Blind Dog Rescue Alliance is always in need of new volunteers. Of course we always need foster homes to take in dogs until we can find a forever home for them. But even if you can’t foster, we still need your help! We need people to make phone calls, answer emails, check references on applications, set up a table at events to talk about BDRA, help with updating websites, fundraising, and much more!

Help out on one (or several!) of our volunteer teams:

  • Adoption (run adoptions, do home checks)
  • Application (check references for potential adopters)
  • Events (set up/take down table at public events, show off adoptable BDRA dogs)
  • Foster (foster dogs in your home)
  • Fundraising (assist with various fundraising efforts)
  • Intake (contact shelters about dogs in their shelter)
  • Internet (help update websites/blogs – no experience required)
  • Networking (post dogs in need of rescue to various websites and alert other rescue contacts)
  • Newsletter (help put together newsletter)
  • Owner Surrender (help contact people rehoming their dog)
  • Transport (help schedule transport of dogs into rescue)
  • Volunteer (check references for people wanting to volunteer)

Please fill out our volunteer application if you are interested in helping us.

What Our Volunteers Say

“I found out about the Blind Dog Rescue Alliance in February 2010 on VolunteerMatch.com. A few weeks after applying, I recieved a phone call from a current volunteer of BDRA. She was super nice and informative. I soon became a volunteer myself and I LOVE IT! When I started volunteering, I was attending my last year of college and working part time (super stressful). But, even with everything I had going on, I still was able to take part in BDRA. That’s the best part. BDRA worked around my schedule.

Since working with BDRA, I’ve taken part in a lot that the rescue has to offer, and met many new friends and dogs in the process. I’ve attended events on the weekends, done reference checks, worked on the websites, transported dogs, and many other things that, in turn, helps these dogs out!

BDRA is such an amazing organization, and I am so glad that I am able to be a part of what they do. These pups deserve it! :)”
Amber, Pennsylvania

“When BDRA first formed I couldn’t wait to join. I have had dogs my whole life but never a blind dog, my senior dogs had some trouble seeing as they aged but never went completely blind. Working with blind and visually impaired dogs is wonderful. I never realized there were that many blind or visually impaired dogs in shelters. It’s just endless the dogs that need help.

A special thank you to our mascot Ray Charles who crossed The Rainbow Bridge last Dec, if it weren’t for Ray Charles, this group would not have formed. We miss you Ray Ray.”
Bev, Pennsylvania

“I’ve always loved animals and volunteering with BDRA has made me love more from the heart. These are amazing people and amazing animals. I’m glad I’m part of this wonderful group.”
Rita, Pennsylvania

“I rescued a blind dog in February 2010. I never owned a dog before, never mind a blind one! BDRA was extremely professional to work with. I like that they are open to new ideas and consider their volunteers an important part of their growth. I have worked for other rescue groups and this group really had their act together in such a small amount of time. I love that they are all about rescuing the dogs and every dog out there, not matter how frail, how sick, deserves a second chance with BDRA.”
Peggy, Massachusetts

“Since I have joined BDRA it has opened up my eyes to just how many animals are suffering out there. My favorite part about this group is that it is very open and flexible to the amount of work one is able to put into it. It feels good to feel you are just one more person that can help these poor animals and get them on the road to a better life. The group is full of amazing people with lots of love to give, I feel blessed to part of it.”
Danielle, Pennsylvania

“I discovered this group while looking for resources for my dog who was going to have his second eye removed, and I decided to volunteer. I am so glad I did! I truly had no idea just how many blind dogs end up in shelters every day. It’s quite an experience to follow a dog’s story from the time he gets pulled from the shelter, to when he gets transported to his foster home, to his adoption into a loving and caring forever home. Thinking about all the volunteers who help make that happen is amazing – from the fundraising team, to the person who pulled from the shelter, to the people who plan and drive the transports, to the people who foster, to the people who check references, and so on, and so on.

It is a wonderful and special feeling to be a part of this group. One of the best parts is that I can do as little or as much as I’m able. Whatever fits into my schedule at that time. Every little bit helps!”
Debbie, New York

I was searching online for different blind dog experiences, since my eldest female “Sascha” has 2 different eye diseases. I came across the Blind Dog Rescue Alliance and started looking at their site, i decided to apply as a volunteer and see what i could help with. A very nice volunteer emailed me back that i was accepted and i was so happy!

I haven’t been able to do much as of yet to help the group as most transports, etc are in the states, but i am looking forward to being there when needed and I try to keep my team support going via emails.
Nikki, ON