You can support BDRA's efforts in many ways, including participating in our fundraisers!
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Charleston Wrap                    May 1-22, 2023

We are excited to share our latest fundraiser that starts May 1st and runs through May 22nd.

Blind Dog Rescue Alliance is partnering with Charleston Wrap to offer you high-quality gift wrap, kitchen, and home goods, and over 2,500 other products. Proceeds from each purchase help support Blind Dog Rescue Alliance. No matter the size of your order, you can make a BIG difference! 

We will receive 40% for each order and 30% for monogrammed things! How great is that?!

Everything ships when you place an order, except for the monogrammed things which will take 1- 2 weeks depending on how big the order is. 

Not interested in this fundraiser?  No problem. You can help by sharing this fundraiser with others!  

Click here to start shopping, using Organization ID 25977.

Thank you for all the continued support,
The Fundraising Team 

You can support BDRA's efforts in many ways, from donating to volunteering to spreading the word. Every bit helps us save more dogs!

It Won't Cost You a Dime Fundraiser

Blind Dog Rescue Alliance

February 15 - August 15, 2023

Welcome to BDRA’s first It Won’t Cost You a Dime fundraiser!

It’s very simple! The fundraiser will run for 6 months but don’t let that scare you, keep reading!

How many times do we find change laying in the street, in parking lots, under chair cushions or the mats of our cars as we’re cleaning them out or even in old clothes we’re donating to charity?  Simply grab a can, jar, mug, whatever floats your boat and toss that change in your container every time you find some. After 6 months, count it up and send  that amount to BDRA and let’s see how much we can collect!

Our first fundraiser will run from February15 - August 15, 2023.   Monies should be sent in by August 31st.  Share this super easy fundraiser on your social media pages!

The top 3 donations will each win a BDRA t-shirt!

Please email for more information or with any questions. You don’t need to register or even let anyone know you’re doing it until it’s time to send your coins in to help BDRA’s foster dogs on August 31, 2023.

We will send out monthly reminders on our Facebook page and through our email group, with final reminders in August that will also let you know how to  send your donation.
Blind Dog Rescue Alliance

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Three Rivers: Spring Flower Bulb Fundraiser
April 1 - April 24, 2023

Blind Dog Rescue Alliance is hosting a Spring bulb fundraiser with Three Rivers starting running through August 24th! 
We will receive 50% of your purchase. The money will go back into our care of current Foster dogs, as well as future dogs being rescued. Thanks for your support!   GROUP CODE: 163DB6