Shih Tzu/Pekingese


Wisteria ended up in a shelter in Louisiana in early July 2021. She was in rough shape and needed her hair shaved off because it was so matted. She came to the Blind Dog Rescue in August to be fostered. Currently, she is living in a BDRA foster home in Virginia.

We often do not know a dog’s story before they end up in a shelter and that is true for Wisteria – we don’t know what her life was like before – but the best guess, based on her behavior since she arrived in her foster home, is Wisteria spent her life confined in a crate or small pen, with little to no care, including no expectation to be housetrained. She also doesn’t seem to have spent much time outside and when she arrived, she acted like she had never walked on a leash or worn a collar or harness. She can be easily startled by new and unexpected sounds and events. She doesn’t seem like anyone took care of her or loved her much before.

For the first week at her foster home, she mostly stood still out in the yard or sat down. Then, a little while after she came inside, she would pee or poop. The good news is she is slowly getting better with the housetraining! She is now usually clean and dry overnight, and is peeing and pooping more in the yard during the day. She always begins to quickly spin in circles when she needs to go, so that is helpful!

And she is starting to walk very short distances in the yard, and sometimes now she will briefly sniff the grass like the other dogs do. She still gets a little surprised by the leash attached to her harness.

Wisteria seems mildly interested in the other dogs in her foster home and is indifferent to the cats. She loves attention from her foster parents. And she LOVES to eat more than anything else, which is a great thing because her foster parents use treats to encourage housetraining and other good behavior and also because she is a little underweight. Right now, she weighs 8 pounds.

She is being treated for bilateral ear infections and she has very mild dry eye in her right eye so gets medication twice a day in that eye. She has healed corneal ulcers on both eyes which affect her vision but she definitely can see and hear. There is a small bit of tarter on her teeth but she is not in need of a dental at this time. It is expected that within the next year she will need a dental.

She sleeps quietly through the night in her indoor pen and is generally quiet during the day – so far – although she makes occasional snorting sounds due to her pushed-in nose. She is beginning to enjoy “sofatime” in the evening with her foster mom and two of the other dogs in the home. She loves to lick people and sometimes licks her dog bed too!

The only steps to navigate in the foster home are two that go from the deck to the yard. At this point, Wisteria is carried in and out of the house.

She has snapped a couple of times but overall has done remarkably well adjusting to all the changes in her life. She is having a lot of new experiences in her foster home and is still learning to trust her foster parents to take good care of her.

She is estimated to be 6 years old, so it is expected she will have a long life ahead of her, although with any rescue dog, especially when the past is unknown, the future is also uncertain. The groomer who saw her after she arrived at her foster home guesses she is not 100% Shih Tzu, and might have something like Pekingese also in her. No matter what, she is adorable! And she has a little underbite. And she loves to turn her head from side to side when someone is talking to her. If you look closely at the pictures, you will see her coat is a combination of creamy white and tan. Once her hair grows back out, she will be extra beautiful!

Wisteria has not had experience around young children since she arrived in her foster home and based on what is known about her so far, it would be best that there be no young children in her adoptive home.

She needs an experienced dog parent, a very special someone who understands she is learning a lot of new things. Ideally, her adopter will be home most to all of the time to be able to continue to work on housetraining and to give her lots of love. If you think you can provide this special dog the wonderful home she deserves, a home that is full of love, understanding, and patience, fill out an application today! It is expected she will be off medical hold very soon, when her ear infections have cleared.

Wisteria was adopted!

About Me

  • Sex Female (spayed)
  • Size Small (8 lbs.)
  • Age 8 years old(approx. DOB Jan 1, 2015)
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Good with other dogs? Yes
Good with cats? Other
Good with children? Other


Currently fostered in Fairfield, Virginia. (Transport is available)

Health Info

  • Vision Vision impaired(Cause: Corneal ulcers (healed))
Indifferent to cats. Not recommended to be with young children.

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