Pet Loss & Grief

The loss of a pet is often a difficult experience and the loss can be profound. The support of friends and family can help however, they may not be able to fully appreciate what you are going through. If you need to speak to someone who understands your grief, please reach out to a hotline or groups such as those listed below.

A Meaningful Good-Bye

There are many options available when making final arrangements for your pet and your veterinarian can help you with specific arrangements. Cremation or burial are common choices and most states/provinces have pet cemeteries. Burial at home may also be an option depending on where you live but it is important to determine what regulations are in your community before making arrangements. Other ways to memorialize your pet include planting a tree in their memory, making a donation in their name or creating a photobook or memory box.

For further information about pet loss please visit the links below.
The Heartbreak We Choose by Megan Kendall