Starla Fundraiser

Update 7/19/2018

It is with a very heavy heart that we share this news. Starla had several medical issues and went through four dental surgeries due to the poor condition of her teeth and mouth. We were thrilled to be able to give Starla a chance for a happy and healthy life and were encouraged that she continued to do well. Sadly, she developed additional significant medical issues that would have required further surgeries. After a long discussion, we decided it was best that she didn’t go through these additional surgeries and the difficult decision was made to say goodbye and let her go to the Bridge. Starla touched many hearts, and we are grateful to all of her supporters and to everyone who kept her in their thoughts.

We have raised $1055 so far. A big thank you to the following supporters:
Debbie W.
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Andi G.
Renee R.
Toby L.
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Starla is a beautiful 10 year old blind and deaf chocolate poodle being fostered in a Virginia BDRA home.  She came from an area shelter in very rough shape – underweight with torn paw pads, numerous lumps (one was large and bleeding), a very infected mouth, and significant eye issues. Since arriving at her foster home, Starla has had four surgeries in four weeks! During the first surgery, she had 13 teeth and three lumps removed (all benign!).  Unfortunately, the dental stitches pulled out, so the vet went in again to restitch. Then the stitches came out again, and Starla went in for her third surgery.  When the stitches came out once more, she was referred to a specialty vet clinic, and a few weeks ago a fourth surgery was done.  Starla had skin grafts, more stitches, and a temporary esophagostomy tube placed for food and meds (although she is able to eat food the consistency of pudding).  Everyone is praying the stitches will hold this time.  The vet at the specialty clinic said it is likely Starla’s mouth was so terribly infected prior to her rescue by BDRA that the stitches could not hold.