his teeth are now shiny and bright!
He continues to be on drops for his eyes and his doctor says his sight has improved and could continue to improve for several months yet.  His foster mom does not think he can see anything from his left eye and minimally from his right eye.  His pressures are good on the drops.
He loves going places and loves taking walks to sniff everything he can.  A daily walk for Spencer would be good and a car ride a few times each week would be great.  He is very good with other dogs, men, women and children of all ages.
His interest in cats seems to be such that he may have never had exposure to them before.  Along with living with 2 cats now, he was recently in a home who had a very dog-savvy kitty.  The cat had no problem letting Spencer sniff in his very pushy way, by shoving his nose deep into the kitty’s fur and he even “mouthed” it’s fur but was not aggressive.  Spencer laid down when the cat left and got curious again when he could smell the cat come close several times but was not over-the-top, although he was on a leash to remind him to stay.  He may take several weeks of getting to know the kitty but it is thought that Spencer would do fine in a home with a cat who is used to being around dogs and who can set limits if the dog gets too pushy and with people who are comfortable and confident with introducing Spencer and the cat.  Spencer’s foster mom can answer any questions you may have about this topic.

Spencer is such a people dog and a love-bug!  He has never shown any signs of aggression toward dogs or people.  He adores being right next to his person, getting pets and being in the car.  He lays down almost immediately and is the best boy ever on his rides.  He gets along very well with his foster siblings ranging from a 7 lb poodle to a 65 lb lab mix.  There are 2 cats that live upstairs in his foster home and he shows a bit too much interest in them through the gate to say that he’d do ok living with cats.  At this time, cats in the home would not be recommended for Spencer.  Spencer’s energy level is the perfect combination of medium and low, liking to nap all day long or having a big day with traveling and long walks.  He can do either and loves both!  Spencer is fully potty trained and walks well on a leash.  He has not been around children yet, but that will be checked out and updated when more is known.  Spencer is having a dental in mid-February and will have his follow-up visit with the ophthalmologist around the same time. It is not anticipated that Spencer will lose many, if any, teeth during his dental.  Right now, he is on eye drops 3x/day for glaucoma and we are still trying to determine some things with his eyes.  He appears to have no vision in one eye and appears to only see light and dark contrasts in the other, leaving him able to see walls but not much else.  He is the best boy ever when getting his drops. He knows when it’s medicine time and walks right over to his foster mom and puts his chin on her leg to get them.  He takes his treat ever so gently from her hand afterward.  Spencer will make a wonderful addition to just about any family and he is very excited to find his forever home after we know more about his eyes in mid-February.

Spencer was adopted!

About Me

  • Sex Male (neutered)
  • Size Medium (37 lbs.)
  • Age 8 years, 2 months old(DOB Jan 8, 2015)
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Good with other dogs? Yes
Good with cats? Other
Good with children? Other


Currently fostered in Pennsville, NJ. (Transport is available)

Health Info

  • Vision Completely Blind(Cause: Glaucoma/some congenital issues)
  • Health Notes
    Spencer is a healthy boy with some tartar on his teeth that will be removed during his dental in mid-February.
It is anticipated that he will be fine with children. Profile will be updated when confirmed.

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