Jack Russell Terrier mix

Available for adoption!

Sushi loves to cuddle and would love to have her own person and family; however she would do best as an only dog so she can get all the love to herself. She travels great in the car and will either sit on your lap for a short trip or in the backseat with a doggy car seat. She is housetrained and will go to the door to let you know she has to go potty. She eats like a champ and takes her insulin well. She also does great at the vet and loves her vet clinic friends. She sleeps through the night and is very easy going.
Sushi is not interested in toys but loves to chew on vet approved bones. She loves to sleep on the couch with a comfy blanket, and she uses dog steps to get up on the couch.  She can safely jump down as long as the floor is not slippery. I have a dog stroller for Sushi and she happily will sit in it and go for a ride or sleep in it when I am sitting at the computer. She enjoys going for short walks and gets excited when you put her leash on! She also does a very funny trot out in the backyard.

About Me

  • Sex Female (spayed)
  • Size Medium (22 lbs.)
  • Age 7 years, 7 months old(DOB Aug 24, 2015)
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Good with other dogs? No
Good with cats? Yes
Good with children? Yes


Currently fostered in Higganum, Connecticut. (Transport is available)

Health Info

  • Vision Completely Blind(Cause: Cataract, Corneal Pigmentation, Corneal Edema)
  • Health Notes
    Sushi is hypothyroid and is currently taking medication. She is diabetic and currently takes 5 units of insulin 2x per day. Sushi has tested positive for heartworm and is getting a "slow kill treatment". Her Knotts test (used to test for the presence of heartworm microfilaria in blood) was negative and her heart x-rays were also negative.

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Sushi is looking for her forever home. If you think it could be yours, read more about Adopting from BDRA before submitting your application below.

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