American Bulldog/Pit Bull Terrier

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Storm is such an easy-going, gentle, and teachable dog.  She loves cuddling and getting a good back-scratch. We tuck her in bed every night underneath her blanket.  She can see things that are within about 2 feet in front of her.  She has no problem navigating through the house and knows how to go out to the backyard and find her way back inside.

Storm can also be very stubborn!  She loves to be outside, and will sleep in the sun all day if we let her.  On really hot days, we have to practically drag her inside!  Storm has no problem sharing her dog bed with the other dogs.  But if there is no room, she will squeeze herself onto the bed until someone moves!

Storm’s story is a bit of a miracle.  She was abandoned in the basement of a home when the residents were evicted.  She survived for 3 weeks until the landlord found her.  We don’t know how she managed to get through this time, but we are so glad she did!

Storm has a spinal injury that makes her back legs very stiff but she has no trouble getting around, although she can be a little wobbly at times.  She walks like a crocodile!  The spinal injury does not cause her any discomfort or incontinence.  She is housebroken, but sometimes has accidents (urine only) in the house if she can’t make it outside in time.

Her gallbladder and liver function is currently being monitored by bloodwork and she takes a few antibiotics.  She has learned how to take her medicine in a scoop of peanut butter – it’s adorable!  Storm recently had a dental cleaning and she did not need any extractions.  The vet reported that her teeth are in good shape.

Her beautiful blue eyes melt my heart!  And I love it when she tucks her head under my arm when I’m loving on her.  She is a joy to have around!

Storm is forever in our hearts.

About Me

  • Sex Female (spayed)
  • Size Large (55 lbs.)
  • Age 10 years as of 7/9/2021
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Good with other dogs? Yes
Good with cats? Yes
Good with children? Yes


Currently fostered in South Jersey. (Transport is available)

Health Info

  • Vision Vision impaired(Cause: Immature Cataracts)
  • Health Notes
    Deaf since birth. Spinal Injury, difficulty walking. Gallbladder & liver function abnormal

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