Toby II

Shih Tzu


1/7/19 We have some new information about Toby. We will NOT be removing his eyes. The ophthalmologist believes that there is a good chance that Toby’s eye sight and dry eye condition will improve significantly if he is kept on the Tacrolimus and then put on meds that can “repair his cornea and decrease his cataract(s).”

Toby is as sweet as can be. He is an adult shih tzu who was confiscated from a neglectful situation. Toby was in that home for 7 ½ years. It is not known if that home was his first, so his age is not known for sure. Unfortunately, due to the severe matting of his fur for an extended time, he has lost his sight. Despite everything he has been through, he is adjusting very quickly to a life that is becoming less and less painful with each day.
Toby has been recovering from medical procedures, adjusting to his new life and catching up on his rest in a pack’n play crib in his foster home and he loves it! He is able to hear and smell his foster siblings through the mesh but he remains safe and secure in a soft crib that’s all his! When he is put onto the floor to investigate and to get to know his foster siblings, he will let his foster mom know when he wants back into his “castle” by scratching on the mesh of his crib. He also eats his meals in there because he becomes protective of his food and does not want to share with anyone.
Toby loves human attention and will rub his little face on his human for quite a while when he is sitting on a lap. He has an adorable face and it is only made cuter by his tongue, which sticks out a bit to the one side, since having his teeth removed. He is gentle and very trusting of his human.
Toby is a very quiet little guy and loves nothing more than napping on a warm lap or in his crib for many hours each day. He enjoys sleeping and playing with stuffed animals, especially, getting new ones. He will shake and toss them into the air when playing. He does not destroy them.
Toby is house trained but since he is in his crib, waits to be taken outside to potty. It is not known if he will indicate the need to go by going to the door. He does not bark when he has to go, he is just taken outside and he knows what he needs to do out there. He is able to find his way back in by himself.
Toby can be scared of some of his larger foster siblings and will let them know when they have invaded his personal space by barking and snapping in their direction. He calms down immediately when the dog backs off. Overall, Toby is fine with other dogs who do not challenge him during meal time and if he doesn’t feel threatened by them entering his personal space. Toby is very indifferent to cats and would do fine in a home with them. He has not been exposed to children in his foster home.
Toby was diagnosed with hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid). He will be on an inexpensive medication for the rest of his life for that. The medication costs $9.00 for a 4 month’s supply. The small pill is placed into his food bowl each morning and he gobbles it right down once a day.

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Toby II was adopted on March 31, 2019.

About Me

  • Sex Male (neutered)
  • Size Small (11)
  • Age Approx. 7.5 years old at intake
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Good with other dogs? Other
Good with cats? Yes
Good with children? Unknown


Currently fostered in Lockhaven, PA. (Transport is available)

Health Info

  • Vision Vision impaired(Cause: Long-term severe matting. Blind in one eye & limited vision in the other)
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