Cats in Crisis - for cat owners and rescues

Corgi Aid - helps Corgis in rescue

Goldstock Fund - for pet owners and rescues

Pit Bull Rescue Central - for pit bull friendly rescues

Pyramedic  - helps owners and rescues with vet bills for Great Pyrenees

Laundry Farm  - provides superb laundry service for animal care organizations

The Binky Foundation  - assistance for starting initiatives/programs

American Humane Association  - expansion grants, assistance with medical costs for animals that were victims of abuse/neglect

ASPCA Pro  - grant opportunities

Humane Society of the US  - assistance with homeless animals/wildlife

Petco Foundation  - various programs

PetSmart Charities  - various programs

DPCA Doberman Rescue Financial Aid  - support for veterinary expenses for Doberman rescues