Financial Assistance For Veterinary Care

General Assistance Programs

Care Credit– for pet owners to apply for credit to pay vet bills
Brown Dog Foundation– for pet owners whose pet faces a treatable life-threatening condition
Grey Muzzle Organization – for shelters and rescues, to help senior dogs
Best Friends Animal Society’s Resources – for pet owners and rescues
Jake Brady Memorial Fund – provides financial aid for vetwork for pet owners
The Pet Fund – for pet owners who can’t afford vet care
Shakespeare Animal Fund – for pet owners who can’t afford vet care, focusing on seniors and offers  low cost spay/neuter programs throughout the US
Veterinary Care Partnership Program – for IIADP assist
Rose’s Fund: financially assist pet owners and Good Samaritans who have an animal with a good prognosis for a healthy life, but are at a financial loss
Handicapped assistance for caretakers of disabled pets
Stewie to the Rescue: helps to bring affordable spay and neuter services, wellness services, and emergency and surgical care to pet owners who otherwise would not be able to afford even the most routine and essential veterinary visits
The Mosby Foundation-various programs
Alley Cat Allies-leading cat advocacy organization; various programs
iHeart Dogs also has a list with 12 additional resources
My Pet Child has additional resources


State Specific Resources


Helping Alabama Pets – Various resources to help pay for veterinary care, low cost spay/neuter listings
Alabama Animal Adoption Society –  Low cost spay/neuter assistance
Alabama SPCA – low cost spay & neuter services and microchipping, the pet pantry


 ITCHMO Forums – Low cost veterinary care


Animal Defense League of Arizona – Low cost spay and neuter


For Pete’s Sake


Acme Foundation – support for low income and disabled pet owners
Animal Assistance League of Orange County – various resources
Marin Humane Society – low cost spay/neuter, microchipping etc
Orange County S.P.C.A.– assistance for emergency veterinary care for low income individuals and subsidized spay/neuter program
Pets in Need – low cost spay/neuter
SPAN (Spay & Neuter Animal Network) – low cost spay/neuter
Sacramento Animal Coalition – low cost spay/neuter
Sacramento SPCA – low cost spay/neuter, vaccination, microchipping, etc
Spay California – listing of low cost spay/neuter clinics


Max Fund – low cost veterinary care, pet puppy food
Dog Lovers List Colorado – list of subsidized spay/neuter clinics


Connecticut Humane Society – subsidized veterinary care
Star Pet Relief – Grants for emergency care for families who are experiencing financial hardship
Spay Connecticut – low cost spay/neuter


Faithful Friends – low cost veterinary care, vaccination clinics, spay/neuter programs, pet food bank
Delaware S.P.C.A – low cost spay/neuter, voucher may be available to cover the full cost if currently receiving benefits (Medicaid, Food Stamps, etc)


Spay Shuttle – Spay/neuter program
Spay Florida – State wide listing of free or low cost spay/neuter clinics


Cherokee County Humane Society – listing of low cost veterinary clinics and supplies for low income families
Save Our Strays Atlanta – low cost spay/neuter
Well Pet Humane – affordable veterinary care
Spay Georgia – low cost spay/neuter


Hawaiian Humane Society – subsidized neuter program for low income individuals


Idaho Humane Society – low cost spay/neuter, subsidized veterinary care for low income individuals, pet food bank
Coopers Legacy – Assistance for lifesaving medical care
Spay & Neuter Idaho Pets(SNIP) – low cost spay/neuter, microchips, vaccinations


Spay Illinois – low cost spay/neuter, vaccines, dental cleanings


FACE Spay & Neuter – low cost veterinary care


ARL Animal Rescue League of Iowa, Inc – low cost spay/neuter, microchips


Kansas Humane Society – low cost spay/neuter


Kentucky Humane Society – SNIP Clinic – low cost spay/neuter (free for pitbulls), low cost vaccinations (at time of surgery)


Louisiana S.P.C.A. – low spay/neuter and wellness programs


Maine Friends of Animals – low cost spay/neuter


Fredrick County SPCA – low cost spay/neuter, financial assistance for emergency care, wellness programs, assistance for low income seniors, etc


MSPCA – assistance with specialist veterinary care
The Sampson Fund – assistance with critically ill/injured dogs and cats


All about Animals Rescue – low cost spay/neuter
MNSNAP – low cost spay/neuter


Big Fix Clinic – low cost spay/neuter


Humane Society of Missouri – various programs
Animal Medical Services of Mid-America – low cost spay/neuter
Operation Spot – low cost spay/neuter


Spay Montana – low cost spay/neuter, vaccinations may also be available


Nebraska Humane Society – low cost spay/neuter and vaccinations/heartworm prevention/microchip/etc at the time of surgery
Hearts United for Animals – low cost spay/neuter
Lincoln Animal Ambassadors – low cost spay/neuter


Nevada County PAWS – various resources
Animal Save – low cost spay/neuter, pet food assistance
Sammie’s Friends – spay/neuter discount vouchers, free spay/neuter is offered for cats or specific dog breeds (Chihuahua, Pit Bull, Husky or Malamute)

New Hampshire

New Hampshire S.P.C.A. – low cost spay/neuter
New Hampshire Department of Agriculture – low cost spay neuter
New Hampshire Pets Online – low cost spay neuter resources

New Jersey

Save US Pets – financial assistance for veterinary care (must apply through participating vets)
STAFNJ – various resources including low cost spay/neuter
NJ Department of Agriculture – low cost spay/neuter
Dog Lovers List New Jersey – list of low cost spay/neuter
Animal Welfare Association – low cost spay/neuter, wellness appointments, vaccinations, low cost specialty surgeries (e.g., for eye conditions, amputations), etc.
Animal Alliance – low cost spay/neuter, vaccinations

New Mexico

Spay NM – hotline to help find low cost spay/neuter clinics in your area
Dog Lovers List New Mexico – listing of low cost spay/neuter clinics

New York

Human Society of Rochester (Lollipop Farm) – low cost spay/neuter, one time donation of pet food, behavior/training hotline
NY Save – financial assistance for emergency veterinary care

North Carolina

SNAP of NC – low cost spay/neuter
Humane Alliance a Program of the A.S.P.C.A. – low cost spay/neuter, vaccinations (at time of surgery)
The $20 Fix – low cost spay/neuter voucher
Spay Today – low cost spay/neuter and other medical services may be available (only at time of surgery)

North Dakota

Minn-Kota PAAWS -low cost spay/neuter, vaccinations and microchipping (at time of surgery)
United Spay Alliance – low cost spay/neuter
Circle of Friends  – discount vouchers for spay/neuter


Dog Lovers List Ohio – low cost spay/neuter clinics
Humane Ohio – low cost spay/neuter, vaccinations and microchipping (at time of surgery)
Spay & Neuter Ohio – listing of low cost spay/neuter resources
Angels for Animals – cost spay/neuter, veterinary care


Best Friends of Pets – low cost/spay neuter
Oklahoma Spay Network (Statewide List) -low cost or sliding scale spay/neuter
Oklahoma Humane Society -low cost spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchipping
Spay Way – low cost spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchipping


DoveLewis – Financial assistance for emergency care
Dog Lovers List Oregon -list of low cost spay/neuter
Oregon Humane Society – low or no cost spay/neuter


The Spayed Club –  low cost spay/neuter
Action for Animals – low cost spay/neuter, microchipping
SNAP – low cost spay/neuter, vaccination clinics
PSPCA – low cost veterinary care (spay/neuter, exams, vaccination clinics)
Paws of PA – statewide list of spay/neuter clinics
Animal Lifeline – low cost pay/neuter resources, pet food bank

Rhode Island

RIVA -voucher for veterinary care for low income individuals, low cost spay/neuter
Volunteer Services for Animals – low cost spay/neuter

South Carolina

South Carolina Humane Society (Mobile Clinic) – spay/neuter clinic, vaccinations and microchipping

South Dakota

Operation Pets, Inc. –  low cost spay/neuter


Spay Tennessee – state wide spay/neuter resources


Spay Texas – low cost spay/neuter


Humane Society of Utah – affordable veterinary care (spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchipping)
Best Friends – low cost or free spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchipping


VSNIP – low cost spay/neuter
Help-A-Pet – free vet clinic 1x/month for eligible families


Animal Rescue League of Arlington – low cost spay/neuter, vaccination and microchipping clinics
Partners Among Cats & Canines – low cost spay/neuter
Spay Virginia – low cost spay/neuter clinic listings


Coopers Legacy – financial assistance for life saving treatment
Concern for Animals –  financial assistance for medical care, low cost spay/neuter, pet food bank
PAWS – low cost spay/neuter, financial assistance for veterinary care for injuries or illness, pet food bank
Gingers rescue – low cost spay/neuter

West Virginia

Spay W. Virginia – listing of low cost spay/neuter clinics


Wisconsin Federated Humane Society – low cost spay/neuter


Central Wyoming Spay & Neuter Foundation – low cost spay/neuter
Wyoming Spay & Neuter –  low cost spay/neuter


Pets of DC – various forms of assistance for individuals with AIDS/HIV or other disabling conditions


Breed Specific

Doberman Pinschers:

Doberman911-helps owners with vet bills for senior or special needs Dobermans


Labrador Retrievers:
Labrador Lifeline-for owners of Labrador Retrievers

Labrador Lifeline-for owners of Westies

Labrador Lifeline-for owners of Boxers

Assistance for Rescues:

Cats in Crisis-for cat owners and rescues
CorgiAid-helps Corgis in rescue
Goldstock Fund-for pet owners and rescues
IMOM-for pet owners and rescues
Pit Bull Rescue Central-for pit bull friendly rescues
Pyramedic-helps owners and rescues with vet bills for Great Pyrenees
SOS-SRF-for Siberian Huskies in rescue
Laundry Farm– Provides superb laundry service for animal care organizations
The Binky Foundation-assistance for starting initiatives/programs
American Humane Association-expansion grants, assistance with medical costs for animals that were victims of abuse/neglect
ASPCAPro-various programs
Humane Society of the US-assistance with homeless animals/wildlife
Petco Foundation-various programs
PetSmart Charities-various programs

Assistance for Pets With Specific Health Conditions:

The Magic Bullet Fund-for owners of dogs with cancer
Canine Cancer Awarenesscancer treatment for dogs
Cats in Crisis-for cats with kidney, thyroid, neurological or cardiac disease
Diabetic Cats in Need-for shelters, rescues, low-income owners
Joshua Lewis Cancer Foundation-pets with cancer
Magic Bullet Fund-dogs with cancer
PieFund-focuses on cancer
Riedel Cody Fund-cancer treatment
Cody’s Club -assistance with paying for radiation treatments
Land of Pure Gold -resources for dogs with cancer
Perseus Foundation-assistance for dogs with cancer
Frankie’s Friends -providing grants to assist with the cost of life-saving or life-enhancing emergency or specialty care for pets whose families cannot afford the full cost of treatment