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Tiffany’s Tale:

“Whew! The drive up from Tennessee was looooong – 2 whole days.  But I had the kindest people taking me – so many new friends!

It was hard leaving my old home.  Because I’m deaf AND blind, I kept stepping on the other dogs and getting lost, and it was just getting to be too much for an old lady like me (I’m 16 years young, just for the record)

The kind people from Blind Dog Rescue Alliance took me to my new home.  They said it was just a temporary foster home, until they found me a home of my own that would better understand what I needed.

Well, I’ll tell you what, this temporary home is wonderful!  I have my very own space – my “lady lounge”, with comfy pillows and blankets.  My foster mom brings me delicious food twice a day and gives me ear scratches just when I want them.  I have a foster brother who seems to be pretty small, and doesn’t bother me at all – though sometimes I do bump into him – sorry bud!

The best thing is all the peace and quiet.  And everything just stays the same, which is great for me.  My brain gets a little foggy – that’s old age for you.  My foster mom doesn’t ever seem to mind when I pee or poo in the house – she puts special papers on the ground for me to use.  And she lets me just stroll around the house, even if it’s in circles.  Though sometimes, when I can’t stop myself, she helps me get settled back in my lady lounge.

We got the best news the other day!  BDRA decided that I can stay here for as long as I want!!!  I was a little worried that I’d have to take another trip and try to get used to another home – it can be too much for us seniors, all that shuffling around.  It was such a relief to have BDRA tell me that this is my forever home.

I have my very own quiet home, with my very own person who loves me and feeds me and scratches my ears just right.  Thank you for helping me find this special place to rest my old weary bones.

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Tiffany is forever in our hearts.

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